The fix is on. And this time they put glass shards in the lube.

Tea Partiers are not our main enemy at this point, Obama is because he’s calling the shots.

The real questions, as opposed to the partisan nonsense that says it’s all a teabag conspiracy revolves around the facts that Obama and the Congressional Democrats are busting unions both federally and in the states, imposing austerity, artificially maintaining high unemployment and low wages by refusing to handle Depression levels of unemployment, refusing to make good state shortfalls in funding for social support programs, education and medical care and attacking new countries on a regular basis while continuing to occupy Iraq and escalate in Afghanistan/Pakistan.  

Obama’s policies, orchestrated by the same team of Wall Street Clinton cronies who caused the Depression in the first place missed the boat. This Depression is here to stay and it’ll get worse. ave ended any chance we once had to end this Depression. The Republicans would be just as bad but for now we have to organize against our current enemies in the WH and Congress with mass campaigns and demonstrations demanding our fix

  • Passage of ENDA and repeal of DOMA
  • The immediate and total withdrawal of all US troops and an end to foreign wars to make the world safe for Wall Street
  • A multitrillion dollar plan, organized by trade unions and funded by a 90% tax on incomes over $250,000 to green the economy and zero out unemployment
  • 30 hours work for 40 hours pay at trade union wages and for benefits for the unemployed, retirees, job training and college students and the heads of single parent families  
  • The public debt should be repudiated, without compensation for rich Americans, businesses or for foreign speculators. Corporations and banks that can’t survive without speculating on public indebtedness should be nationalized without compensation and run as public, workers and consumer controlled, not for profit institutions.  
    Only those programs that benefit working people – like pensions, Social Security, Medicare, and a super fund  dedicated to greening industry, agriculture and the infrastructure, a measure aimed at zeroing out unemployment – should be funded and part of our national debt.
    Private debts of US corporations held by foreign speculators, international banks and multinational corporations should be repudiated without compensation.
Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue