Ya, we all know how the line goes: “Thank you sir, may I have another.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ

Kevin Bacon’s character in Animal House.  Yup, our elected representatives have become nothing more that frat boys, with the brains to match.

So I have  a few predictions.  The royal FUBAR that we all know is coming, … well it’s everything people expect.  And more.

So yes, I’ve commented a few times about this.  It’s fairly simple for me.  We have a corporate-controlled government.  Thanks to lobbying and legalized bribery.  And of course the massive corruption and fraud by our elected “leaders”.

So is it really any surprise what’s happening?  A country, for the rich, that benefits only the rich.  So …

1. The debt ceiling will be raised.  The chickenshites in wall street go bat-shite crazy when a storm hits.  Fear drives the markets.  Our economy is based on fear.  Emotion.  Greed.  At least we got one of the seven deadly sins running our economy.  No wonder we have the problems we do.  So where’s the market turmoil?  Seriously.  The default would be a significant problem.  They would survive, better than most, but they would still take a hit.  At this point, if default was likely, they should be running around like chickens whose neck ends in  a stump instead of a head.  Nope, don’t see it.

2. Catfood was always a go.  No surprises here either.  As soon as the uniparty and its two branches started spouting the same BS, that meant they were all on the same page.  And reading the same script.  And then of course the corporate media chimed in to support this fiasco.  And so we all knew exactly where it would go.

So SS does not add to the deficit.  It’s completely separate.  In fact they have been raiding SS because it’s so stable and prosperous.  So who’s been saying that?  Not the politicians or the corporate media.  Ie. it’s all from the same script.

So SS has nothing to do with the debt.  Unpaid wars – we don’t talk about that.  Unpaid tax cuts for the rich – we don’t talk about that.  Businesses will feel more secure when we gut SS?  How?  Who cares.  It’s just a talking point to confuse the masses.  We all know why it’s happening.  This is about wall street wanting to gamble with SS funds.  Privatization.  Even after the colossal failure of BII with SS privatization, and the subsequent sigh of relief when the markets crashed and thank dawg SS was not privatized, they’re still bent on gambling with SS.  They want it bad.  BII couldn’t do it.  So how about a D prez and D Senate?  Oh yeah, baby.  They got it.

Catfood is set.  And just like how these “Dems” will sacrifice all Dem values for their bribery cash, they will again when Catfood II comes for a vote.

3. This will be just like Clinton and welfare “reform”.  Once again the pain will be felt by the forgotten.  Who cares about welfare recipients anyway?  Not most Americans.  Well not more than talking about it.

This time it will be the elderly and the poor.  The poor, well they have no chance in this America.  And now the elderly will share their fate.  The damage will be monumental.  But spread out.  No quick shot in the brain pain.  This will be a slow and painful descent into poverty and barely surviving.  And all the while they will spend all their remaining cash on surviving.  And all that money will flow to the top.  As is the plan.


So there’s my prediction.  Not exactly shocking or surprising.  Of course the real question is how bad.  I predict it will be worse than we think.  Namely with all the nice “extras” they will tack on the bill for all the corporate giveaways.  Gee, I hope we can give more money to GE to ship more jobs overseas.  Like that was ever in doubt.

I just want to say I am not a financial expert.  This is just my opinion.

Also thanks to all the diaries that helped with my information base.  I swear, some of the smartest people post here.  Thanks.  Just remember, many of us learn from what you post.  My intelligence and brain thank you.

October 2011

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