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What Will the Revolution Look Like?


Ok,  I’m in!   At this point any one who has given Obama and the Democrats the benefit of the doubt by now must realize that their goal is to completely dismantle the “New Deal” and slide us into a total corporate plutocracy.  The fake debit debate allows them to present two false scenarios thinly disguised as choices that accomplish the same goal. Boehner’s  plan was an obvious diversion to allow Harry Reid’s  Social Security, Medicare killing  bill to slip by unnoticed. The “trigger” mechanism embedded  in Reid’s plan will be the “poison pill” that  finally kills the big three.

So,  what are our options?

Egyptian Style:

Gather  in Washington’s national mall (our  Tahrir square) for as long as we can until enough of us are shot in the head by snipers and play the martyr angle?  About 400 Egyptians were out right murdered in this way.


Hippie Style:

Also stake out some central ground in DC with satellite protest in other major cities; sing songs, carry signs (make love, not war) and burn someone in  effigy.

“All we are saying, is give jobs a chance!”

!Hell No!  We won’t Go!”

“Hey man, you want to pass that over here?”


Union (Old) Style:

Call a national wide “General Strike”!  Come as close to a national shut down as possible.  Make the suits understand who really creates the wealth by denying them  our cheap labor.  Anyone who breaks the strike shall be considered “anti-American Scabs!”


Jim Crow (Repackaged) Style:

In an age where most of the elections seem to be a  ideological  50-50 split “separate but equal” doesn’t sound as bad as it use to.   A kind of defacto separation of Liberals and Conservatives (Libertarians)  might serve to spare both groups many more years of unnecessary conflict.


Bin Quick  Style:

“Anybody but Obama and the Democrats!”  Bin, please correct me if I misrepresent your position in any way.  Old Bin (who I have a lot of respect for) suggest that we elect the most viable candidate who might be able to take down the Trojan Horse, Obama:   Palin, Romney, it matters not what their plans are, as long as they force the issue and destroy the Democratic party.   In the wake of the fake two party system being wiped out,  like the Phoenix something new and Democratic will rise from the ashes?


OhioGringo  Style:

Take to the streets;  “bum rush” the no good Sons of a bitches who stole our country and hope the guys with the guns will come down on our side?  Also, Gringo (who I have even more respect for than Bin, please correct me if I misrepresent your position).   Keep in mind that all along most police unions and their members over the years have voted Republican (with a few exceptions).  The same also applies generally to the military.  Unlike one such as I,  Gringo is a “patriot”, he deep down still believes that  his country has a good heart.  In many ways I envy him.


Attila the Hun style:

Kill  as many of the other guy as humanly possible!







I have no answers, only an open mind and a willing heart.  I will let you guys in on a little secret, NOGOD (FFA) was right about me: I don’t love America! My love for humanity runs far deeper than any country, religion or ethnic group could ever compete with.  Right now in the “horn of Africa” due to climate change millions of our fellow human beings will loose their very lives;  my “bleeding heart”  cry’s as much for them as it breaks when a little White girl falls down a well in Kansas!


Lastly, a plug for locals in the Metro Detroit area:

Harry  Belafonte will give a free lecture at Wayne State University (my Alma Mata) Sept. 8th at 7:00PM    the link to get a seat is below:


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