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October 2011 Protest.

As reported here.

Human rights defender David Swanson has announced today that this October, thousands of Americans, the left and right, will occupy Washington D.C. in peaceful resistance and not leave until the demands of the people are met. The protest, slated to be similar to those in Tunisia and Egypt, is slated to begin October 6.

A coalition of organizations and noted leaders have committed to a peaceful occupation of Washington DC, announcing the plan to occupy Washington, D.C. starting October 6th and not leaving until the United States government is seen to halt its functioning on behalf of Wall Street and a war machine.

I have a problem with this. And the problem is that it is exactly the kind of idea one would get from a committee. All nicely planned out in advance. I bet they even have the street venders and tee shirts ordered as well. 

I truly successful protest is not some prearranged event like a carnival or tourist outing. It is spontaneous and unplanned and high energy and direct. That is what the Arab protests have been and the early anti-war protests of the 1960s. More like the Wisconsin protests. 

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