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Democracy by Appointment-Only at Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Office

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This morning at 7:52 I received the following email from Daniel Mintz of MoveOn”

Dear MoveOn member,

There’s no way around it: We—the American people—just got steamrolled by a GOP hellbent on keeping millionaires, billionaires, and corporations from paying their fair share.

Yesterday, the House passed a debt ceiling deal—and the Senate is expected to follow suit today—that cuts billions from education, clean energy, and health programs.1 And there’s still a chance they’ll cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.2

The deal may be nearly done, but with the media still focused on the issue, we have to hold Republicans accountable for their actions. Can you come at noon today to protest at Sen. Kay Hutchison’s District Office?


At 11:50 I arrived at Senator Hutchison’s office. No one in sight. Not unusual for Progressives and Liberals who tend more to be like cats than dogs so I high-tailed it up 11 floors to Hutchison’s office. [Somewhat of a frequent visitor, I know the territory.]  Since I had 10 minutes before the other cats started to arrive, I thought I would have a chat with the dogs [Republicans] in Hutchison’s office.  But low and behold! there was a sign on the door.  Excuse, but I forgot to turn off my flash.  I wrote Hutchison’s note out for you below my crappy photo so you can read it for yourself.  One of the clever women who later showed up with our MoveOn crew said “HMMM now we have Democracy by Appointment.”

Addenda to the sign on Hutchison’s door:

1.  If I have time, I’m going back tomorrow to see if it is still on her door or if it was special for today.

2. I kinda like this sign because it indicates that they are perhaps afraid of us.  It reminded me of a scene from one of Michael Moore’s movies in which a French woman told the audience that in America we are afraid of  our government, but in France the government is afraid of the people.  There are far worse things than being French.  We would be a lot better off if Washington were afraid of us.  They might start acting more sensibly.



Fifteen people showed up and we stood outside by the curb from noon until 1pm in 110 degree heat here in Dallas.  Many people passing by honked and gave us a thumbs up.  No one yelled at us or gave us the finger which is a real step in a good direction [Texas standards, of course].  Here are few photos that I took of the event:

Rachel Baker – Editor of The Garland Voice
You can’t be involved in politics in Dallas county without knowing Rachel.  She is everywhere–a devoted Democrat and progressive.  Like the rest of us, Rachel is not at all pleased with the Debt Ceiling Sideshow.

As for the rest of the photos, please forgive me for not having the presence of mind to get names.  It must have been the heat.  However I did ask their permission to take the photos.

We even got in an advertisement for the October 2011 DC rally for the people.

If you think that Washington is bad, you should visit the state legislature of Texas! Some of our group had to get a few licks on them as well.

Did I mention?  Hutchison’s office called and had a utilities company block the lane in front of the grassy spot where we were designated to stand.  Thus cars passing by would be further away from us and less likely to read our signs.  We stood out in the blocked lane.

Peace indeed.  It’s a long time coming, isn’t it?  I think we will have it the day when war is no longer profitable for Wall Street investors and not a day before.

Here is the sign I carried.

WELL THAT’S MY CITIZEN’S REPORT FOR THE WEEK UNTIL SUNDAY WHEN I GET BACK FROM THE HOUSTON PRAYER MEETING. A friend suggested to me yesterday that I should wear garlic to that meeting.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry