Elizabeth Campbell,

                                                                                          1026 Woodson Rd, Apt H,

                                                                                                Baltimore, MD. 21212,


The Hon Chairman, Senator Tom. Harkin Chair: Special Education Committee

The Hon. Chairman John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee

The Hon. Chairwoman Barbara Lee, Congressional Black Caucus Chair

The Hon. Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton

The Hon. J. Napolitano, Homeland Security Commissioner, 

The Hon. U.S.A. Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder

All Hon. Congressional members: Senators, and House members

Hon. Director:  Office of Special Education Programs

The Hon. OSEP State contact> NH:  Susan Falkenhan or current person

United Nations High Commissioner/Human Rights

Judicial Conduct Committee Washington DC



                            IN SEARCH FOR JUSTICE IN AMERICA





                      “You can’t hide dirty little secrets forever”

    Later, the Supreme Court would master-mind and set-up Kincaid for a cozy job of years to come via the monitoring of me from her home in Elliot Maine, (Phase 2):  Having permanently denied any vestige of hope or confirmation that I am entitled to the protections of the United States Constitution, the Hon. Justice Breyer, “son of Jews with historical lineage to Nazi Germany, and Spanish Inquisition”…in-fact world-wide hate, this son of ethics and morality would officially obliterate any Constitutional protections for me, ala, defunct Emergency Injunction! In-fact, the esteem body would annihilate any vestige of civil or human liberties I thought I once enjoyed upon these shores; sending a powerful and precedential message, that as a Legal resident here since 1975, I was never covered under the protective umbrella!

    Jeanne M. Kincaid (Hooksett New Hampshire School District attorney) would be officially given the right to hunt and destroy the nigger!  And this is what she continued to do, with the help of the Maryland DLLR, and the Hon. Stuart Berger (or some other un-named judge) of the Baltimore Circuit Court. 

    Distinguished and honorable Ladies and gentlemen, respectable and noble committees and organizations, I come before you as a despondent, broken and destroyed woman, and mother of a 14 year old boy, (who was 10 years old when the destruction and inhumanity started, and when our lives changed).

    My name is Elizabeth Juanita Campbell.  I am the mother of this dear boy, and his first name is Josh.  This is our story.  When the events started, I was a mother of a boy who had stability, he lived with me his mother, and we shared a home we once owned:  I gave my son piano lessons; he went swimming, and participated in karate.  I had a car, pets, furniture, piano, a job and credit. 

    I filed a complaint with the Concord New Hampshire District Court on August 31st, 2007, on the behalf of my son as the resolution mediation talks proved disastrous, and I was forced into the United States District Court, at Concord, New Hampshire.  Immediately, I began to experience gross procedural and substantial violations, and a total lack of due process.  This continued throughout this entire   case, a case which culminated at the Supreme Court with a dismissal on October 4, 2010, the injuries however did not stop, but is ongoing, yea, even of this day.

    Should a United States Supreme Court Justice, (or justices), be allowed to conspire with other Federal Court Judges, A school District attorney, and other State officials into obliterating the Constitutional rights of a litigant, and then agree to continue the in-place monitoring of that litigant via telephone, cell-phone, United States mail, email, and employment all with negative consequences because that litigant has been refusing to withdraw a complaint against a School District? 

    Indeed I was never charged with being a Terrorist, or an Enemy Combatant:  Did I try to contact Julian Assuage in order to reach the world community via Wiki-leaks?  Warn the millions of others here on permanent visas?  Indeed they are not all of African lineage…some have sneaked in via the Irish shores!

    Should that Justice or (justices) be charged with trespassing upon the United States Constitution?  Should there be repercussions…ala Nixon?  What if the evidence shows that, that litigant was never charged with being a terrorist or terrorist suspect or was never arrested or charged with United States violations or a crime? 

    Should there be Justice Ala…Nixon for that Justice or (Justices)?

    Today, we are now regular welfare recipients> including Food-Stamps and Medicaid:  Dear United States Citizens is this what you want?  Negroes from the Caribbean shores to come here and be dependent upon the government for existence?  Be a habitual Welfare Queen?  Dependent upon Welfare?  YOUR TAX DOLLARS?  SHOULD I HAVE ANOTHER CHILD TO INCREASE THE BENEFITS?

    We would experience living with strangers who took us in, and in all cases became victims themselves…some aware, and others not!  Ultimately we took refuge at a shelter in Baltimore, MD:  This journey would also include the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and now Maryland.  

    In the “final” state of Maryland, I was allowed to work from November 10th, to December 31st for the entire fiscal year of 2009 at the Holy-Hill nursing home.  Upon filing my 2009 tax returns, I received almost $7,000; it was my intention to buy a car, but knowing Kincaid’s effects upon my son and self these past years since 2007, I decided to file late, and to hold onto the money.  Soon, I was sent the familiar email asking me if I like the job, and if I wanted to keep it, then I knew what to do! 

    I had no intention ever of withdrawing my rights, and soon I was forced to resign under a lie that the DON (Mary Hurt) would give me a reference of work.  This of-course never happened as Kincaid kept me chronically unemployed.  I lost job number 54 on March 30th 2010.   *I then use my income taxes to pay the rent.    

    Throughout this time I kept looking for work, but was black-listed from all jobs in Maryland including factory work. 

    On July 8, 2010, I filed an Emergency Injunction (something that I now realize was foolish given what had been going on, and what continues to go on)…to think that I would suddenly experience justice; but ultimately I am glad that I did file this injunction as I could prove additional Judicial (now Supreme Court Justice corruption).  Here it is:

                                             No. 09-10534            


                                               IN THE



        Elizabeth Juanita Campbell, mother and next friend of J.P.E.H.


                                Hooksett School District, et al.









                                                                                   Elizabeth Campbell pro se,

                                                                                       1026 Woodson Rd, Apt H,

                                                                                           Baltimore, MD, 21212

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS



TABLE OF CONTENTS……………………………………………………………….. (2)

TABLE OF CITATION………………………………………………………………… (3)

INTRODUCTION ……………………………………………………………………… (5)


ARGUMENTS………………………………………………………….. ……………….(9)

SUBSTANTIVE DECISION……………………………………………………… …. (32)

CONCLUSION…………………………………………………………………………… (34)

                               TABLE OF AUTHORITIES CITED

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                                            STATUES AND RULES

STATUES                                                                                                  PAGE

1st Amendment                                                                               8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 30

5th Amendment                                                                                 9, 14, 27

14th Amendment                                                                          8, 14, 27, 33, 34      

Due Process                                                                                    7, 8, 18, 27, 28, 32, 33

Fundamental Rights                                                                     22, 23, 26, 28, 32

IDEA                                                                                              6, 9, 13, 22, 26, 27, 32

Liberty Interests (clause…14th Amend)                                                      7, 8, 27, 32

Property Interest (clause…14th Amend)                5 -8. 10, 15, 17, 25, 30, 32, 34

 18 U.S.C. 241                                                                                                      24


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http://www.clasp.org/admin/site/publications/files/0196.pdf                        33                                                                                                                              


     Due to the nature of widespread judicial misconduct in this case at the District and Appellate level, this Petitioner is compelled via honest but respectful discussion to introduce issues which may not be comfortable given the professional conduct exhibited by most Judges, and you Hon. Justices in particular.

   Being open in order to fully assert my theory which is based upon circumstantial evidence is paramount:  It is noted that the dimensions and implications here directly affect my life, and that of my son (property interest), therefore, honesty, is very necessary.  Generally I am fearful of retaliation (I am aware that this is a very unfair statement in your presence) nevertheless respectfully, I have a greater fear of consequential acts from strangulation of the truth.  When I say the Court, Respectfully I am specifically referring to the Hon. Chief Justice Roberts.

    It is this Petitioner’s position, that my case is one that would have yielded the obvious results of justice by now, if there were other and differing variables, i.e., an attorney representing me at all levels continuously; if I was a White male with money, (not unlike the recent special Education New York case); if my family or self were influential:  I say respectfully, and despite (what may come)… rebuttal of denial of these qualities in order for me to realize justice, I remain convinced, the reality via the evidence, is self-assured!

     I am a poor Black woman, non married and with a disabled son:  Despised because of these qualities in certain confines of the American society, and despised via this case even more, because I have refused to lie down and die!  Imagine 8 Federal Judges, a School District attorney, and 1 Hon. Justice  so upset with me for not dying that as I write this  an all points bulletin was dispatched to all Nursing homes, Nursing agencies, hospitals and prisons in the State of Maryland to be wary of Elizabeth Juanita Campbell. DO NOT HIRE.  I wonder if Congress would be willing to give acquaintance immunity and protect her identity.

    These are powerful strikes and forces to be reckoned with!  But I’ve been up for the job, although I qualify this by keeping in the cerebrum’s forefront, the monstrous effect upon my son (property interest)!  

    It is clear that not all people with “IDEA Protections” or “Parent Procedural Safeguards,” come before the Court:  What happened?  For there is nothing sexy here, no cerebral ramblings, no causations for oos and ahs!  I present indeed, a tedious case not in some members of the Court’s accustomed or preferred liking.         

    Wherefore Petitioner seeks an Emergency Injunctive relief pending the Court’s decision in reference to the scheduled Conference of September 27th, 2010 because Petitioner has found herself in an acute situation that demands immediate action in order to remedy fluid and caustic harm.  The denial of basic human rights of shelter and the opportunity to be a productive member of society, by way of interference of My Fundamental and Constitutional Rights to access the Courts, and the subsequent retaliation because I refuse to yield her/they way!  The end game then (for me) is homelessness and poverty.   Without this injunctive Court order, WE WOULD BE HOMELESS!  AS KINCAID ET; AL PERSISTS IN INTERFERING WITH MY EMPLOYMENT!


    Petitioner hereby moves for a preliminary Injunction, to prevent further injuries and violation to my Constitutional Rights by the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid, government lawyer now defendant in this case.  Kincaid continues to prevent me from the constitutionally entitled protections:  (Goss v. lopez).   As a parent home-schooling my son, and to the extent that the terrorists actions of Kincaid et; al has caused me to be on the constant look-out for work, housing and shelter, this has in fact deprived my property and liberty interests as it has interfered and deprived my son of instruction and the opportunity to learn: 

     Kincaid continually prevents me from obtaining employment; in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment Due process Clauses; LIBERTY and PROPERTY INTEREST:  Indeed this is the primary root of many of the issues I am facing.

