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In many countries, after a political defeat that damages the Leader’s credibility and exposes his incompetence, some of his advisers are fired. Hell, in some countries, the Leader commits suicide. Oh it would be nice to be Japanese today, but I digress. Hopefully Obama learned something about Republicans, Teabags, and himself during the debt ceiling debate. Hopefully Obama learned that he is completely incompetent, weak, and vacuous. Hopefully he realizes that he wasn’t served well by his advisers. The only indication of Presidential maturation will be the resignation of key advisers. Absent resignations, expect more hostage crisis and capitulations.

I called Obama a “Presidential eunuch” in “BOSTON CORBETT“, and clearly I’ve been proven correct. Now the national media, the Republicans, and the Democrats realize Obama is a pushover. Hopefully, Democrats realize the terrible mistake we made by electing Barack Obama. A mistake Democrats must correct by Primarying Barack Obama. If this episode doesn’t encourage a Democratic challenger, the Democratic Party should disband if it hasn’t already. As much as some Eva Braun Syndrome (EBS) Democrats defend Obama, no one is inspired to campaign, support, and vote for a weak politician. The American people may not follow the details of public policy as much as I, but they have learned something about Obama that will be reinforced by critics, supporters, and comics. Obama is a weak “Leader”.

Finally, the President diminished himself and his office during the Debt Ceiling debate. Today, world leaders have less respect for the Office of President generally and Barack Obama specifically. I expect Obama will face tougher negotiations on all levels, and I expect Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran to flex their muscles over the next few months. Nikita Kruschev started the Cuban Missile Crisis because he believed JFK was weak based on their first meeting. Kruschev literally brought the world to the edge of annihilation based on his misguided personal opinion of JFK. And it’s obvious Barack Obama is no JFK. I suspect some young American will lose his or her life because of Barack Obama’s weakness. As an American, I don’t want to see any President fail the way Obama has failed; moreover, I don’t want to see any young American lose his or her life due to Presidential weakness but sadly somewhere someone will.

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