Egypt has 80 million people spread over 387,048 sq. miles.  Their population is very homogeneous–99% are Egyptians.  Because of their government, revolution was their only recourse to change.

Here in the USA we have over 310 million people who are spread out over 3,794,101  square miles.  Unlike Egypt,  we are one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural  nations on the planet.  Because of our government, revolution is not our only recourse to change.  We already have a democratic structure in place at our disposal if we would but choose to use it.  We can use it to destroy the plutocrats in DC.


We the people must create new choices in 2012.  You do NOT create new choices by going to the masters and scolding or begging them into submission or marching  “peacefully” on Washington. Life does not work that way here in the USA.  Wealthy bullies, such as currently rule Congress AND the White House, don’t cave in to begging or scolding or peaceful marches. They could give a sh%# less what you or I think about them.  They don’t care, thus, there is no profit in continuing to try to make them listen or care.  It’s a stupid waste of time.

Most Americans have already come to the conclusion that it does not make a damn what we say to the elected officials in Washington DC and if you have not, then perhaps you need a historical review:  We told the Bush Administration and the Republicans to get the hell out of Iraq and they didn’t. So, in 2006 we elected a Democratic majority in both houses on the mandate to get the hell out of Iraq by December of 2008.  And what did they do?  They continued to rubber stamp George Bush’s unfunded military appropriations and they sent an extra 100,000 troops to Iraq.  We should have gone to Washington on that breach of contract and thrown bricks through the windows of every single elected official who continued to support the Iraq War.  If this were France, that is exactly what the people would have done.

But did we?  Hell no. We acted like wimps and elected a Wall Street Harvard graduate corporate suck-up for president in 2008.  We thought he would have a heart because he was black and understood the pain of many.  And what has he done?  Well suffice it to say that he has done the best imitation of a Republican since Bill Clinton.


In September of 2007,  over one hundred thousand Americans met and marched in an anti war rally in Washington DC.  I know because I was part of that rally.  Did that end the war?   Hell no.  It didn’t change a damn thing.  George Bush so didn’t care that he went to Crawford, Texas the weekend we were there.



What might change things, the only POSSIBLE chance to change things is if ordinary people like you and I get off our couches and run for office at a national level as representatives for US congress and/or support their neighbors in these efforts.  What might change things is to work to use the system against these millionaire bullies and crooks that we continue to vote back to Washington year after year.  Then we get mad because we don’t like the outcome.


Think about it.  And in the meantime, you tell me:  When did ANY protest in the USA,  other than perhaps a few Union-led strikes, ever result in a positive outcome for the majority? A Kent State anti-war protest was so horrible that the National Guard murdered 4 students and wounded 9 more on May 7, 1970. Did that shock enough people into reality and end the Vietnam war?  Hell no.  The Vietnam War ended  FIVE years later in 1975.


It’s time for us to wise up and start using the system against THEM.  Forget a silly protest and do something adult like run for office and win.  Do you really think that a protest in DC would change the minds of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Mitch McConnell?  Do you really think they would see even 100,000 people or read reports of a march of that size and think:  “Gee, I better rethink this.”

They won’t.  Protesting is not a winning strategy–not here in the USA.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry