Kelsey Grammer Plays Mayor on TV, Wants Real Life Political Gig

Kelsey Grammer plays the mayor of Chicago in his new TV series Boss, set to air in September, so what better way to promote the upcoming Starz drama that by doing an interview saying he’s interested in running for office (See it works–we’re writing about it!).

Grammer is a hardline conservative–his ex-wife claims Fox News killed their sex life— who supported Rudi Guilani as a nominee for president, then traveled with John McCain during the 2008 election and the major investor in Rightnetwork, a small cable network that launched last September which my satellite carrier doesn’t have. Does yours? Their slogan

All that’s Right with the world.

Though he is cagey about declaring when he will run, and for what office, Grammer certainly has the baseline qualifications for a political campaign. Along with a personal fortune estimated at $100 million, the Thurston Howell III-voiced thespian admitted to the New York Post that he has a

narcissistic personality

and a

resilient ego.

These came in handy when Grammer promoted Right Network’s Right to Laugh which

proves funny people and funny things come from both sides of the aisle.

Sadly, this stumble was not scheduled.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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