A discussion about Barack Obama’s political persona

Corey Robin, a professor at Brooklyn College, posted an interesting discussion focused on the questions:

Is Obama politically inept or does he want these massive cuts? And if he wants them, is it because of political calculation? Is he a true believer in neoliberal economics? A hostage of Wall Street?

The occasion: The Debt Ceiling Debate.

The discussants are:

Joshua Cohen

Jodi Dean

Jay Driskell

Lisa Garcia Bedolla

Alex Gourevitch

Doug Henwood

Joe Lowndes

Rick Perlstein

Katha Pollit

Adolph Reed

Thaddeus Russell

Thomas Sugrue

Shane Taylor

The consensus opinion broadly construed: Obama is not weak and is a neoconservative, albeit a neoconservative who wants to be considered a tailor who mends the rips found in America’s political fabric.

The discussion is worth reading.

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