by katerkate

Buried in a post by Jonathan Chait is this shocker.

The third mistake lay in assuming Republicans would agree to raise tax revenue. I spoke several times with administration officials who asserted with total confidence that Republicans would simply have to acknowledge the need for more revenue. They betrayed a complete misunderstanding of the party they’re dealing with.

How can this even be possible?

What would lead them to believe that? Have they been in some kind of cryogenic freeze for the past 10 years? Have they never heard of Grover Norquist? Did they really think all those rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth, newly-elected Teabaggers would actually agree to higher taxes?

If this is true, the problem isn’t that the White House is filled with a bunch of crypto-Republicans. It’s filled with a bunch of idiots.

I actually find that more disturbing.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan