The idea that your house and land property should be your “wealth” is a huge scam. A house is a place to live. The idea that you need to go into a lifetime of debt to have a place to live is a relatively new invention of the banksters. (Actually, it’s an old idea recycled into new packaging, I guess.)


Almost a century ago Keynes called “Euthanize the rentiers!” Today’s banksters are today’s rentiers.

Debt isn’t the road to wealth. Working people have a unique opportunity right now – newly nearly free housing. All over the US, nice houses in “the hood” are selling for $6K, $12K, etc. Working class people generally make wonderful neighbors.

More middle and working class people need to default on their scam-houses and start repopulating the urban core as owner occupants.


I live in a city with one of the highest levels of violent crime in the developed world, and you know what? A vast majority of my neighbors are WONDERFUL. And I live in the hood.


I grew up in suburbia, and I honestly think my kids are better off growing up here than I was in suburbia. The hood does have scary crack houses that everyone (and I do mean everyone) knows to stay away from, but suburbia has a “raging asshole” phenomenon you just don’t see here.



Buy a super-cheap house in the hood while you can.

A lifetime of debt just to have a place to live is NOT some exotic flavor of wealth.