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Yes, Let’s Crack Down on Election Fraud.

If the Republicans who continually cry wolf over the imaginary spectre of rampant voter fraud really want to preserve the integrity of our electoral process, maybe they should pay a little more attention to actual dirty tricks like this:

Americans for Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to Democrats in at least two Wisconsin state Senate recall districts with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date.

The fliers, obtained by POLITICO, ask solidly Democratic voters to return ballots for the Aug. 9 election to the city clerk “before Aug. 11.”

A Democrat on the ground in Wisconsin said the fliers were discovered to be hitting doors in District 2 and District 10 over the weekend.

“These are people who are our 1’s in the voterfile who we already knew.  They ain’t AFP members, that’s for damn sure,” the source said.

Or this:

The other issue is the address on the enclosed envelope allegedly goes to the “absentee ballot processing center.” The address is actually the address for Wisconsin Family Action PAC. WFA is an organization dedicated to “advancing Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening and preserving marriage, family, life and liberty.”


If you google the PO Box number you’ll find that Wisconsin Right to Life has an absentee ballot request form in their website directory that goes to the same P.O. Box. That request form includes the same “typo” that’s on the AFP mailing, but the document name (Absentee_July19Aug16_2.pdf) suggests WRtL intended that request form to be for the August 16 recall election. In the elections section of their website they direct visitors to the GAB website for downloading an absentee ballot.

WRtL was taken to task on the day of the Democrat recall primary for confusing robocalls and sending out the misleading absentee ballot request envelopes.

One might almost believe that the GOP’s deep concern for the sanctity of our elections is just a flimsy rationale to make disenfranchising Democrats, minorities, seniors and poor people sound noble and patriotic.

Kinda like pretending that excluding gays somehow “protects” the institution of marriage.

Or that depriving women of reproductive choice reflects a profound respect for human life.

Or that bombing and occupying countries is the same as “liberating” them.

Or that keeping our troops mired in never-ending, pointless wars is the same as “supporting” them.

Or that unlimited corporate campaign cash for pro-business politicians is “free speech.”

Or that the national debt is such an existential danger that we must cut social spending to the bone… but not raise taxes on the rich.

Or that we can’t raise taxes on the rich (or regulate corporate behavior) because it would tank the economy and stifle job creation… while spending cuts that will hurt the economy and employment far more are not only necessary, but even stimulative.

If they weren’t destroying the country, I might almost feel sorry for people who find the truth unbearable enough to embrace such ugly lies.

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