Got the usual lipstick on a pig email I always get from Senator Boxer when she wants me to think she still works for me.  I suppose it’s better than Feinstein does though. When she’s just participated in a massive train on the American public, she doesn’t even bother sending out these self congratulatory little tidbits.

August 02, 2011
Dear Friend: 

Today I voted for legislation to end the threat of the first default in our nation’s history.  The measure passed the Senate on a 74-26 vote and was signed into law by President Obama.

We acted to prevent a catastrophic default that would have hurt every American.  But let’s be clear: This was a Republican-made crisis.

Never before in our nation’s history has one party held the full faith and credit of the United States hostage and taken our country to the brink of a default in order to push its extreme ideological agenda.  It was reckless, it was wrong, and we must ensure it never happens again.

I am pleased that we took steps to protect Social Security, Medicare, and other critical lifelines for our most vulnerable citizens.  Now we must turn our attention to our country’s most pressing priority: creating jobs and strengthening our economy.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

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Is that or is that not an invitation to respond?  Well I took it as one and not being one to waste a perfectly good opportunity to tell some  little college kid intern what I thought, I responded:  I even pretended to myself that the senator herself might even read it.

With all due respect and with appreciation for our not defaulting, ma’am… although I still don’t think we ever would have… you didn’t preserve Social Security and Medicare from diddly squat.

All you did was yet again boot the whole thing  down the road for yet another one of your Catfood Commissions to dismantle later.  Let’s see now… Is it Catfood 2 or or are we up to Catfood 3 by now?  I’ve lost track.  Oh yeah, wait… it’s the “SUPER CONGRESS” this time around.  Guess “Catfood” strikes a little too close to the truth for some people.

You folks need to hold off on the self congratulations and back patting until you can look me in the eye and honestly tell me my benefits aren’t going to be cut.  I’m always happy to give credit where credit is due, but this time you didn’t do anything but subject us to one of the most  disgusting spectacles since the morons stopped even pretending to help govern the country and tried to impeach Clinton.  I’m not all that good with seeing my country made the laughing stock of all developed nations… you know… the ones that are actually developed.

And before you resort to the “Oh, but we’re only going to cut payments to the patient care providers instead of beneficiaries” routine, I can tell you from first hand experience that all that does is get you dumped by anyone but some dude who a)  Just blew in from Pakistan and has no shot at a private practice or b) just got out of school and is working off the public health requirement he agreed to in return for  his student loan guarantees in a public health contract clinic somewhere.

It’s probably never occurred to you that not being able to see a specialist when you need one is… believe it or not… a loss of benefits and I haven’t seen a a cardiologist in over four years now in spite of a ticker that is a quarter again it’s original size and only pumps about 50% of the blood it used to because none of them take Medicare patients.  Do you people really belive… or more to the point, expect ME to believe… that cutting their reimbursements even more is going to fix that?

Nah… all you folks did was drag to it’s inexorable end something that never should have been allowed to come to a head in the first place and the vast majority of Americans are in exactly the same place they were before it all happened.

I saw a lot of Tea Party members and Republicans getting air time all over the MSM in regard to how I needed to be tossed under the bus for the good of the country… I didn’t see too many Democrats getting in their faces about it.  In fact, I saw quite a few of them agreeing that I DID need to be thrown under the bus, especially if they got to look like they were in favor of fixing our obscene tax situation while they did it.

Maybe Democrats are just genetically incapable of getting in someone’s face when their face needs to be gotten into… or maybe they simply serve the same special interests in the same way the Republicans do… but in any event  PLEASE… don’t EVER let the Tea Party pee on my leg and then YOU send me an email trying to convince me it was just a warm rain again.

Tom B

Tom B