In retaliation, and against the anti-retaliation 504 of the rehabilitation act

  1. 2.     Due Process the Constitutional guarantee of “due process of law” ensures that persons whose rights may be adversely affected by litigation have the opportunity for their “day in court,” to be heard and to present proof(s) in support of their claim or defense. Accordingly, before any judgment can be made for or against a party, certain procedural safeguards WARRANT that a just and FAIR HEARING on the matter has been conducted and that all parties whose interests may be affected by the controversy have been notified of their right to be heard.  (14th Amendment).  There has been a judgment in this case hence the dismantling of my rights; and it preceded my right to be heard!  Amendment 1
  2. My fundamental Right to nurture, protect, and educate my son (Property Interest,14th Amendment),
  3.   My right to contract and engage in the occupation of my choice as in (Meyer v. Nebraska 262 U.S. 390 (1923)
  4. In violation of my property right (My nursing license), a right conferred upon me by the State of New Hampshire without just cause
  5. In violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, and its Protection Clause :  “No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or (Property Interests):   Son’s education; my home; piano; car; furniture; my pets;  credit;  intercepting my Child-Support all without due process of law.”
  6. In violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and its privacy provisions(Liberty Interests):  The hacking of my computer and the subsequent harassment and deletion of my email, accounts; the warrantless wiretapping of my telephone and attaching outgoing messages stating that I am not accepting any calls; the harassment by cell-phone; the illegal contacts to my friends, and threatening them not to contact me; the terrorists acts, the fear of homelessness; homelessness, the effects and emotional-psychological damages:  The intrusion into places of business that I frequent i.e., Kia Safia Dealership in Lutherville, MD; and securing their involvement in harassing me.  The interception of my United States mail, and all the mail in reference to cars and transportation, and phony checks:  Contacting men I contact via online dating, and telling them negative things about me, and planting herself in between the relationships!   ALL THIS AND MORE!!
  7. In lieu of my rights under IDEA;  the “Procedural safeguards,” and the anti-retaliation (statue) 504 
  8. *In lieu of my First Amendment right:  The right to seek government redress and to access the Courts: * Retaliating in response to my exercise of my free speech rights!   

10. *In lieu of my First Amendment right of Religion:  Interfering with my computer where I for 3 years now, have been receiving religious instruction, so that I cannot access the internet and cannot receive this instruction; and cannot go to church since the chronic unemployment  induced by Kincaid has caused the repossession of said car!

11. The hon. Justice Roberts have, and continues to violate my V Amendment rights in that he abuses his authority in this legal procedure, and has conspired to defraud me of rights, by creating the conditions and looking the other way while Kincaid continues the terrorists activities towards me, and by confiscating my documents so that I could not disseminate them to the public!  Circumstantial evidence elucidates this.

The willful, continuous and negligent injuries I am sustaining (likewise my son (property interest) from Kincaid in lieu of State (NH) and Federal Tort law


    I have been forced onto Medicaid and Food Stamps because of Kincaid’s interference with my ability to work:  Generated with this, is a fostering of State dependence, again a part of the overall psychological war.  What have I done to incur this?  I have steadfastly refused to withdraw my Rights:  Primarily, my right to access the Court AMENDMENT 1: 

*Violations of First Amendment rights are commonly considered irreparable injuries for the purposes of a preliminary injunction.

    BERY v. CITY OF NEW YORK, 97 F.3d 689 (2nd Cir. 1996);

Because of this then, all of my other Rights were dismantled.  It is noted that before the government takes the property (in this case a multitude of properties), there must be a transparent, consistent and predictable system that upholds the rights secured by the Constitution.  All the federal Judges, and the Hon. Justice Roberts, have violated my rights, under the Constitution in this regard!


    I have no job, and Kincaid will not let employers hire me.  Kincaid continues her obsession in securing my destruction:  She wants my son and me to be returned to a homeless shelter where she first placed us!  She told me that I would forever need government assistance, and by golly she has made this a reality:  I am currently on Food-Stamps and Medicaid, when Augusts’ rent comes around I shall be penniless and homeless:  WHAT IS THE EFFECT UPON AN INNOCENT CHILD?  

    The constant intrusion into my rights of freedom and privacy:  The terminal surveillance taken up regarding my computer and On-line experiences; (Kincaid places symbols upon my computer and the icons and dares me to click “Yes” on them!  At times she places nothing, but I know she is there because of the constant harassment and editing of my documents and the deletion of them.  Not only does she deletes my documents forcing me to work off-line most of the time (going to the library and printing research information, but she has now deleted and locked me out of 4 accounts.  Recently I created a Yahoo account in which I could respond to employment; Kincaid intercepted my email and employment inquiry and contacts so that no one responded:  She has been intercepting my email now for almost 3 years.   After she saw that I was writing follow-up letters to the prospective employers since I had not heard from them, she contacted one of the prospective employers using her lawyerly skills and her government contacts, she got one of them  to respond to me:  This “potential employer” replied to me that they had received my email and would review my resume and get back to me, the interested thing was, I had not remitted a resume:  I merely sent a short note of inquiry (fully well of Kincaid’s presence and what she would do)!

    Kincaid in using the Federal officials of the United States Post Office have had mail sent to me stamped with “Un-known, Return to Sender:”  Two such pieces of mail that I am aware of were sent to me ostensibly from Holly-Hill.  She regularly intercepted my United States mail while I lived in New Hampshire!  

    It is my belief that Kincaid is in constant touch with the Hon. Judge Lea Lynch and the Hon. Judge Bruce Selya (the latter a member of a Surveillance Intelligence Court) placed in that position by the Hon. Justice Roberts:  Indeed it does appear that the Hon. Justice Roberts has been quite aware of me for some time, and it appears that he has had a hand in providing the cover via my lack of employment in the Maryland area.  This is a powerful allegation, but I am basing it upon the circumstantial evidence.  Destroying me may not be a first for this Hon. Justice:  He may be motivated by his strong dislike for the IDEA and 504 (anti-retaliation laws, his positions are well documented in the public press):  Currently, the political and legal inability to roll the Congressional clock back is burdensome in this regard. 

    In May 27, 2009, The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in the New York “prisoner Rights” claim:

Justice Stevens (for himself and Justices Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer) ruled that the New York law violated the Supremacy Clause.  Stevens wrote that while “states retain substantial leeway to establish the contours of their judicial systems, they lack authority to nullify a federal right or cause of action they believe is inconsistent with their local policies.”  Slip Op. at 6.  Because New York’s law “operates more as an immunity-from-damages provision than as a jurisdictional rule,” Slip Op. at 7, n. 5, it’s not a “neutral state rule regarding the administration of the courts”–an exception to the “presumption of concurrency” between federal and state law under Howlett v. Rose (1990).  Slip Op. at 6.

Moreover, the law was not “neutral,” even though it divested state courts of jurisdiction over both state and federal law authorizing prisoner constitutional rights suits, because it targeted only a “particular species of suits–those seeking damages relief against correction officers.”  Slip Op. at 10. Stevens for the Court:

We therefore hold that, having made the decision to create courts of general jurisdiction that regularly sit to entertain analogous suits, New York is not at liberty to shut the courthouse door to federal claims that it considers at odds with its local policy.  A State’s authority to organize its courts, while considerable, remains subject to the strictures of the Constitution.   (My emphasis).

    There was a poised (venom), Hawk-like, swooping down to deny the prisoners their rights…some of them innocently framed, others there via years of the same injustice and racism, and conspiratorial inequities, and disenfranchisement that have brought me thus far! This is a Hatred of humanity, a misanthropic reign:  We’ve seen this in history before!  Throw the baby out with the bath-water! 

    Likewise, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Federal Judges do not believe that I am entitled to damages, this is readily demonstrated via their conduct in this case, via (their local policy of 504 Retaliation and non-adherence to the IDEA statue) and they are actively seeking the help of the Hon. Justice Roberts (a Justice pre-disposed to deny the IDEA law, and my Rights as noted within the Constitution and the Congressional statues, or lack thereof… to shut the courthouse door to my federal claims.  I am of the opinion that they are hoping that the Hon. Justice Roberts could convince the other 8 members of the Court, via the use of (“Group-Think”) to ultimately deny me my day in court, and confirm the eradication of my Rights, once and for all! 

      There was surveillance via my telephone by Kincaid, (until I recently disconnected it); she left outgoing messages that stated that I was not receiving any incoming calls, and when I got a cell-phone, she immediately started sending me text messages and interfered with incoming calls:  A freedom of speech violation; Amendment 1.   Naturally I could not use my child support for a telephone that I was not benefitting from; today, I do not have a telephone (an emergency necessity)!

Certainly not what the Founding Fathers meant when they say (the enjoyment of life and liberty:  (Amend 14, 5, viols).   Kincaid Harasses businesses I frequent; she uses information she gain adversely against me:  Kincaid learned via a follow up call to me from the Maryland General hospital that I had visited their Emergency service the prior evening, and immediately she went about interfering with my ability to get prescriptive medications by manipulating my Medicaid and Food Stamp accounts within the State of Maryland:  The pharmacists were told that I had no coverage.  It would take my telephone call to the Social Service            Department to confirm that I was still an active participant to the services, whereas my current information was meanwhile restored!

    I enrolled my son at the Bethlehem Day School and was given oral confirmation of his acceptance when I got the Cawley Middle School (Hooksett) in touch with this school in an effort to release son’s records, the school then informed me that they would not be accepting my son (and property interest).  It was the logical conclusion of this violation of my privacy, and my property right in Goss V. Lopez that is being denied here!  It is the very logical conclusion that Kincaid et al, Knew that they were going to keep me unemployed (how could I pay the tuition) under these circumstances?  They are simply aware, that I HAVE NO INTENTION EVER, EVER!  OF RENIGING MY RIGHTS!

        WHY AM I UNDER SURVEILLANCE, AND WHY AM I BEING TARGETED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT?  A government lawyer, 8 Judges, and at least 1 Justice!  

    Am I responsible for part or any operation designed to kill Americans?  Where is the Probable Cause:  This evidence?  Why is the Pentagon and Homeland security not involved?  Where is the legal case?  If I am included under the Terrorist surveillance program is Kincaid et al working in conjunction with the NSA program? 

NSA is provided total, unsupervised access to all fiber-optic communications going between some of the nation’s major telecommunication companies’ major interconnect locations, including phone conversations, email, web browsing, and corporate private network traffic.

     This has been my experience!  FISA below stands for (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act): Gonzales:  Former attorney, General Roberto Gonzalez.

     FISA makes it illegal to intentionally engage in electronic surveillance under appearance of an official act or to disclose or use information obtained by electronic surveillance under appearance of an official act knowing that it was not authorized by statute; this is punishable with a fine of up to $10,000 or up to five years in prison, or both.[4] In addition, the Wiretap Act prohibits any person from illegally intercepting, disclosing, using or divulging phone calls or electronic communications; this is punishable with a fine or up to five years in prison, or both.[5]

Gonzales stated that the program authorizes warrantless intercepts where the government “has a reasonable basis to conclude that one party to the communication is a member of al Qaeda, affiliated with al Qaeda, or a member of an organization affiliated with al Qaeda, or working in support of al Qaeda.” and that one party to the conversation is “outside of the United States”.[11] The revelation raised immediate concern among elected officials, civil right activists, legal scholars and the public at large about the legality and constitutionality of the program and the potential for abuse.  (NSA warrantless surveillance controversy): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSA_warrantless_surveillance_controversy

    I thought that as a Legal Resident to these shores since 1975, that I was covered under the Constitution!  Not the Enemy Combatant stance!  Certainly there is no evidence of me committing or planning to commit terrorist’s acts.  If my patriotism and refusal to celebrate July 4th is shaken, it will just have to be taken into consideration!

     This is the immediate situation being confronted by this mother and son (property interest):  I am experiencing the violence of Kincaid’s assault upon my rights:  Kincaid is driven by an obsession to win at all cost, and if this means using her contacts at the Appellate level to intervene on her behalf to the Hon. Chief Justice here (the Hon. Justice Roberts), then so be it.  As I stated, I continue to experience the dismantling of my rights, and even here at this level:  One would assume that the reverence for this institution the nation’s highest Court would be a lightening rod of care and reverence, but Kincaid is not persuaded!  She is not humbled, she has no fear!  Why not? 

    Perhaps the wrong question is being posited:  Is it then a question of a mutual symbiotic relationship?  Collaboration to my detriment? 

    I quoted the Hon. Magistrate Judge James Muirhead from the New Hampshire District Court, (while preparing my petition for a writ) and was told that “you cannot quote a judge:” (Magistrate Judge Muirhead had indirectly acknowledge the Court’s knowledge of loss of Subject Matter Jurisdiction), I also had a technical issue within the arrangement of my initial petition of writ of Certiorari:  Because of these things, I was told that those documents were being returned to me, and that I had to redo them.  The documents were never returned to me.  Eventually due to my insistence upon their whereabouts, I was told by the Case manager that the Court mistakenly sent them to my earlier address of 1701 Hooksett Rd, Unit 101, Hooksett, NH 03106.  (This was the address of the home, and Condominium I owned before Kincaid’s intervention).

    I do not know how this could have happened since in applying again I gave the Court my new and current address here in Baltimore:  Given the nature of the work at the court and the importance of overall accurate documentsDates, Addresses, the new documents with a changed address, Certified mail; and the involvement of 8 Judges (“at the time”) in assisting with the dismantling of my rights; it does not seem likely that the excuse given to me is a valid one.  Always I must keep in the foreground of my cerebrum, the continuous treatment of pro se litigants regardless of whether or not they maintained their points in terms of the law:  It is noted that pro se litigants in America are routinely bullied and dismissed; evidential in the literature.  Add a special circumstance; I am a Negro, a person continually signaled out by some in America for the negative of whatever the subject is at hand, albeit annihilation (although this is rarely voiced), so much for accessing the courts, and obtaining my day…Due Process!

 According to NAPLS.org (National Association of Pro se Litigants, Inc):

    Constitutional rights are not guaranteed, but must be fought for; b) liberty and justice is not for all, but only those able and willing to pay for it using money or sweat equity; and c) the three major reasons average citizens are denied justice are:

  • Judicial Corruption and Incompetence
  • Lawyer Corruption and Incompetence
  • Flaws in the design of the Judicial System

       It is clear that the media, indeed teachers and professors (as when I was in high school and college), and the typical citizen responding to a radio talk show, i.e. C-Span, speak of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as if they are guaranteed:  Clearly none of the Federal Judges, Kincaid, and the Hon. Justice Roberts share this persuasion!  I am not able to buy this justice…no monies of representation, and it is evident that despite my sweat the pinnacle of “food-chain” insists that Rights for me are not recognized…again the behavior discloses this!

    When you add the special circumstances of my unique situation with those of the NAPLS.org, a clear picture becomes evident.

 The NAPLS‘s aim is to: 

     Correct the picture that the corrupt elements of our justice system have painted of pro se litigants.

  • We are not ignorant.  Many of us have advanced degrees and understand the law better than those licensed to practice it. 
  • We are not crazy.
  • We are not anti-government.
  • We are American Citizens, many who have served our country, and we are merely seeking what our Constitution purports to guarantee — Liberty and Justice For All!

   I kept waiting for those documents to arrive, but they never did!  Those documents should have been returned to the court, and then attempted return to me again when they were Un-deliverable.  I was told by the case manager that they were never returned to the court. Could it be that they never left the Court?  I am mindful of a sentence uttered by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D, Rhode Island) during the opening day of General Kagan’s Confirmation hearing: “The Court can bring true justice but only if it approaches each case without predisposition or bias.”   (My emphasis)

    The curious circumstance is that it would appear that the United States Post Office in New Hampshire (Hooksett, or Manchester) one would assume would have RETURN TO SENDER!   

    Most likely, the documents were either (1) confiscated by NH authorities, or (2) never left the Supreme Court.    The documents were supposed to be returned to me the rightful owner, since I was compelled by the clerk to redo them.  The significance here is that Kincaid (being privy to what I am doing via hacking into my computer, wire-tapping my telephone, and actively listening in to my conversations via the use of my neighbor’s cell-phone; believed that I would disseminate, or was planning on disseminating said material around the country, (she has been active in contacting newspapers and television stations and making sure that they give me no publicity, and she has been active in intercepting my letters address to more than 100 editors and institutions all across America, Europe, China and the Middle East regarding the oppression visited upon me by these Judges and herself):    

    What if this Court too was/is aware of my need to get the injuries out and actively acted against me by making sure that those documents were never returned?  And in fact, due to the circumstantial evidence, let me propose my theory; indeed conspiracies are difficult to prove directly, but the legal literature does say a lot about them.

(1) The Hon. Justice Roberts (being the leader of this Court) is not ignorant to cases involving Judges…8 of them!  Appellate!  (2) The Hon. Chief Judge Lea Lynch of the First Circuit, no doubt has access to the Chief Justice, and he has access to her.  (3) The continued injuries I am sustaining here despite being at this level.

    What I have deduced therefore, is a Chief Justice violating the law and now himself providing the cover for Kincaid to continue her work.  Are the other Justices aware of this?   I see no evidence that they are!  The Hon. Chief Justice is actively participating in the violation of my Constitutional Rights!!

    In the matter of transparency too, I would not be honest if I do not say that I am aware that a quick Google produces very disparaging even hostile positions and beliefs, that invariably pertains to “me” in almost all aspects of my life, and who I represent…race, sex, mother of a disabled child and questions regarding whether fundamental rights are applicable to me!   And, questions regarding a “wish-list’ when it comes to IDEA and the Congressional statues pertinent.  

    The Hon. Justice Roberts is covered and protected by the same very speech rights…Amendment 1 of which I ascribe.  The issue here is not who is covered, or the political leanings, but,

  1. 1.    Did, the Hon. Justice Roberts actively work against me; by making sure that those documents were never returned so that I could not disseminate the cocoon of which I am presently enveloped?  Is he currently actively working against me, to make sure that I NEVER RECEIVE JUSTICE IN REFERENCE TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS?  THE IDEA and CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS?  THE 504 STATUES?  THE TORT IMPLICATIONS?

      Is the Hon Justice Roberts actively abusing his authority (Amendment V) in this case to my disadvantage?  (The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure). 

  1. 2.   Did the Hon. Justice Roberts cross the line in reference to his political ideology and the Congressional law?  
  2. 3.   Should the Hon. Justice Roberts recuse himself from this case?

        Indeed I have found myself, in the unusual circumstance of which (the abridgement of my Constitutional Rights and my Fundamental Rights) which are inclusive, and the dismantling of those rights which are intimately connected to all aspects of my life, to be a cause in which the Hon. justice Roberts is/has been conspiring to my detriment!

    The Hon. Judge Roberts is a Justice with an agenda; (an un-pleasant agenda) some would say hostile; I wouldn’t characterize it as such:  Definitely, he lives and breathes this agenda every hour of the day, 7 days a week; 365 days a year: 

  1.  Ignoring Congressional intent
  2. Not ruling narrowly
  3. Overturning Precedent

    If the plurality’s conception of “some factual allegations suggesting such a “meeting of the minds” is simply the allegation of circumstantial evidence from which, if taken as true, a conspiracy could be inferred, the plurality’s pleading requirement, although requiring a high digress of factual particularity, comports with substantive conspiracy law.  And it would be incongruous, of course, to require evidence in the pleadings that is unnecessary for success on the merits.  (Excerpt from Marc Perkel V James R. Sharp et, al., In the USDC for the Western District of Missouri Southern Division, 1998,).

    In furtherance of this unlawful agreement of conspiracy I have deducted (via the circumstantial evidence that the Hon. Chief Justice is directly implicated in my loss of work via the Holly-Hill Nursing home, and is directly involve (providing the cover for Kincaid) to continue to interfere with my right to realize my Nursing license:  property right.  An overt act is not required for 18 U.S.C. 241 (to violate civil rights).

