I took the day off. Anything happen while I was gone?

I’ll get to the debt deal in the morning. For now, some things over the weekend you may not have seen…

• Elizabeth Warren left the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday. She promises to continue to fight for the agency from the outside. I think the odds are better than even money she just goes back to Harvard Law. Incidentally, Richard Cordray gets a confirmation hearing in the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday.

• Talks on a strategic partnership with Afghanistan are falling apart, but paradoxically, the Taliban talks would kick off great if the United Staes set a pullout date, according to a former Prime Minister.

• If it comforts you, Europe is completely fucked, perhaps more than we are. And mostly conservative governments are leading them through their mess.

• The Bank of America lawsuits related to their Countrywide division continue to roll out. I don’t think there’s any way for them to just write everything off with one big settlement.

• NY AG Eric Schneiderman is a rare bright spot in a bleak time.

• Who pays for the foreclosure crisis? Largely communities of color.

• Something pretty extraordinary is happening in Israel, with a mass movement inspired by Tahrir rising up against privatization.

Moderately successful talks with North Korea. They want to resume nuclear disarmament talks.

• Libyan opposition leaders are saying that a rebel faction of Islamists killed their top military commander, Gen. Younes. This just shows how little we understand about the rebels.

• California’s redistricting maps are out, with the commission successfully approving them. To the extent that it wasn’t an incumbent-driven system, it was a success. But as I said a long time ago, any legitimate redistricting process in this state wasn’t going to produce a more “moderate” map, it was going to produce a more Democratic map. And it did.

• Republicans are a spite-based political party.

• Iraq is less safe than a year ago, according to a top US advisor. I guess that’s why we’re providing them with their very own wiretapping system.

• We could see preliminary regulatory proposals on fracking come out of the EPA, mainly targeted at air pollution.

• The Yucca Mountain commission basically recommended giving up on Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.

• Obama’s faith-based initiatives head downplays the separation of church and state.

• We’re a week away from the Wisconsin recall elections, and there are millions sloshing around on TV in the recall races.

• Watch for a conscience clause on the regulations mandating free birth control distribution as part of the health care law.

• I’m guessing that the Spanish elections will be a slaughter for the current government.

• How many times can the world be appalled by state-sponsored violence in Syria before they act?

• One week into the FAA shutdown, and the only people profiting are Delta Airlines.

• Pam Geller’s been covering her tracks in the wake of the Norway attacks.

• The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments as part of the Prop 8 case on September 6. This would be a ruling on whether the defendant-intervenors have standing to appeal. If they don’t, Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling would stand, and same-sex couples in California would be able to marry.

• Yes, that’s the ticket – Bush was just showing steely resolve during those 7 minutes when he was freaked out of his mind reading The Pet Goat. Just keeping everyone around him calm. Considering the enormous capacity for acceptance of bullshit in this country, I’m guessing that explanation will fly.

David Dayen

David Dayen