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10 Things Senator Gillibrand Has Done For The LGBT Community

  1. Made a big impact on the national dialogue on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” when she declared in June 2009, “I Stand With Lt. Dan Choi, It’s Time To Repeal DADT.”
  2. Worked with Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin to set up the DADT hearings where Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen delivered his game-changing testimony.
  3. Is leading the fight to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, including co-sponsoring the Respect For Marriage Act.
  4. Co-sponsors the Uniting American Families Act.
  5. Co-sponsors inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
  6. Has made herself very available to the LGBT community, including many LGBT press media interviews and an afternoon discussion event at New York City’s LGBT Community Center in October 2009, among other occasions.
  7. Taped an It Gets Better video and puts action to words by cosponsoring the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act.
  8. Personally lobbied her colleague, New York’s senior Senator Chuck Schumer on marriage equality. Schumer, the highest ranking Senate member to endorse, announced his position change just months after Gillibrand’s appointment to the Senate.
  9. Continues to lean on the President on the issue of marriage equality.
  10. Was a leader in the fight for marriage equality in New York. Rallying the troops in May 2011, she told The Advocate:

    “We’re going to win marriage equality in New York. I’m telling you.”

    She was right, and it was her efforts that helped enormously. She went on to tape a New Yorkers United for Marriage video. But more importantly, she put real skin into the game, lobbying behind the scenes. She promised to talk to all the New York State Senators—Democratic and Republican. And she did it.

After the fold, one thing the LGBT community can do for her.

Attend her LGBT fundraiser on Fire Island this Saturday.


It’s a very good investment for this constituency and those who support the LGBT community.

Details: Saturday, August 6 | 2:30pm

Blue Whale Restaurant | 56 Picketty Ruff | Fire Island Pines | Tickets: $75

More information here, where you can certainly send your regrets with token of appreciation courtesy of Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Recommend it to your friends as well. I’m sure it will be a blast.

Yes, the Senator will be in attendance.

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