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The vote will be taken at 1pm. Cloture failed, 50-49.

Here’s the text of the Reid deal voted on in the House yesterday, which calls for the creation of a Catfood II Super Congress they will all hand their power over to so they can insulate themselves from political retribution for cutting Social Security and Medicare. And a bunch of giveaways to AT&T too.

And my thoughts on Bernie Sanders as a primary challenger….


1:39: Reid dismisses the senate, subject to a possible quorum call later in the day.

1:31: McConnell – people would like to leave the hill. Will they get adequate notice? Reid says they will. Democratic caucus meeting later today.

1:30: Reid – Further roll call votes possible today.

1:29: Cloture fails, 50-49.

12:50: For anyone who wants to know why the White House panicked yesterday and caved to the GOP.

12:47: John McCain stands up and asks if he can enter a colloquy with Durbin, who almost cries in gratitude. They commence throwing red meat to their respective bases.

12:44: Durbin: The Republicans are demanding terrible things. Why would we do this to the country? Let’s have a Republican up, they’ll let repeat ad nauseam Obama’s threat to veto any bill that doesn’t extend the debt limit beyond the 2012 election.

12:39: Boxer: I have a few questions. Isn’t it true that the debt ceiling times was raised 18 times under Ronald Reagan? Will it take the wine stains out of my carpet? What if I want it to clean grass stains off of my pants?

12:37: Barbara Boxer asks Durbin if she can interrupt so she can tee-up a talking point for him, but Durbin keeps going. Maybe she knows he’s dying? Or is he sucking all the oxygen out of the room?

12:32: Durbin says the thing Americans care about are jobs, and says this bill represents the second death of John Maynard Keynes. Since Durbin’s job was to whip votes for this bill, it’s like giving a eulogy while fingering his spent shell casings. Paul Krugman…liberal validator…blah blah blah.

12:29: Blumenthal says “I will oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare.” But he’ll give someone else the power to do it so his vote won’t matter. That’s a big difference I guess.

12:27: Blumenthal says no cuts to Social Security in this deal. Really, Dick? So just what do you think this Catfood II Super Congress you’re giving your job over to is going to do?

12:25: Blumenthal: “Uncertainty is the enemy.” “We have a historic opportunity and we must seize it.” “We cannot keep kicking this down the road.” Is he getting paid by the cliche?

12:22: Dick “warm bucket of spit” Blumenthal congratulates Harry Reid on his remarkable achievement in getting Congress to fork over the power entrusted to them by the citizens who elected them to an elite body that stands above congress itself, and escape electoral retribution for doing something that 82% of the country does not want them to do. Booyah.

12:21: Another fake quorum call. I guess nobody wants to speak. Have we found some bottom register of shame?

12:14: Ben Cardin: We don’t believe in what we’re about to vote for, but the Republicans do. We think it will hurt the country. But we are virtuous because we honor the principle of “compromise.” Today’s blogging will require less sarcasm because really, how can you possibly gild this lily.

12:00: Harry Reid tries to present a complete el-foldo to the Republicans on behalf of the bond vigilantes as “statesmanship.” Says he thinks the bill will pass. Compromise is not a position you take, it’s a principle in itself. Who knew.

If you would like to watch the Democratic Party’s display of moral bankruptcy and utter irrelevance yesterday, here you go:

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Jane Hamsher

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