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UPDATE: Join us upstairs for the final vote

Live on CSPAN now – House debate on deficit bill.

As the Democratic party circles the drain and the House votes to impose draconian austerity measures and create a Super Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare, we are going to be allowed one whole hour of debate in the House.  No amendments.

Final vote is expected around 7pm ET.

6:40 Quorum call.

6:26: Paul Ryan: We’re getting 2/3 of the cuts we wanted in our budget, and discretionary spending caps — we couldn’t even get that with a Republican president!  This GOP towel snapping is getting hard to watch — do the Democrats feel humiliated?  If  they don’t, it’s not because the Republicans aren’t trying.

6:24: Paul Ryan: What this has done is it has brought our two parties together.  What we have here is a bipartisan compromise. For maybe the first time, I agree with Paul Ryan.

6:23: Jeb Hensarling: Nobody on either side of the aisle wants to raise the debt ceiling. Now we know who Van Hollen has been hitting the crack pipe with in the cloak room.

6:21: Pelosi: The Republicans say they got 98% of what they wanted in this bill.  Well that is true.

6:17: Peosi: Another reason to support this bill is that it stops cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Now she’s just outright lying.

6:13:  Pelosi: We believe that the policy we put forth should make our future better for our children and our grandchildren. If that’s what we believe, it’s hard to believe that with this bill we put our best food forward.  But I’m going to vote for it anyway.  Blah blah blah good soldier… glad I’m not whipping this pig…you having fun yet, John?

6:07: Rob Andrews: This bill is a fair and equitable downpayment on our debt that will create jobs.

6:05: This is just embarrassing.  These Democrats clearly do not want to have these jobs.  They’re all just handing their power over to a committee they and tied their own hands.

6:04: Gwen Moore: So many people said they should storm the White House and demand what they want for their kids. What do I want?  I want jobs and a safety net and clean air and the American dream. Does not say if this bill, that jeopardizes all of that, will get her vote.

6:03 Chris Van Hollen:  With this bill we have succeeded in protecting Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries. Good god they’re freaking out and smoking crack in the cloak room.

5:56: James Lankford:  Get our fiscal house in order, blah blah blah….The Republican victory lap continues.

5:52: Sander Levin: The Republicans have taken this country to the brink of default.  We need savings and revenue.  We must not let down our citizens who need programs like unemployment insurance. And this bill helps them how exactly…?

5:50: Kevin Brady: Tonight we take out the same amount of spending the President put in the failed stimulus bill, and the second bill will cut as much as Obamacare. I don’t even understand what he’s talking about.

5:48: Steve Cohen: I cannot vote for this bill. These people want to hurt the President, and I don’t want to hurt the President.  Huh?  This is the bill he negotiated….twilight zone….

5:46: “If Solomon was alive today I think his solution would be to kill both women and spare the child.”  Huh?

5:40: Nobody is mentioning what a radical departure it is for a President to pass a bill, especially of this magnitude, with a majority of votes from the opposition party.

5:30: Sheila Jackson-Lee blasts the bill, but doesn’t say she will vote against it.  Gets into a shouting match with David Dreier.  Ruled out of order.

5:27: If the tax cuts were so great,  where are the jobs? (Point: McGovern)

5:25 Dreier: Stop saying “Bush tax cuts.”  It’s the “Bush-Obama tax cuts.” (Point: Dreier)

5:25 Jim McGovern: We’re here today because of the Bush tax cuts. Anybody hear we’ve got some really expensive wars going on? Didn’t think so. Will not vote for the bill.

5:19 Mike Pence: This bill is a modest but meaningful step towards fiscal discipline.  There’s a lot of credit-taking today, but today is a day for the American people. Don’t worry, you’ll get your fair share of credit Mike.

5:17 Chakah Fattah (who campaigned for Joe Lieberman against Ned Lamont) says this bill sucks.  Bush sucks.  Fattah has said he will vote for the bill.

5:14 Jim Moran:  We haven invested less than 15% in the country.  The last time we made these kinds of cuts was the great depression, and this time we won’t have World War II to get us out of it.

5:13 Michael Grimm: You cannot spend money you do not have. Yes you can it’s called deficit spending

5:07 Louise Slaughter: Super Committee leaves most members of the Congress sitting on the sidelines.

5:04 Drier says this bill sends a signal to the international community that we are finally serious about getting our fiscal house in order. GDP growth rate is down to 1.3%.

5:03 Drier asks for 5 days for members to revise and extend their remarks.

5:00 Bill is called up.


Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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