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Forget Obama

Time to move on.  It may be time to admit there are no political solutions.  The system is too corrupt, at all levels.  The deficit/debt ceiling “debate” is just another distraction in a world where ratings agencies that engaged in criminal collusion with the banksters to crash our economy the first time, are threatening to do it again by lowering the credit score of the United States over a self-imposed limit all rational economists consider farcical.  Standard & Poor’s et al. are playing god in a market-centered universe whose Prime Directive is: “All Insane Gambles Must Be Paid.”  Otherwise, we’re told, investors will withhold the market lubricant, money, interest rates will rise and debt will skyrocket, putting the US and the entire world into the shoes of a homeowner whose mortgage has just reset to a higher rate – under water!  All this misery because people who are too rich for their own good don’t want to take a hair cut?  Who are these people, and who died and left them God?  THAT is the level at which we must engage the system – where the power is.  Let’s be clear; not Obama clear, really clear.  This is perceived, not real, power. True, reality is largely consensual, but consensus can change quickly in times like these.  True power, now as ever, is with the people, who not only manufacture all the wealth they are now threatening us with, but the very consensus on which their house of cards is built.  We need to present an ultimatum, paradigm, manifesto, whatever, with the basic message: “Wealth is no good unless you can enjoy it.  You are not gods, you are people.  We, the vast majority of the species to which you belong, can deny you the enjoyment of your wealth. What’s it gonna be?  Easy way, or hard way?

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