    It is clear that the Hon. Justice knew of the conspiracy, purposefully associated himself with it and affirmatively cooperated in it, or at least agreed to cooperate in the objective of the conspiracy.

    My Boogey “man” is Kincaid (government lawyer) and 8 Judges, and 1 Justice!   All, officers of the Court; all people sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States! 

    Jeanne M. Kincaid could not have dismantled my rights and persecute myself and son (property interest) even now, unless she was aided and abetted by some person(s), I say respectfully, the above named.  This is indeed, the reality of the obvious.  When the Senator made his statement via the Kagan hearings, he articulated my suspicions:  “The Court can bring true justice but only if it approaches each case without predisposition or bias.”  (Senator Sheldon Whitehouse). 

    Was the Hon. Chief Judge predisposed to my case?  Predisposed? Reasonable people could debate the bias, but was there predisposition where my case is concerned?  I believe there was!  I hardly believe that the clerk would make certain decisions unless given input from above.  

    Indeed officers of the Court are called upon to exalt the Constitution, and to protect honor and serve the republic for which it stands.  Given the conduct of 8 American Federal Judges, the circumstances noted above; the circumstantial evidence and the reality of determined politics:  It is easy to understand that the Hon.  Chief was/is predisposed!  I am respectfully calling for the Hon. Justice Roberts to recuse himself from this case.  Indeed he cannot bring me justice, for he is tainted!


    My theory and the circumstantial evidence yields that this Court became directly involved in terms of the handling of those documents that were supposed to be returned to me!  The assigned case manager became consistently irritated whenever I brought up the subject of my disappeared documents, and this in turn made it difficult for me to ask about their final whereabouts!

                                           APPLICABILITY OF BLESSING

     In Blessing v. Freestone. 520 US 329 (1997), the Supreme Court

established three factors for courts to look at in determining whether a particular statute gives rise to a federal right: 1) did Congress intend the provision in question to benefit the plaintiff, 2) is the right sufficiently specific to be enforceable; and 3) does the statue unambiguously impose a binding obligation on the state. 520 US at 340-341.  http://www.google.com/#hl=en&rlz=1R2ADSA_enUS358&q=APPLICABILITY+OF+BLESSING&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=9a22978f4f93a9b9

     In terms of the IDEA statue, and the 504 anti-retaliation statues, I believe that I have met the prong:  Clearly in terms of the Constitutional statues my documents support the over-whelming violations and continuing dismantlement!

    When the alleged deprivation of a constitutional right is involved, most courts hold that no further showing of irreparable injury is necessary.” 11A Charles A. Wright, Arthur R. Miller & Mary Kay Kane, Federal Practice and Procedure, §2948.1 at 161 and n.21 (1995) (collecting cases). Cf., Public Service Co. v. Town of West Newbury, 835 F.2d 380, 382 (1st Cir. 1987). http://www.clasp.org/admin/site/publications/files/0196.pdf

    The overwhelming chronic and persistent violation of my fundamental rights continues unabashedly today, despite the entry of this present and final Court!

    I was informed that the Administrator Nancy Harpst, and the Assistant Director of nurses (whose name escapes me) (employees of the Holly Hill nursing home) both gave in their very sudden resignations in the month of May:   These were the two people working with Kincaid to harass and violate my rights on the job!  Kincaid was anticipating something!   But then, SOMEONE CAME THROUGH FOR HER!

     The idea is to place my son and self out into the street and into a homeless shelter as she contacted nursing homes and medical institutions within the Greater Baltimore area) to say that they are not presently hiring despite them saying this to me via a friend’s telephone, or that they are only hiring RNs, despite telling me something to the contrary over the telephone. I am an LPN. 

    When I wrote my article on the Full Disclosure Net-work (AND Kincaid HAS NOW DELETED ALMOST ALL OF THEM) (after getting the run-around from the Court clerks as to what happened to my last document sent to the Court), my document mysteriously showed up upon the scene, (according to the supervisor of the Case Manager), and was “distributed to the other Justices.” IMAGINE THAT! 

     Kincaid persistently and continually erases my online speech.  First Amendment Right:  This takes the form of seeking out On-line blogs, (she does not agree with) and areas where I voice my opinion and deleting them.

    The Liberty Interest issue in relation to the (14th Amendment Due Process clause) when juxtaposed with Amendment 5:  Is a powerful mini summary of what Kincaid and the named Federal Judges were/are involved with in this case. It is this persistent denial of my rights that continues today!

The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution

      It also protects against:

The deprivation of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.  All of which I am very familiar with in reference to this case!

    Regarding the labeling of Case No. 09-10534, you will notice (still today) if you visit the online docketed information that there is no language in reference to Elizabeth Campbell v.?  Certainly it is not Elizabeth Campbell v. Elizabeth Campbell…Again; this Writ of Mandamus/Prohibition pertains to the violations and the continuing violations of all my fundamental Rights!   The assembly of this docketed information indeed cries out quite loudly, how the Court views my Rights, and what the Court thinks about MY RIGHTS!   Thus the depiction of this writ of Mandamus/Prohibition as if I am not suing anyone!  I am suing the Hooksett School District (including Kincaid and some State of NH officials for participating in the dismantling of my rights)!

        I telephoned the Court on Monday June 28th, 2010 in an attempt to find the whereabouts of my latest document to the Court.  Previously the Court would have received my documents mailed on Friday June 25th 2010:  Mailed from Maryland to Washington DC next door.  I spoke to the case manager who said that the documents would be filed under miscellaneous (or words to this effect), I was alarmed.  I believe that my documents, my freedom of speech should not be quashed, no!  NOT HERE!   I knew that Kincaid ever present in my email was very well aware of the document and the contents, and the web of her connections so implied: I am of the opinion that this was a document she would rather not see online!  Unable to reach the case manager again and continuously getting the machine of her supervisor, I decided that in this Freedom of speech country of democracy and constitution that this would be a good time to exercise my freedom of speech, given the example of the Hon. Sheldon Whitehouse.

    Within 24 hours of me placing my thoughts in reference to my missing document of June 25th, 2010; Kincaid deleted my article on the Full Disclosure network’s web-site:  Hacking into a third-party’s site to violate my speech.  She also violated my Amendment 1V Right; this was an unreasonable seizure of my computer’s productiveness, I am therefore being deprived of my Life and Liberty.   Kincaid’s actions suggest an ongoing web of deceit with expanded tentacles…an ever collaborating effort in common-law tort, and deceit.    

     “The Court can bring true justice but only if it approaches each case without predisposition or bias.”  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (My emphasis).

    This case is not about some outsider or intruder breaking in and robbing or hurting me, it is about some Judges who provided the cover for my destruction because I insisted upon my rights UNDER THE LAW!

    I have experience this pain and destruction at the District level, the Appellate level, and now here, at the Supreme level!  What impressions am I supposed to be left with, of American jurisprudence? 

    I am seeking the protection and justice afforded me under the United States Constitution, I invoke Rule 10, and Amendment 1 to prevent a gross miscarriage of justice and shame upon the noble document. 

In Bell v. Hood, 327 U.S. 678, 682-683, 66 S.Ct. 773, 90 L.Ed. 939 (1946), where the Court speaking through Mr. Justice Black declared in substance that where a complaint in federal court is so drawn as to seek recovery directly under the Constitution or laws of the United States, the court must entertain the suit…”

I am seeking an injunction here because of multi Constitutional and Statutory violations that are crippling my life, and that of my son’s (property Interest).

        Likewise cases such as Wheeldin v. Wheeler, 373 U. S. 647 (1963) – US, Angel v. Bullington, 330 U.S. 183, 190 (1947) and Bivens v. Six Unknown Fed. Narcotics agents, 403 U.S. 388

    “The Court can bring true justice but only if it approaches each case without predisposition or bias.”  (Senator Sheldon Whitehouse).

    “Our Supreme Court is supposed to live within the law, the Justices on that Court are supposed to be governed by the Constitution, they’re not supposed to govern the Constitution and that’s the point that I am making.”  (Senator Orin Hatch):  

Is it safe to say that Justice Marshall’s belief is consistent to Caroline Products”?  (Footnote 4).   (Senator Al Franken)                  

And I think what I really want to say, is that Justice Marshall wasn’t some activist radical, rather his views were very much in the main stream, and in line with constitutional jurisprudence since 1938, since Caroline, and before that, and I just think that we need to be aware of that, and to remember that. (Senator Al Franken)      

       I am seeking meaningful fines (in excess of, or equal to 1 Million dollars), loss of license and jail time for the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid. Likewise the Congress should hold hearings, and offer steep fines  with prison sentences, and, or loss of license , into the uses of technologies and warrantless invasions of the homes, and privacy of the citizenry, (not suspected of homeland terrorism or acts) and the financial and economic destruction rendered to them, and the subsequent placing of them into the category of ENEMY COMBATANT and, especially those citizens/residents engaged in statutorily and federally originated activities.  It is necessary too that the Congress set up mandatory councils made up of citizens of  diverse professions, with powers to enforce, and a national hotline to register Destruction of the people by a government entity; and a ready force to investigate:    The Campaign for a law-abiding America! 

    The right to live without fear, and being treated as an enemy combatant.

                                    SUBSTANTIVE DECISION

    Four factors a court considers in deciding whether to issue a preliminary

Injunction:  (1) The likelihood of success on the merits.  It is true (despite the gathering storm) that the Fundamental Rights; the Constitution so noted by the Founding Fathers; and the Congressional statues pronounced and codified into law in reference to IDEA, and the anti-retaliation laws are still very much the law of the land, and Judges and Justices alike are bound by these laws.   Senator Hatch did re-state this recently.   It is true and as noted above, I have Property and Liberty interest (protected by the Due Process Clause of the Federal Constitution) and Constitutional Rights respectively.   

