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Committee To Elect Michael Cavlan

US Senate Candidate Condemns Super Congress Committee Vote

Minneapolis, MN, 8/2/2011 

The Cavlan for US Senate Campaign condemns the recently created and
highly undemocratic Super Congress. This special Committee has been
set up to ram the upcoming cuts to Social Security, Medicare and
Medicaid austerity measures down the throats of the American people.

The so called Super Committee of 6 members of the House and six members
of the Senate was created in an attempt to avoid the United States going
into default. The new legislative body, made up of six Democrats and six
Republicans from both chambers, doesn't come up with a bill that cuts at
least $1.5 trillion by Thanksgiving, entitlement programs will be automatically
and drastically slashed.

 Under the reported framework, legislation the new congressional committee
would be fast-tracked through Congress and could not be filibustered or

Recently Cavlan's opponent, Senator Amy Klobuchar stated on Minnesota
Public Radio that she intends to vote for the creation of the undemocratic
Super Congress. Candidate Cavlan pledged to fight for the people of
Minnesota and the United States, instead of the corporate interests
which currently own the Congress and White House.

The Cavlan Campaign Committee further calls on the Trade Union Movement
and people of Minnesota to stand with Michael and at least allow him
the ability to enter into debates. Without this right, none of us will
have a voice in the debates or indeed in our democracy.

Michael Cavlan, announced his intention to run against Senator Klobuchar
May 21st at the University of Minnesota Wiley Hall in Minneapolis, where
renowned Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan was speaking. Cavlan further states
"The people of Minnesota have my most solemn word that I will uphold
and protect them and their rights guaranteed under the Bill Of Rights.
The time for courage is now."

Candidate Cavlan states "If the people of Minnesota want someone to stand
up and fight for them, then you need to support a fighter. Otherwise you
have lost the ability to complain when elected officials stand for the
corporate ownership and do not stand for you."

Michael Cavlan ran against Senator Klobuchar in 2006 as the endorsed
Green Party candidate. This time he will run under the Minnesota Open
Progressive banner but will gladly accept and and all support from all
people who are tired of being lied to by the current political

Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN