Ongoing Abuse

Hawaiian prisoners continue to report extreme violence and abuse at the Saguaro Correctional Facility, a CCA, joint, in Arizona.  Thousands of Hawaiian prisoners are housed by CCA on the mainland, despite Governor Abercrombie’s promise to bring them all home.  In the private hellholes, they have been repeatedly subject to sexual assault and harassmentviolence, and even murder.  The Solicitor General of the state even released a scathing report on the questionable tactics CCA engages in to manipulate cost projections and scam the state into thinking it’s saving money by having prisoners at their facility.

In a complaint just filed in Honolulu, Hawaiian prisoners are suing CCA and the state of Hawaii for subjecting them to the brutal conditions at Saguaro.  The complaint details some of the problems these men face, saying

    “Plaintiffs were stripped of nearly all of their clothing while being beaten, questioned, and humiliated.

     “Plaintiffs were threatened with harm to themselves and their families, including through such statements as:
     “a. ‘We have your emergency contact information;’
     “b. ‘We know who your family is and where they live and we are going to harm them;’
     “c. ‘We are going to kill you;’
     “d. ‘We will continue to beat you and the only way to stop that is to commit suicide;’
     “e. ‘We will send you to hell;’
     “f. ‘We will stick something up your ass.’
     “g. ‘We will smash all the bones in your face.'”
I really hope this finally catches the Governor’s attention and that he realizes sending prisoners to private facilities is a disgraceful and inhumane way to back out of the state’s responsibility to house its prisoners.