    (2)  There is no doubt that my son and I (property interest) am not only facing a threat, (homelessness)… hence irreparable injury, (deliberately brought about not of my volition, but by the American government)!   We are immersed in an abyss as our forefathers were before us.  Aspects of the United States government (including the Hon. Justice Roberts have denied us that right of “self-actualization.”  (See Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).  The issue is… is it too late for my son?  He is a growing boy, and this has been ongoing since he was 10, at that tender age:  Consciousness lays dormant no more! (3)  The balance of harm without a doubt rest and weighs in my favor.   It is noted:

 When the alleged deprivation of a constitutional right is involved, most courts hold that no further showing of irreparable injury is necessary.” 11A Charles A. Wright, Arthur R. Miller & Mary Kay Kane, Federal Practice and Procedure, §2948.1 at 161 and n.21 (1995) (collecting cases). Cf., Public Service Co. v. Town of West Newbury, 835 F.2d 380, 382 (1st Cir. 1987). http://www.clasp.org/admin/site/publications/files/0196.pdf

    The grant of an injunction would serve the public interest aptly: “Irreparable harm and severe suffering significantly outweigh any potential harm to others.”  Olivier Bancoult, et al., v. Robert S. Mcnamara, et al. United States District Court   For THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Feb. 14, 2002).  It is in the public’s interest that this petitioner is removed from the public welfare roll, (rolls of continuing government scarcity), making room for the truly needy, and those really unable to work:  It is in the public’s interest that my being productive has additional benefits for the society in that it reduces the financial burden upon the tax-payer.  It is in the public’s interest that I am allowed to recognize my God given rights, and be a responsible parent:  It is in the public’s interest that I am returned to my rightful role as parent, and that I am able to fully form and shape my son’s destiny, as his parent! 

    The extent of due process protection is determined pursuant to the three parts

Test laid out by the Supreme Court in Mathews v. Eldridge, 424 US 319 (1976).  Noted are:

(1) My ability to enjoy life:  My ability to be productive and secure in my person and my effects is presently non-existent.   14th Amendment Liberty Clause Constitutional Right.

(2) The continued dismantlement of My Rights under the law is not in-keeping with the Constitution:  Rendering my property interest and self as second class “citizens and returning to Jim-Crow is not in-keeping with the Constitution!

 (3) Government interests. The Court’s interest is characterized as in making sure that all the subjects within the American jurisdiction are guaranteed protections by the Constitution:  An interest yet to be realized by me!

    It is of note that the Hooksett School District has yet to deny or respond to any of my documents before the Court.  Perhaps the truth cannot be DENIED!


     This Petitioner is therefore likely to prevail on the merits.

Petitioner has also met the other criteria for obtaining a preliminary injunction.

     The recognition of one’s Constitutional rights does not present any harm, to anyone!  Indeed we are all supposed to be guaranteed these rights!

    There is no harm to the Hooksett School District and defendants; the NH State defendants, and the Judges involved.  The adjudication process is still ongoing.         

    Petitioner’s Emergency injunction merely forces the various Defendants and the hon. Justice to operate within the boundaries of the law and through the legal procedural channels, and it merely seek the restitution of my rights so that I may continue my life!  

    In this case for an Injunction, it is my prayer that this Hon. Court entertains and grants my Emergency Petition along with the recusal of the Hon. Justice Roberts.  


                              :  SS.   


     Before me the undersigned authority, personally came and appeared the affiant name below whom, being first duly sworn upon oath, deposed and said she has read the above and foregoing document and knows the contents thereof, and that all statements of fact contained therein are true.

      This is day 8 of July, 2010

      Elizabeth Campbell/   ___________________________                                                              


         Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 8th day of July, 2010             


                                 Notary Public


                                Address of Notary

    The hon. Justice Breyer denied my right for relief, and sanctioned a Federal judicial Judge   from the Baltimore Circuit (Maryland) to work with the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid, along with the Maryland DLLR (and other Maryland institutions) to formally deny my place in American society, alas any vestige of Constitutional rights:

    Justice Breyer also told the Maryland DLLR via his cover for the Maryland Judicial Judge that they did not have to pay me any Unemployment insurance, even if I qualify:  He sanctioned the break-in via my apartment, and the taking of the April 2010 DLLR  letter of rejection of unemployment benefits to me; and via the prestige and protection of his Supreme Court office, Justice Breyer is directly providing protection coverage for DLLR:  DLLR continue to refuse to supply me with a copy of that stolen document from my home(along with other documents).   Even as of today’s date 11/9/2010.  

    It is incumbent then, that the Hon. Attorney General Holder in recognition of the violation of FISA brings charges to the appropriate people.   Indeed Melissa Hewey, (attorney who worked in collaboration with Kincaid, and largely did the paper-work, while Kincaid did the dirty-work)…that Hewey did not deny my charges before the Supreme Court, and clearly she had the opportunity to respond!   (Reality is, she and Kincaid et al. in conspiratorial co-operation of the Supreme Court Justices did not have to respond, it was better not to lie since they all knew the eventual outcome)=DISMISSAL!   That was everyone with the exception of the victim.  I looked forward to justice… via the United States Supreme Court…what a joke!

    Given the language of the Hon. Senator Whitehouse, it would appear that there may even be a known and continuing lie where receiving justice is associated with the Supreme Court is concern!  The dirty little secret then, is that there is routine predisposition and bias:  Yet, millions of Americans believe that this last bastion of Angels is not a hell!  That one can and does obtain justice equally before the law, and in consultation with the Constitution….”With liberty and Justice for all!”

    It is very clear that I am not, or have never been a terrorist, or associated with al Qaeda.  It is clear via the silence of Hewey et.al that they are knowingly guilty of abusing their authority and illegally using the statues to deny me of my legally sanctioned IDEA, and Constitutional rights, and have grossly retaliated in respect to the anti-retaliation statue/504.  It is clear that this has and remains Negligent and Persistent and is Tort related: 

    Just for the above alone, Jeanne Mary Kincaid should be fined and jailed according to the statue.  I am also seeking the loss of her attorney’s license!

    I now insert the case of Elena Katz and her husband of New Hampshire who won $300, 000 jury verdict against the State on the behalf of her disabled daughter but who (along with her husband) were illegally placed in jail (retaliatory in nature) because they won their case:   A case where Kincaid was involved.

    According to Elena, authorities were told that the Katz were living in America illegally the Katz however were never told the reason why they were arrested.  They would spend 4 months in a New Hampshire jail on the phony lies of Kincaid et al.  The Katz were/are really citizens since the early 1980s…but this did not matter, what mattered was they won their case:  An American jury of their peer saw the corruption and granted them justice:  Kincaid as usual could not have this, and so, the Katz’s were incarcerated!

    Jeanne Mary Kincaid routinely lies, harasses and retaliates against the victims…parents and or guardians seeking justice on the behalf of their disabled children in the State of New Hampshire.  This is a monster of a human being who would stop at nothing including theft, lies, sending porn, death-threats, using state and private citizens to lie; hacking into computers, wire-tapping phones, hacking into bank accounts..you name it, Jeanne will do it!   She engages in un-ethical and illegal acts!  Jeanne M. Kincaid, star defense for the “Live –free or die State!” 

    Kincaid was given the right to continue to abuse and violate the human rights of my son, and self!  Facing August eviction, I was forced to borrow money from total strangers…people who could not believe that this was how the government, the country they love was/is functioning.

    Again, I was forced to borrow Septembers’ rent, and the lady who loan me this money needs it now!   The case was dismissed on October 4, 2010…surely I would be allowed to work…as I went online (where most applications are now located) I experienced the familiar and continued presence of Kincaid.  More about this later!      

    *It is important to know, that each tier level of American Justice, sought to out-do each other in ways of cruelty and originality as they provided the cover for Kincaid’s destruction and obliteration of our human rights.  The Chief Judge Stephen McAuliffe and Magistrate Judge James Murihead (the latter  who served a dual role) got the ball rolling; it is here where the chronic unemployment; porn, death-treats, foreclosure after two years of remaining in my home without paying the mortgage started. 

    Next, the Chief Judge of the First Circuit Court Sandra Lynch (along with 5 others) continued the destruction process of my son and self, and now they worked diligently to handicap my efforts to be able to appeal the case further:  They used their office personnel to tell me untrue things, hoping I would take their advice; documents were now disappearing from the record; they boldly and in-your-face dismissed this case without addressing the obvious reality that the District Court had loss Subject Matter Jurisdiction because of the un-surmountable damages I was incurring!   But really, who cared about any abuse we were sustaining.  They all wanted one thing, and that was a withdrawal of this case!   In essence they wanted me to deny my rights:  Well, they could do it, but never would I do this to my son, or myself!

    According to precedent, when any side incurred damage(s) while the case was being adjudicated …realized Substantial injuries; it is noted that the Judge has loss Subject Matter Jurisdiction…of-course in this case we are Black and handicap, and I should know that the laws are only theoretically applicable!

    Before I proceed; kindly allow me to alert you to my tendency of openness and frank discussion.  It would be dishonest of me to try to sugar coat and disguise the nightmare that has enveloped us.

    I am aware that many of you may become upset with me; perhaps you may even become down-right angry at what I have to say; *(and there are areas here, in which I was forced to be explicit):  For indeed as my reality regarding what America stands for has been rendered asunder, so may yours; and perhaps if it remains intact as before, you may still be upset with me for bringing this horror to your consciousness.

    Accept my apologies in either case, for it is not my intent to upset, but, to inform. Certainly the School District attorney and all of the Federal Judges, and the two Justices *(see names below, with the Hon. Justice Breyer in particular, Justice for the New Hampshire region); they had/have no qualms about their disrespect for the Constitution; the oath they took; or, if my son and I were, or are fellow-human beings such as themselves!

    I was engaged in legally sanctioned activities, and was not a threat to American security…in other words, I (to my knowledge) was not a suspected terrorists!  I therefore, had a right (under the IDEA statues) (individual-disability-education-act) to advocate for my son’s rights, as well as my own.

     IDEA (is mandated by the Congress and the rededicated and clarified statues of 2004).  Because I dared to hold the Hooksett School District accountable then, (thus my continued refusal to withdraw the case); Kincaid under cover of 8 Judges and 2 Supreme Court Justices (people> officers of the Court who swore to uphold the laws of the United States), went about in secrecy and contempt of me to utterly destroy and maim me and son.

