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10:13 – Reid: Senate will resume at 12 noon tomorrow.  If cloture is not invoked, debate will continue on the Reid amendment.

10:07: Reid – There are negotiations going on right now at the White House. We want to give everyone as much space as possible to reach an agreement, so I am moving the vote until tomorrow at 1pm.  The one thing we cannot have is a temporary solution, and I am confident we will not have one.  Hey Harry, Texas Hold’em. You say where.  What do you say?

10:00: Barbara Boxer “notes the absence of a quorum.” Fake quorum call.

9:56:  Chuck Todd:  “Some chatter in Senate Reid may decide to delay cloture vote until noon tomorrow to give talks more time for both HIS bill and WH-McConnell.” h/t Ellie

9:54: I believe this is the text of the Reid bill, as voted on by the House today.

9:53: Jeff Sessions still going strong.  CNN said Reid would speak at 9:50.  Not 9:50 sharp I guess.

9:38: Levin: Harry Reid is sitting in his office waiting for a call from Mitch McConnell.  Makes Reid sound like a broken hearted 14 year-old with new braces on day 3 of waiting for her boyfriend to call.

9:29: Levin: Last night McConnell made reference to 60 votes, which mean they intend to filibuster the Reid plan.  According to Powwow, however, last night after McConnell offered a cloture vote on the Reid motion, Reid  filed “his already-prepared Democratic cloture motion to impose his own supermajority (60-vote) threshold on the Senate (and his deal) instead, including, in Reid’s case, a day’s delay until the cloture motion ‘ripens’ under the rule.”

9:00: Mark Udall: We should all support the wise and pragmatic Bowles-Simpson recommendations — which cut Social Security and Medicare benefits and reduces the deficit on the backs of senior citizens.

8:51: Mark Udall: Nobody here wants the US to default. But in three days, the US is set to default on its debt. Be honest Mark and tell everyone that if Social Security checks don’t go out, it’s because the Treasury is hoarding cash to cover $29 billion to bondholders on August 15.

8:40: Kay Bailey Hutchinson thinks the US is Greece. Just shoot me.

8:07: Next up is “Even Barbara Boxer says” who  will soon put the Good Liberal Housekeeping Seal of Approval on Harry Reid’s Super Congress Catfood II bill.

7:58: Bernie Sanders: The Tea Party members of the House have succeeded in reshaping the deficit reduction bills drastically to the right. Put a sock in it Bernie, every Democrat in the House just voted for the Reid Super Congress Catfood Commission II. Wake me up when you find your balls, stop fear mongering over Social Security checks not going out and have the courage to call bullshit on this entire embarrassing charade.

7:51: Mikulski: we’re “days away” from a default. Fifty bucks for the first person of either party who tells America what Wall Street knows: the first risk of “legitimate default” is August 15, and the President told bond holders he will not allow a default on bonds.

7:48: Portman wants an up-or-down-vote on a balanced budget amendment. Drinking game: take a drink every time one side calls for an up-or-down vote when they have no intention of letting the other side have one.

7:35 pm ET: Rob Portman: Markets don’t just want an increase in the debt limit. Markets want a solution to our long-term problems.

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