The idea that the assault on the working class and the poor will magically come to an end when the indescribably obscene spectacle being played out in DC this weekend finally reaches its ultimate conclusion is simply ludicrous. 

There aren’t going to be any “victories” here.  We’ve been in a lose/lose situation for most of us ever since the 2010 elections when the Republican party dumped any vestige of honesty and integrity they might have had left  and allowed the utterly craven Mitch McConnell to set their number one goal for them… ensuring that Barack Obama was a one term president and that only if they can’t come up with something to impeach him for first… no matter how much damage they had to do to the country to get it done.

Almost as ludicrous is the idea that if Social Security and Medicare aren’t massively changed for the worse or outright destroyed over the next two days, they will somehow have survived because I guarantee you, it won’t be but a week or two until the ravening pack is right back at it again.

We’re not dealing with rational human beings here and we can’t keep on pretending we are if we expect to save even a piece of America for ordinary Americans.  The Tea Party… aided and abetted by cowardly mainstream Republicans who might have gotten a clue but who lack the balls to stand up to them… are sharks. 

Prehistoric, mindless fricking eating machines in a feeding frenzy brought on by the scent of blood in the water, much of it  deliberately sprinkled there liberally by Democrats who, during the last evolutionary split, lost the ball kicking gene that’s still part of the genetic makeup of the Teaps. 

Of course the wingers mutated too.  They lost the gene that controls logic and rational thought.  Reason and enlightenment mean exactly squat to them.  Facts and figures, empirical data… nothing, nada, zilch. 

You can NOT reason with people who are genetically incapable of reasoning, because they simply do not CARE what’s right or wrong but only about forcing their agenda down the throats of the majority and getting the uppity dark dude out of “their” White House.  That’s what’s directly in front of them and all they can see. Because they have no peripheral vision they’re doomed to be blindsided by  the destruction they’re leveling on the country and the world.  We can’t afford to let them take us with them.

Nope.  If Social Security and Medicare survive this next couple of days even reasonably intact, all that accomplishes is to drive the ravening deficit jackals even more nuts and they’ll be back with some damned thing that will make this last couple of weeks look like a picnic in the park.

As Yogi famously said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”, and this is never going to be over until the plutarchy destroys us or we destroy the plutarchy.  There is no middle ground for Centrists to profitably occupy here and… in my very humble opinion… pragmatism is a luxury we can no longer afford.  You either stand up and fight or you’re toast for Wall Street’s breakfast. 

Tom B

Tom B