    With disdain they applied un-relentless pain.  They conspired with willing, and un-willing, and unsuspected government agencies and individuals:  Armed with new technologies developed to capture terrorists since 911, and engineered with warrantless and silent and wireless technologies in patriotic statues destined for terrorist’s perpetration, they isolated me, intercepted all my communications; wiretapped my home telephone and cell-phone; kept me chronically unemployed; sent me porn and death threats; cause the repossession of my car; the destruction of my credit; the foreclosure of my home< (I LIVED THERE FOR 2 YEARS WITHOUT PAYING THE MORTGAGE, SO VESTED WAS SHE AND THE JUDICIARY THAT I  MUST WITHDRAW MY RIGHTS…UNDER THE LAW!   

    They stalked, harassed, demoralized, and invaded my privacy; destroyed my family and friendship relationships; my right to communicate and receive communication the loss of family mementos, furniture, clothing; over 2,000 books drove me onto government assistance, and much more!   

    They had, and have no hesitation; and were and are Un-apologetic as to the kind of experiences they had/have in mind for us.  We have experienced violence and destruction associated with Dictators, Communists societies, and modern-day Terrorist States.  Indeed the School District attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid with the help of the Hon. Bruce Selya, has used and continues stealth tactics to obliterate any kind of Constitutional and or human rights we once had:  (Incidentally, the hon. Selya, and the Hon. Breyer are members of a group who experienced Hitler’s wrath…HOW SOON THEY FORGET!

    Cut off from all legal and publicity help, and those who may be inclined rendered fearful; Jeanne M. Kincaid (Hooksett NH School District attorney) with assistance of the American judiciary has pretty much done what they set out to accomplished…but they were never successful at getting me to withdraw our rights before the law! …. Today, my life remains threatened by Kincaid, under cover by the following:

    (Jeanne M. Kincaid,  is associated with the law-firm of Drummond-Woodsum  Portsmouth, New Hampshire):  United States District Chief Judge, Steven McAuliffe, and Magistrate Judge James Muirhead, located at 153 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03303 the Chief Judge of the First Circuit Court Sandra L. Lynch; Judges Juan R. Torruella, Bruce M. Selya, Kermit V. Lipez, Michael Boudin, and Jeffrey R. Howard;  Address located at the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 . Also included is Stuart R. Berger, Judge Baltimore Circuit Court, Courthouse East, 111 N. Calvert St, Baltimore City, Maryland 21202:  The Maryland DLL, 1100 N. Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD.  Finally:  The Chief Justice Roberts and the associate Justice Breyer.   Both located at:   Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC 20543-0001.

    It is very difficult for me to hear about China’s disrespect for human rights, symbolized by a Nobel peace prize winner, and I wonder about the silent victims of American atrocities in and out of prison, their voices drown by propaganda “With liberty and justice for all!”  Woven into the fabric and drowned by a silent and fearful media.  


    New beliefs and understandings have become familiar, just place the name Sheu (a Chinese immigrant) in Google (if they have not removed it), and you will learn about a man murdered…by who you ask?  Just place the phrase “judicial corruption” in Google, or You-tube, you will hear the lament of a growing people:  You will hear about a 70 year old man, (attorney Richard Fine…just released) after being jailed for 1.5 years without a charge, but for telling >you, that judges have been stealing in excess of 300, million dollars for a 22 year period by ruling against you the citizens, illegally, irrespective of your rights! 

    When I hear the old ring via the Rush Limbaugh show, or PBS …television or radio; I hear myself saying, so this is what propaganda is!  “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down these walls:” With Liberty and Justice for all!” 

    Contrary to an earlier belief system which was imprinted and seared into my consciousness, I now accept my new found reality of experience…a reality that is not a glitch in the system…the Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Breyer hammered home this reality, that this is how the American Judiciary operates, and if I read horrific first-hand stories online, or via You-Tube, (place the phrase “Judicial corruption” in You-tube, and Google”):   I now have my own story based upon the validity of my experience. 

    My hopes of justice were a fantasy then, in fact, EVERYTHING I WAS HITHER TOLD, IS NOW SEEN AS PROPAGANDA!  

    Although there are many decent white people living in NH, I recommend that Black people not move there.  The police (of Hooksett) routinely called me a Nigger every time they saw me, (because I sought vindication of my rights under the law):   That was frequently since I walked everywhere due to chronic unemployment which caused the repossession of my car. I do not know if this was wide-spread in every town, or city, by why relocate there to find out?

     You can be spat in the face by one of them, (Hooksett NH police; Linda War hall) as I have, and have the Magistrate Judge James Muirhead deny that any harm was done! 

I complained bitterly about the continued substantial violations but it was excused away via the Hon. Muirhead’s report and recommendation, after elucidating some of the damage at hand, (IDEA violations only)!  Later, Magistrate Judge Muirhead would join the Chief Judge McAuliffe to obliterate me; they were going to make me withdraw that complaint, there were no compromises…o no!

      The sheer brutality and violence we have experienced drives home the reality of a new consciousness, and occasionally I must admit that I long for that original ignorance; there was a sense of safety and security…however false!

     I have not been left with a feeling of glee, but a melancholic and somewhat pessimistic view; an impending doom…for America.  I wonder too, about the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan… one is left to ponder N. Korea, Cuba, and the Taliban.   Certainly the PBS documentaries of the “high-Court” …I see with new eyes as propaganda pieces!

    In insisting to the world that America is above others; with a grand experiment on the way!  A first-world community of quality, ever championing humanity’s growth and aspirations:  “With Liberty and Justice for all:” From my reality and experience, these are not true statements.     

    I am a resident to these shores, since 1975 from the island of Barbados. You will see that my entire case for justice for my son and self has been dismissed by the Supreme Court, but, it is far from over:

      I have never known anything but Dismissal in this case, and this pretty much started after the Magistrate Judge James Muirhead (who served a dual role in this case) of the New Hampshire District Court, stated the following in his Report & Recommendation:


    9While Campbell has not cited all of the relevant regulations in support of her claims, the facts alleged show possible violations of a number of regulations, including:  34 C.F.R. § 300.101 (a) (requiring a “free appropriate public education” for all children, including those with disabilities); 34 C.F.R. § 300.107 (requiring school districts to provide special education students with nonacademic services to  support implementation of an IEP; 34 C.F.R. § 300.121 (mandating procedural safeguards to protect the rights of parents and children under the IDEA); 34 C.F.R. § 300.123 (requiring procedures to maintain confidentiality of any personally identifiable information); 34 C.F.R. § 300.300 (generally requiring informed parental consent for evaluations of children, conducted to determine eligibility for special education services); 34 C.F.R. § 300.301 (requiring initial evaluation to occur within sixty days of referral by parent or school);  34 C.F.R. §§ 300.304-300.306 (providing procedures and requirements for conducting evaluations of children and determining eligibility for special education services); 34 C.F.R. §§300.320-300.324 (defining an IEP,  setting out required contents of IEP, identifying rights and responsibilities of all parties, including school, special education providers and parents, in creation of IEP, and describing procedures for developing, reviewing, and revising IEPs);  34 C.F.R. § 300.502 (establishing rights of parents to obtain independent evaluations of child); 34 C.F.R. § 300.504 (establishing procedural safeguards for parents and children); and; 34 C.F.R. § 300.511-300.519 (establishing procedures for conducting a due process hearing upon the filing of a due process complaint and explaining procedure for resolving complaints through hearing and appeal).

 (Magistrate Judge Muirhead’s Report & Recommendation 2007cv00276, pg.18).

    Because of the above then, and my refusal to withdraw my suit, I have been destroyed! 

    It has been one year and 7 months since we have been forced to leave our home, and we are still sleeping on the floor:  Because of the chronic unemployment, this financial degradation has made it impossible for me to provide basic necessities.


    Kincaid has interrupted my son’s education and causes him to be depressed:  Also he no longer has karate, or piano lessons, or swimming at the “Y.”

    Why did Kincaid under cover of the Judges do this to us?  They did not want to compensate (IDEA compensation = non monies) for my son and self…for the above violations, and they did not want the Washington authorities to know that these violations are common place in the State of New Hampshire.  *Moreover, by dismissing my case, the Supreme Court was sending  a powerful message about the IDEA statue and its significance, its validity.  I shall elaborate on this later.

     As soon as attorney Foss came upon the scene, the school district dismissed my son from Special-Education Services: The first retaliation against this child!   The services were Special alright!  At the very beginning only the IDEA violation offenses would have sufficed (non-monetary justice) and monies owed to attorney Foss; some $6,000.  Had it not been for this attorney, (who asked for the records and waited 29 days to get them, and only received them under threat of an immediate suit…in this case they were hand delivered)! 

    Without the intervention of attorney Raymond Foss, the lie would have continued.  (Incidentally, attorney Foss no longer practices Special Education law).  I did and do not believe that I should have to pay for the services of attorney Foss, since the School District had deceived us, and lied about the education my son was receiving, it was only fair, that they pay the attorney’s fees.   I wanted to remove my son from their jurisdiction also since they had dismissed him from services; I wanted him placed within an environment that treated him fairly and educated him, not punish him with political expediency!  

     I was willing to pay for this myself, in fact, I enrolled him at a Catholic school, and Kincaid had him expelled.  Next, I enrolled him at a Christian school and Kincaid kept me so chronically unemployed, I could not pay the tuition.  I still owe this school tuition for 1 year’s education of my son!

    I had no choice then, but to enter the legal realm for justice.  Kincaid had been harassing and terrorizing families in New Hampshire into denouncing their rights for years, and so she believed that I would be easy!  Of course, none of them would receive the special punishment (according to her…”designed for niggers”)! 

    Without this investigation, the lie that my son was receiving a FAPE (fair and appropriate public education) as mandated under IDEA (Individual disability education act) continued!  These statues were mandated by the Congress after they understood that children with disabilities had been historically and currently discriminated against by School Districts.  The laws as well as the parent-procedural-safeguards were established in order to place these children at an equal level of receiving an education, and put protections in place for parents:  Indeed the Congress recognized the actions of lawyers on the behalf of School Districts, and so they placed safeguards to protect the rights of parents/guardians.

    The Hooksett School District has NEVER GIVEN MY SON A FAPE!   When attorney Foss presented them with the evidence from their record (30 days to receive record, and only released it by the threat of a lawsuit…it was hand-delivered to Foss on November 29, 2007).   Here is an excerpt of interests:


                           TO APPELLEE’S REPLY BRIEF

The two-step analysis here under IDEA asks (a) “has the education authority complied with the procedural requirements of the statue”?  And (b) is the IEP developed through the procedures reasonably calculated to enable the child to receive educational benefits?”  (Board of Education of Hendrick Hudson Central School District. Rowley, 458 U.S. 167, 206-07 (1982).

Were these IEPs of 2004, and 2005 reasonably calculated to provide an educational benefit for my son?  Accordingly,

The IEP is an important component of a FAPE.  See, e.g., Board of Education of Community High School District v. Illinois State Board of Education, 103 F. 3d 545, 546 (7th Circuit, 1996)(“The IEP…is the governing document for all educational decisions concerning the child.”); Tennessee Department of Mental Health v. Paul B., 88 F.3d 1466, 1471 (6th Cir. 1996)(“The development and implementation of the IEP are cornerstones of the [IDEA].”); Pihl v. Massachusetts Department of Education, 9 F.3d 184, 187 (Ist Cir.. 1993)(“The IEP is the primary safeguard and parents have a right to an ‘impartial due process hearing’ to resolve any complaints about a child’s IEP.”).  Accordingly, compliance with a child’s IEP is an important measure of whether a child is receiving or has received a FAPE, and failure to provide the educational services specified by an IEP raises a serious question of whether there has been a denial of a FAPE.  (Appeal Board Decision, APPEARANCES FOR GOVERNMENT):  Robert P. Terzian Esq., General Counsel, DoDDS:  Teresa A. Kolb, Esq., Department Counsel FOR APPLICANT).  http://www.dod.mil/dodgc/doha/sepcases.html                                      Case N0. 97-E-001 (1997).

    Again continuing with this citation:

Since the IEP is an important measure of whether a child is receiving a FAPE, it follows that failure to provide educational services specifically required by a child’s IEP gives rise to a rebuttable claim that there was a change in educational placement that requires written notice to the child’s parents.”  (Special Education Decisions) Appeal Board Decision, APPEARANCES FOR GOVERNMENT):  Robert P. Terzian Esq., General Counsel, DoDDS:  Teresa A. Kolb, Esq., Department Counsel FOR APPLICANT).   http://www.dod.mil/dodgc/doha/sepcases.html  Case N0. 97-E-001 (1997). 

In this case, there was sufficient record evidence to support the lack of measurable goals and objectives for the years 2004, and 2005, and that this deficiency tantamount to the lack of a FAPE!

This then (according to the analysis) was a change in placement sufficient to require written notice to this Plaintiff-Appellant.  I have never received this written notice.

Accordingly, I was at a disadvantage as I did not receive prompt and timely notice of this matter affecting my son, therefore I was at a serious disadvantage in trying to pursue our rights under IDEA.   Whether or not the District was aware of their lack of compliance with Congressional law is not germane, or of my concern; and cannot be excused without adequate remedy!    

It is true that the district went out and made the 2006 IEP “measurable,” I shall not deny this!  (See Foss’s quote below taken from complaint 2007cv00276, pgs 12-13):

It is measurable, but the measurability is reference to the testing that the District did, which we argued was inadequate testing because of the number of tests that were not conducted in terms of the evaluations that should have been performed (my emphasis) on Joshua to get a true measure of what his capabilities were versus his achievement along with the behavioral concerns that there are, in part, because of his ADHD.  (20 U.S.C 1400(2) (c) undiagnosed disabilities prevented children from having a successful educational experience, my input).  So there was…So to know whether or not the objectives are sufficiently measurable and the other concern that was raised in my amended request for Due Process that I do not believe is adequately reflected in the revised IEP was that because of the lack of additional testing and because of the way the rest of the IEP is written, there is inadequate statements as to Joshua’s baselines against which the improvement of the now more objective measures could be addressed…could be measured against.  (My emphasis).  Because the school only…The School District only revised the objectives portion of the IEP.  They did not adjust his profile or any other aspect of the IEP so as to have created a…a…a more comprehensive baseline of understanding as to what his abilities were against which those measurable objectives were being addressed.  Does that make sense?”


 Again, the literature asserts that the IEP is an important component of a FAPE and compliance with it is an important measure of whether child is receiving a FAPE!

Furthermore, even if the goal and/or objectives were not sufficiently measurable, the Parent would have to demonstrate, which she did not, that such a procedural violation impeded her son’s right to a FAPE or caused him a deprivation of educational benefits as demonstrated by the record evidence of his progress, which is subject to clear error review.  (The Attorney for the HSD, pg. 2 their reply).

And how could they keep a straight face?  I demonstrated this via my entire initial brief; let me underscore the facts section.  I will not be redundant!  I do not know, perhaps an Independent evaluation could have?

“However, nothing in the IDEA can be read as supporting that a school district is obligated to provide a parent with a syllabus pursuant to 20 U.S.C. 1414(d).”  (The attorney for the HSD, their reply).

The Sixth Circuit Court states:  “More than trivial” standard advocated in Hall and Polk.  In Doe V. Smith, 879 F.2d 1340 (6th Cir. 1989) the Sixth Circuit Court stated that in order to be ‘appropriate,’ the educational benefits provided by the states must be more than [trivial].”  “The standard is satisfied by providing personalized instruction (my emphasis) with sufficient support services to permit the child to benefit educationally from that instruction.”  879 F.2d at 1341, citing Rowley, 458 U.S. at 203.  

  Receiving a report on the types of things that went on in speech therapy, and the ability to go over such material……you know, reinforces things, and makes the education meaningful, indeed helpful,….Other-wise, why do it?    Likewise the implementation of a syllabus helps that parent helps the child; reinforces, get parent involve, ultimately helping the community and the society, not to mention the School District and State scores!

Let’s turn our attention to a dialogue between Jeanne M. Kincaid, and the former attorney Raymond, Foss.   (Taken from son’s complaint 2007cv00276, pg. 11):  Kincaid’s statement is first, followed by Foss’s.

        Ray- I will pass this information along to my client, but there is nothing        

        in the IDEA that requires anything but trimester reports and I will be

        encouraging my client to be very careful in exceeding the requirements

        of the law. 

        (J. Kincaid, Jan 9, 2007).

    Thank you for your willingness to convey this to your client.  I understand 

    too how you would counsel your client in responding to this matter;

    but I would direct you to the language of the IEP itself, and the

    and the precedence created by your client.

  The attorney for the defendants mentioned in their response brief, phraseology in reference to “a perfect IEP:” This is not about the implementation of a perfect IEP, it is about the lack of provision of a FAPE; the refusal to implement the IEP (hence the agreed upon syllabus):  This syllabus was designed especially for my son’s unique needs, it was individualized for him to provide some educational benefit!   This!  The School District is obligated to do!

This goes on and on!

    Jeanne Kincaid set about with her usual manipulations and lies:  It took an attorney’s investigation of the School records to deliver the bad news to me.  Soon, attorney Foss would come to my home crying, and begging me not to go on with the suit…he had changedIndeed he was threatened with his lively-hood by the very Judges of the United States District Court!   (My very own realization some two years later)!  I immediately loss my job, and the chronic unemployment began!   

     The First Circuit Court in the Melissa Weber case of 2000 stated that School Districts sometimes retaliate against the parent or guardian of a disable child in response to complaints, as well as the child.  It must be noted that Kincaid prevented me from maintaining evidence as she sent me email from anonymous spam, un-printable mail, and caused or stole (herself) information from my home:  Knowing where some of the contents of my home were stored with a friend *(what I could afford to take; for example, I was forced to leave my piano and large furniture behind); by using her wiretapping abilities of my home telephone, Kincaid contacted the landlord of my friend and had him order the removal of items in storage belonging to me.  Ultimately, I lost many personal effects that are un-replaceable.

    It must be noted too, that the State of NH under the jurisdiction of the former attorney General (Kelly Ayotte) has been responsible for the initial destruction of me:  I wrote to Att. Gen Ayotte (as some of the defendants are State defendants) and Ayotte turned a death ear, and did applaud the destruction of me: Regardless to who she is representing, it would seem that acts of inhumanity… (Is this a justice for all society)?  Indeed the inhumanity and deprivation we have endured are all illegal under the Geneva Convention if demonstrated in war situations and according to the United States Constitution is not consistent with due process and fundamental fairness!  My attorney was removed from this case, precisely for this expressed purpose!

                                                     PHASE 1.  

     Jeanne M. Kincaid under cover with each tier judge (District Court, Appellate Court, and finally Supreme Court) included the corruption of not only State workers but other lawyers and federal judges in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  In the state of Maryland as Kincaid prepared for the eventual case dismissal she would seek the help of Baltimore City Social service at (Harford)…supervisor; the *Maryland DLL (department OF Licensing and labor) and a school administrator; Kate Shalop (if that is her last name), (whom she send to befriend me, to try to get me to renounce Christianity for Buddhism…ostensibly she is concern that what she has in mind for me may be interrupted by Black Christianity’s help.   *More about Kate later.

    Phase 1 was initiated under Stephen McAuliffe, the Chief District Judge of Concord NH.   It is here in which I realized overwhelming procedural and substantive harms, the chronic unemployment which was the chief tool of destruction; overwhelming pornography being sent to me via the internet; the wiretapping of my house and cell-phones; the harassment of the Hooksett police; the beginnings of the interception of my United States mail etc:  Later the Appellate Court would totally ignore the lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction to arrive at a point of case dismissal!

    Employees and attorney(s) of the Maryland department of licensing and labor would play instrumental roles in the continued conspiracy to defraud me of my rights, and ensure that no money came within my reach!

     In response to my claim for unemployment benefits in April 2010, (Naturally Kincaid was present as I filled out the online application… Certainly Kincaid does not need this, as she knows my library card number, and her telephone rang whenever I go online!  Just in case some comrade in arms was assisting me, then the key words “Elizabeth Campbell “(would trigger a descent; a visit upon the page of an unsuspecting Doo-Gooder)!  All the other un-necessary Elizabeth Campbells would be gotten rid of, via the process of (wiretapping/hacking) elimination.  The fix was in (as usual) and  Mary Hurt told an unsuspecting Elizabeth that if she resigns, she would be given  a reference to continue working…of-course no such thing would happen, this was designed as a fall-back (if they need it) to block unemployment compensation!

