When we first left the shelter in Baltimore, and after obtaining a telephone, I called the Barbadian embassy approximately 1.5 years ago, and soon was in conversation with the deputy ambassador from Barbados.  I have forgotten his name.  When I asked him for an appointment to come in and see him, he insisted that I speak with him via the telephone.  I told him that I had no privacy and that Kincaid was currently listening to our conversation at that moment; I also informed him that I have some documents that I would like him to see; it was then that he became irate at me, telling me that I would have to tell him via the telephone what the issue was about, I started to, but obviously had no way to show him the documents, and I was very uncomfortable at Kincaid’s listening in.

     He then informed me that he would not be meeting with me so I would have to speak to him right here and now.  I hung up the telephone in disgust.  I realized to that Kincaid had contacted them long ago in an effort to bring home the corruption. 

    Clearly we are speaking of a poor island which is 166 square miles long.  A mostly black island nation two hours off the Floridian coast that had seen their independence in 1966:  An island that depends upon tourism for most of the economic subsistence with much of that tourism coming from America.  They were not about to let my son’s rights, or mine come in between any deals with America represented by the Supreme Court justices.

    When I started researching Barbados again (I left the island when I was 16 years old, and I am now 52 years old) Kincaid told me via her ongoing un-printable mail in my mail-box, that she could find me where-ever I went in Barbados:  A poor island, there would always be some-one willing to deny my rights for a Yankee $. 

    This past (April) or thereabout, I contacted the embassy again, and insisted upon a meeting there.  There were hurdles, but this was finally arranged.  When I got to the embassy, it turned out that one of the secretaries and another (not senior personnel worker) met with me.  They appeared “sweet’ at first.

    I came to them because I wanted to return to Barbados but I had no money to purchase a Passport:  I brought some documents which they said they were not interested in seeing (red flag two); clearly they had not connected with me on any level, and remained distant, it was as if they were prepped!

    Soon they said that they wanted to speak with Josh (who was present), one of them asked him if he was not tired of all of this, and if he did not want his life to resume…of-course he said yes!  What child would not?  But is this not the reason why we were before them:  Me seeking assistance with help in securing a Passport to leave?

    I would take with me a packet with the application for Passport etc.  One of the young women promised me, that the embassy would assist me in securing my Passport.  After filling the forms and obtaining pictures and getting everything notarized and passed in, I remember that they told me that it would take 6 weeks to process.  On week two, I had a strong urge to telephone them, just to see how everything was proceeding, and so I borrowed a cell-phone and made the call.

    One of the women (the most obnoxious one) the one who was out and out rude to me in many ways, subtle and not subtle, said that there was a mistake, and that the Embassy could not give me a Passport, but they would assist me on a plane, one-way to Barbados:  After telling me that they would assist me with a Passport!   

    Now here I was, without money returning to Barbados, and I would be stuck, unable to travel.  Clearly this is the place where Kincaid et al, believe I would be trapped:  Clearly Kincaid intended to make good on her promise to keep me outside the protections of the law, and even in my very own country of birth…and here are people willing to go along with this!  No-one, the world will ever know of the Human Rights abuses!

    I SAID NO!  I would not agree to this, as it was not within our interest!  She then told me that I would need a Passport, and it would cost me $280 dollars….this is $80 American dollars more for the replacement of a lost/stolen Barbadian Passport which had also expired! 

    I used my unemployment funds to purchase a money order, and was on the next train boarded for Washington D.C.  This same woman told me that since it took 6 weeks, and this was “a different” arrangement from the beginning arrangement when the embassy would assist me with a Passport, they would have to start things at the beginning, and so the 2 weeks did not count, it would now be 6 weeks!

    Exactly 4 weeks later (I did not wait the 6 weeks) I telephone to find out the status of the Passport (which had to be mailed from Barbados) and was told that it was in and available!

    Obviously an embassy exists and do have many responsibilities, one of which involves the securing and protections of the rights of its citizens abroad.  Clearly the Barbadian Embassy in Washington D.C. does not see this as a part of their mission! 

    What I would have liked them to do (besides advocating for us and providing support), would be to engage in asking pertinent and obvious questions, such as:

  1. 1.   What are the crimes Ms. Campbell is guilty of?
  2. 2.   Is she a danger to the country?
  3. 3.   Are you aware of the effects and devastation to Joshua, a child?
  4. 4.   When is the United States Judiciary going to allow Ms. Campbell to work
  5. 5.   Is the current Status of affairs in reference to Ms. Campbell, in keeping with the United States Constitution?  The Geneva Convention?  The Convention on Human Rights as observed by the U.N.?
  6. 6.   It would appear that Ms. Campbell was lured to trappings of protections of many laws and statues within the American code of law:  (A)  The Right to Judicial review (First Amendment)  (B) The IDEA 2004 statues  (c ) The Winkleman Decision  (D) The 14th Amendment property right connected to the clause> Goss v. Lopez
  7. 7.   Ms. Campbell claims to have been following these legal rights because her attorney was removed from assisting her…Would you agree?
  8. 8.   Ms. Campbell claims that she is unable to work, and that the consequences of economic and financial destruction are taking a toll upon her son an innocent boy, is this true?  Do you have any comment?
  9. 9.   Ms. Campbell claims that she is being treated differently in terms and condition because of her race and color Black, is this true?  Do you have any comment?
  10. 10.               Campbell claims she and her son were made homeless 6 times in the last 2 years, and that it is the Judicial involvement in providing the cover for J. Kincaid to cause this instability and destruction… if this is true, do you have any idea why Ms. Campbell and her son are continuosuly homeless?
  11. 11.    Ms. Campbell claims that she and her son are currently living in a room, and that Jeanne M. Kincaid told her that she would never rent an apartment again (unless it is section 8 related) …She has showed us a letter stipulating this much, was that letter sent to her by the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid?
  12. 12.   Ms. Campbell claims that she is being forced to pay the mortgage on a home she and her son no longer owns…is this correct?  Why?
  13. 13.   Do you have any idea when Ms. Campbell would be allowed to return to work?
  14. 14. Ms. Campbell claims that the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid is interfering with her right to use her Unemployment monies as she sees fit, and this involves placing her son in a private school; furthermore, she says that Kincaid told the Friendship Academy & Engineering not to release her son’s records to a private school, is this true?   
  15. 15.  Ms, Campbell claims that Kincaid has been blocking her attempts to secure a psychiatrist and counseling for her son, is this correct?
  16. 16.  Is Ms. Campbell (currently a permanent resident upon these shores since 1975), is she entitled to any Constitutional protections?
  17. 17.  Ms. Campbell claims that she is being persecuted, would you agree?
  18. 18. Ms. Campbell claims to be in fear of her life, and that of her son, does she have anything to fear?

    These are but a few of the sample questions the Barbadian Ambassador could have asked on our behalf, instead, he threw us under the bus!  It is clear for whom his bell “rungneth”!

     Clearly, clearly there is no way that I would ever return to Barbados.  The government on land had to be aware of what was happening!   My safety and freedoms are at stake here too!

                                                                           Elizabeth Juanita Campbell

morning after

morning after