What’s happening in Israel: the realnews.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8u8cjS-TiM&feature=relmfu

I find the whole situation in Israel interesting for two reason:

1. They’re being squeezed just like the plutocracy here is squeezing us.  The rich, the banks, and those with power and money are making the same moves they are here.  Privatization.  Gutting of social services.  And attempts to destroy unions.

They forced their pension funds and other general monies into the stock market and hedge funds, owned by the rich.  More to gamble with.  When the stock market takes a hit, it all goes down.  Pensions that is.  Not the rich, who make money right of the top.  Short-term profit.

They’re trying to destroy the electric company and the strong union within.  And it’s working.

They’re taking more things away from social safety nets, while herding more money to the top 2% and war.

Does any of this sound familiar???

2. The Israelis, like many in this world, are protesting.  The crappy thing, in my view, is that they beat us to it.  Yes, we have protests.  But we need October here now.  The more we wait, the more they cement their hold and more kabuki while they destroy social safety nets and privatize everything.


So what else is Israel up to these days?

IDF soldiers launch attack on photojournalists –  http://972mag.com/idf-soldiers-attack-on-photojournalists/

If you seek to obtain a truly comprehensive picture of the state of press freedom and freedom of expression in territories under Israeli control, come watch Israeli soldiers shoot at journalists in the West Bank.

On Friday, 29 July, at the start of the weekly Palestinian demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Israeli army infantry reservists opened fire with riot-control weapons on a group of some 10 press photographers.

And what’s next for the protestors?  (http://972mag.com/jewish-tahrir-israel-witnessing-mass-protests/)

Arab Spring or European style discontent? Israel is the latest scene of nationwide mass protests. Thousands are taking part in rallies to demand the government provide cheaper housing, and lower the cost of living. The biggest protest yet, centred in Tel-Aviv, is planned for Saturday night. RT talks to Aziz Abu Sarah, a Palestinian-Israeli journalist.

So Saturday night is the next big one.  Let’s see what happens.  So far Netanyahu is trying to placate them.  Will it work?  Only Dawg knows.


And the Palestinians???

More of the same, (http://972mag.com/the-two-state-solution-will-die-in-september/)

If all goes as planned, the U.S. will effectively send the two-state solution into oblivion this September, after caving into Israeli demands to torpedo the Palestinian unilateral declaration of independence at the United Nations


So what does this all mean?  Well simply they are maintaining their iron-fisted control and expanding all over the world.

Greece, Ireland, the US, …

They got the Europeans.  And us.  Africa isn’t important enough and their drought effectively neuters them from any show of force, other than running from starvation.

Russia is already run by their kind.  As is India.  China following along.  All China needs is an Obama to set them on our path permanently.  Don’t be surprised if their next glorious leader follows suit.  I won’t be.

Middle East.  Several countries in that area run by their kind and the rest are either enslaved or completely surrounded on all sides.  Iran, … say bye to Iran in September.

Central and South America?  Now that’s where there control isn’t rock solid.  But give them time.  They’re ambitious.