Y’all should not be the least bit downbeat about the debt deal. In fact, the deal is better done than the circus of incompetent actors prolonged another minute longer.

All is not lost by any stretch of the imagination! In fact, there are openings galore! Now, step back and let’s have a look at the weak flanks.

Let’s begin with the obvious. You’re inflamed! You’re inspired to action! Well, you just might better temper this with reason: a plan. How shall weak flanks be attacked to bring the enemy’s whole line of defense to crumble? Is this possible? I am here to tell you it is.

Now, let’s move on to plain truth, but less obvious. We know both enemies and cowards. Yes cowards. These are no less a threat to the nation’s posterity. And still, these two birds easily are killed with one stone.

In fact, true cowards ease effort to destroy the enemy, because the enemy runs with the likes to get their way! How easily can chicken and egg be paired in devastating commentary! How easily this can be brought to the doorstep of an age-old enemy!

Yet most Americans fail to appreciate the enemy’s utter vulnerability! Let me assure you, the U.S. banking system is 100% bonafide insolvent. If that is not a vulnerability, then there never was one.

And let me assure you, too: there is but one way forward. Glass-Steagall.

BONUS! The enemy hates it!! How rightly they are exposed! Because it is the only way out

Not even a dictatorial coup (a.k.a. The 9/11 Show, Act II) could stop the train wreck about to devastate the U.S. economy and bring the banking system to its knees.

Wanna know the most beautiful thing of all? Already, H.R. 1489 — Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011 (i.e. Glass-Steagall) — has 32 co-sponsors! That’s nearly 10% of the House of Representatives. And that’s what you call a fine start.

The time to expose the enemy has arrived. It’s not so much that, this debt deal is the last straw. Rather, there is no further possibility of forestalling a rapid spiral downward whose consequence is so terribly distressing that, unimaginable numbers of Americans are awakened, calling out of Congress both enemies and cowards alike.

Already (and this has been going on for years), distaste for this kind has been growing and in equal proportion to its increased supply. Yet 32 co-sponsors of H.R. 1489 at least show courage and wisdom. That’s not just a foot in the door, it’s a kick in the ass! Particularly considering that, among these co-sponsors are a number of heavyweights. These present a clear dividing line — a battering ram — defining the ultimate challenge: are you with us or are you against us? A patriot or a coward? All this, wrapped up in the sanest and most necessary piece of legislation in the U.S. Congress: H.R. 1489.

You have no idea how much enemies hate it!

So, here is to this moment made for calling enemies out! There’s no more debt ceiling distraction. The “Let’s Play a Fascist Show” is over. Who is with us and who is against us? That’s the question now.

You want to rid Washington of those many enemies to esteemed accomplishments in social policy achieved by generations past? Get behind H.R. 1489.

If money talks and BS walks, I guarantee you’ll love the change in Congress!