How Crazy Do You Have To Be To Be A Republican? Or A Democrat?

How crazy do you have to be to be a Republican?

I got a measure for this the other day when a friend told me a story about an ‘important’ Republican figure in town that he knows. This Republican owns a number of houses, which he rents out quite cheaply, so he’s by no means a rotten person. However, recently, one of his tenants lost his job and apparently fled the house he was renting, leaving almost all his possessions behind, apparently in the midst of a meltdown. Contemplating what appears to have been the crashing and burning of another human being’s life, all this prominent Republican could think about was that it would affect him, and how ill-used and put-upon he was. Apparently, it never occurred to him to consider the difference between a wrecked lease and a wrecked life.

This is the Republican attitude in a nutshell, isn’t it? Here was one of the more wealthy persons in the community, contemplating the wrack and ruin of another human being’s life, someone with virtually NOTHING, and he actually thought of himself as the one who was suffering! That, to me, represents the mood behind the Republican desire to slash what little support there is for those who have suffered the most during this ongoing Depression.

But, guess what?! The Democrats, and in particular, the Obamacrats, are doing the same thing. So the more important question for us is this: how crazy do you have to be to be a Democrat in this day and age? It’s Obama who put ‘entitlements’ on the table for cutting. It’s Obama who wrecked the budget with his fantastically profligate military spending and his even more fantastically profligate spending on the financial sector, and thus virtually assured that there would be a great call in the land for budget cutting. It’s Obama who chose to dole out trillions for banks and NEXT TO NOTHING for homeowners losing homes. And in all this, the Dems have supported Obama.

So why are Democrats so crazy? I think part of it has to do with confusion over the real nature of Liberalism. Most everyone thinks of Liberalism as a kind of soft leftism. I don’t think that’s what it is at all. Historically, Liberalism is primarily concerned with free markets, by which it means free for predatory merchant-class dominated mercantilism. Historically liberalism is the political point of view of the upper middle class, the merchant class, the banking class, the ‘intellectual’ class, etc.. It is the political view of the courtiers to power.

If you don’t understand this, I think, you will never understand why Liberals have chosen to undo nearly everything the Left has achieved over the past 200 years. But if you get it, then you understand why Democrats didn’t mind destroying unions, why they didn’t mind destroying welfare, why they wage wars even more aggressively than the GOP, why they don’t mind destroying Social Security and Medicare, why they love ‘free trade’ but don’t fight for Fair Trade, and why in general THEY LOVE FASCISM. As they compile ever more towering rules to control human behavior, they tell you that it’s all good for you. They preach ‘sciences’ like ‘risk management’, telling us to just let the smart ones, the ‘adults in the room’ run everything for us.

Try this and see if it doesn’t work: next time you see Obama talk, instead of coloring everything he says as the words of a Soft Lefty, a kind of Mr. Rogers in the White House, try evaluating everything he says and does as pontificating advocacy for the class interests of the upper middle class, and the banking conglomerates, etc.. Ok, see how it all makes more sense?

One can better understand almost any Democrat this way. Basic questions become so clear. Why, for example, do the Democrats want to bomb Gaddafi to oblivion when he has given his people a high standard of living, a better social safety net than we have in some ways, and is no more violent than many or most of the thugs we currently support in power? Well, if you think about how we want to control access to his oil, and how we want to shut down his attempt to undercut the international primacy of the dollar currency, etc., and put that in context of a vision of Democrats not as cuddly bears, but as shark-like representatives of upper middle class to upper class interests, it all becomes clearer.

If you ask me, it takes a lot of crazy to support either party these days. I’d like to think that more and more Americans are done with being that crazy.

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