Welcome to the chap reading this. I’ll try and give a picture of my town Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It’s on the N.E coast and it really has some great, pictureque views because it is next to to the Dales and the Moors. It used to be famous for it’s fishing but that industry has been allowed to run itself into the grave.

We have a Tory M.P but I can’t for the life of me remember the bloke’s name and neither can I remember the name of his predessor. Unemployment and crime rates have fallen but this is because Scarborough is a holiday town and there are lot’s of seasonal jobs. The local rag ‘Scarborough Evening News’, was painting a wonderful picture of a town with almost nil unemployed, you couldn’t make it up.

Present population stands around the 60,000 mark; we have a general hospital and a Mental Health one. They both suffer from a shortage of beds yet North Yorkshire have been told to cut two hundred. Where on earth are these beds that are supposed to be axed?

Let me give you a picture of it’s good points. Well there is a very good art gallery, an excellent geology centre (strangely funded by Shell) a YMCA which puts on some terrific shows,a first class theatre, a Spa centre and a couple of cinemas. So really on the culture and entertainment sides the town punches well above it’s weight.

It looks as though the town centre library has manage to avoide the cuts but the small ones on the outskirts of town have been consigned to the dump. Do you know that the libraries stayed open during the great depression so it shows what our council think of the notion of education being available from the cradle to the grave. Ah I haven’t mentioned our super cricket ground which puts on a festival once a year. The team are pretty good and have provided quite a few first class players for the county side.

I suppose that I should mention politics. Well the Disabled action group are very active and there is a centre for local activities but I just cannot see them surviving the next round of the guillotine, very sad. There are a few Trotskyites in town and the do have open meetings. Ther are some voluable trade unions but with all the seasonal stuff they are few in number. Our social services and local government workers have been involved in some industrial action but they really need to get the public behind them. The students fron the Uni and the College were well represented in the national day of action against the introduction of higher fees and took part in the national demo.

I don’t want to paint too dismal a picture but it has been allowed to fall to wrack and ruin. There is a multitude of charity shops but little neighberhood suppliers have been forced to close. The obligatory mall is quite pleasant and our wonderful youngsters tend to use it as a gathering point; that is when security permits it.

I might have sold Scarborough down but I genuinely love the place and it’s people. Come and visit you will like it too. Best wishes to you. Peace I’m sorry but I don’t know how to turn the comments on.