Jane is correct here:



In districts that are solidly progressive Democrat, a challenge from the left can work to move the left, leftward.


This won’t matter for those in solidly repub or blue dog districts for now, but in the areas that are solidly progressive caucus areas, this can be a game changer.


I can’t be the only person here that lives in an area that uniformly votes for the more leftist candidate. Over here, voters are pretty smart, and vote for the candidate that usually votes in the interest of this population.

But this is not good enough when it comes to national issues like health care. The progressive caucus absolutely must move to the left there.


So: (and this is the how-to part)


2) come up with back-up candidates

3) use whatever means at your disposal (fdl diaries, etc) to promote your leftist challenge candidate

4)  meet with local faith community leaders to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing

5) FLYERS. Go to Kinkos and print out short educational flyers about HCR, etc. Inform the masses about how we were screwed over in HCR and what the sane alternatives are.