     Maryland DLL would send me a letter telling me that I had not worked long enough in the State of Maryland to be eligible for unemployment compensation!  I was left on my own without the right to work, put out of the protections of the law, (again) (as my Emergency Injunction (mentioned earlier) seeking the right to work, and the right not to be deprived of my rights were denied by Justice Breyer.   Kincaid’s hacking and harassment via my computer and my email:  The wire-tapping and United States mail interception were allowed to continue. 

    Of note is that I was able to pay my rent when I was terminated on March 30th (2010) by using the almost $7,000 I received from State and Federal income taxes, (Filed in April of 2010) via my employment at the Holly-Hill nursing home from November 10th 2009-December 31st 2009.  I grossed $8, 000 for the fiscal year 2009; thanks to the employment at Holly-Hill November 10th, 2009 to December 30th, 2009.  

    My son and self have been living like animals since August 31st, 2007, the date when I made a complaint to the Concord New Hampshire District Court…and things have gotten increasingly bad. 

    This case for justice was dismissed by the Supreme Court on October 4, 2010.  

Two days later I was at the library seeking employment again, surely now that Kincaid had gotten her win…my case was dismissed…Kincaid would not prevent me from seeking employment…Would you know that Jeanne M. Kincaid was again harassing me online as I sought work…freezing the pages, deleting jobs right before my face, and stopping me from using the email.  OK!

    Once at the Baltimore Social Service office on Friday October 8, 2010 (and Kincaid knew I would be coming here… ( it was a guarantee that this nurse now pauper on Food-Stamps and Medicaid would show up to see  a worker); the worker showed me her computer screen, she said that I was eligible for unemployment of $430 per week, and that I need to go online and file a claim. *previously, (in April of 2010)  DLL  sent me a letter which stated that I was not eligible for unemployment  benefits because I had not work enough hours, to be eligible.    While looking for this letter (I discovered that my apartment was burglarized…all of my exhibit documents including this letter are gone)!  I do not know at what point they went missing, but I recently discovered this when looking for the original letter from the Maryland DLL.  

    All of my exhibits these almost 4 years had disappeared, and along with that was the original letter from the DLL denying me benefits:   IS THIS WATERGATE?         

    My documents were taken from my apartment, and it had to be during the time when I had a cell-phone…Kincaid and company (I discovered) had been monitoring me …she remains hacked into my son’s parent’s telephone. I know this because she sent me a note across my computer screen Wi-Fi (Wanet> Kincaid’s plant) I was using)…telling me that my son was on his way home from the Smiths (last name changed).  Moments later, my son knocked on the door!

    The Smiths (are aware that their telephone is wire-tapped)! It would seem that the Maryland DLL could not now send me a letter telling me that, well; I am eligible for unemployment benefits, after all, they said earlier that I was not eligible!   Kincaid’s continued antics therefore were also designed to get me to revisit the Social service department where a worker would show me my eligibility:  Indeed prior to this, I would have no reason to revisit the unemployment claims. 

    I arrived at the Maryland Career Center, and immediately applied online for unemployment.  *Please note that State Career center computers are open to the public and like town, and city computers, are not secure. 

    Having signed on, I was aware that Kincaid was present, and like always, she produced no visible sign at first, (sometimes she does), but I know that whenever my name is placed upon the internet on an un-secured site, (or whenever I use my credit cards for child support, or the bank-card; or the Food-Stamp or Medicaid cards), Kincaid’s telephone rings and she comes upon the scene; incidentally this is what occurs as Kincaid manipulates and steals my child-support (which is not government monies): She also continuously prevents me from obtaining my stated amount of cash (as noted upon the ATM’s computer screen) thus making me take lesser amounts or no amounts and then right in my presence she steals some of the money:  I am still unclear how she is able to do this without a  card:  Having hacked into my child-support account at the Mass DOR (she knows our social security numbers), she has set up things that every time I access my child-support account, her telephone rings.  *Come and watch me try to obtain cash.  

    I was almost finished with my application for unemployment when a page came up that asks me if I worked within the last 18 months.  I checked yes.  Were there any additional employers besides Holly-Hill?  I checked no.  I was almost ready to submit my document, but the familiar interference (which signifies a presence)… the Continue button would not proceed.  Kincaid wanted me to “digest this page.” Surely enough, when I repeated the application process on another computer the same thing occurred; but Why?  I brought this to the attention of a Career Center worker who also could not get the page to proceed; she suggested that I call the Unemployment office directlyI did.  *I believe that Kincaid wanted the page to freeze here so as to underscore Holly-Hill in my brain, and the possibility of me returning to work there!   

        Here is a letter to DLL from myself:

                                                                                         Elizabeth Campbell,

                                                                                          1026 Woodson Rd, Apt H,

                                                                                                Baltimore, MD. 21212,



State of Maryland

Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

To whom it may concern:

                                              On October 14, 2010, I wrote you a letter asking for a copy of the original letter you sent to me in April 2010, denying Unemployment benefits.  You have not responded up to this date.  At this time, I sent you a copy of the tax- form you sent me earlier, asking me telling me to fill it out appropriately, and according to my preference for Maryland and Federal tax withdrawal from the Unemployment benefits.

    On October 28, 2010, I had my second telephone interview with Rosa in reference to Unemployment benefits, and at the end of the interview, Rosa told me that I would be receiving benefits:  When I got home, I received another copy of the same tax-form in reference to Maryland and Federal tax withdrawal.

    The understanding left with any person of basic common sense, is that the Maryland DLL never received that letter seeking the letter of denial, with its attending tax-related form.  I shall now resend that letter, again with this new copy of the Maryland and Federal tax related form (filled in again…of course)!

    As you are aware, I was forced to resign from Holly-Hill on March 30, 2010.  I was told at the time, that if I resigned, that Mary Hurt (former DON) would give me a letter of job reference:  This was never realized as I continued to experience the same chronic job loss I had come to know since August 2007, when I filed my lawsuit against the Hooksett New Hampshire School District, and this has continued in NH, MA, RI, and now Maryland.

    Anticipating unemployment instability (it has been my intention to NEVER, EVER WITHDRAW MY RIGHTS AND MY SON’S RIGHTS BEFORE THE LAW), I was forced to file for unemployment benefits…something that I never anticipated since 2007, atlas Holly-Hill was nursing job loss # 54, and almost 100 other non nursing jobs.

    Having discovered recently from (the Baltimore Social Service Department) that I was eligible for $430 a week, I initiated a second claim in October of 2010.  I had already submitted a claim in April of 2010, but received a letter shortly there afterwards from DLL telling me that I had not work enough hours in the State of Maryland to be eligible for Unemployment benefits, and I was denied!   (Incidentally, I sent a copy of your original rejection letter to the Supreme Court).

    Upon initiating this second claim, I received a letter shortly telling me that I am eligible for benefits since October of 2009:  Of-course I did not start work at Holly-Hill until November 10th, 2009, and was actually forced to resign on March 30th, 2010…naturally; I am seeking benefits from March 2010 and continuing!

     I looked within my home for that letter of original denial by the Maryland DLL, and discovered that it was gone, along with all my exhibits until that point, before the District, Appellate and Supreme Court.  I filed a report with the Baltimore police department, # 105K15764

    Forced to go without benefits, and be kept continually unemployed by Jeanne M. Kincaid (Hooksett New Hampshire School District attorney), and fearing being returned to a shelter again with my son, I filed an Emergency Injunction with the United States Supreme Court, and this was promptly denied by the Hon. Justice Breyer! 

    Kincaid was allowed to continue her violations of my rights, backed by the Supreme Court, and Judicial and State officials of Maryland from several departments:  I have attached to the exhibit list, copies of Complaint For Repossession Of Rented Property/Walker Manor; for the months of September and November 2010.  I borrowed money for August, and was eventually able to do so (partly) for September.    

    I can supply the names and addresses of the loaners of August and (Most of) September’s rent to me.  They are naturally afraid at this time, for they see the results of corrupt government conduct on my life!

    To recap; and as you know, around October 19th, 2010, I instituted a lawsuit against the Maryland DLL for collaborating and conspiring with Jeanne M. Kincaid, to keep me without any form of financial support, indeed inflicting the continuing hardships upon my minor son and self, because I continue to refuse to withdraw our rights before the law!  I also included a copy of that now infamous letter of October 14th to you!  This was denied by the Hon. Stuart R. Berger on October 22nd, 2010.

    My son and I have been forced to go without beds; we have been sleeping on the floor since we moved into our apartment on November of 2009; and I have been forced to take public transportation (especially in the cold winter months)…I have a chronic (and eventually a terminal condition) call Sarcoidosis:  I have it in the lungs, liver, spleen and joints.  Every time I am forced into the winter elements (waiting for prolong periods for a bus, this drastically affects my health and morbidity.  Forced sleeping on the floor for not only me, but this innocent boy (when we have done nothing, nothing to you) is unconscionable and evokes tenets of the Geneva Convention:  It is cruel and unusual by American Standards!  Of-course had I been left alone to work, this would not be the case now, the same for personal transportation!

    My letter today is two-fold.  I am entitled to unemployment benefits not only since October, but really since April 2010 my original date of claims when I was eligible!

    Also, since I am not litigious, I am meekly proposing a settlement (this does not have to be cash) but two bedroom sets, with a reliable and very dependable car (new).  Again, I am seeking back-pay and a copy of that original letter, now missing from my home! 

    Walker Manor has not received October’s rent, and I owe them monies relating to September’s rent; my lease is about to expire, and they will not sign another one with me until the rent is up-to-date.  I have an innocent minor child that relies on me:   I need to satisfy Walker Manor’s rules; again, I am asking the Maryland DLL to be fair to my son and self, and to treat us with respect:  Perhaps you mean to make us homeless, but now state that we have been receiving unemployment benefits?  Atlas with the destruction of my credit, we could not afford decent housing, and would be forced into the original place you deem for us!

    Walker Manor unlike most businesses DO NOT CARE ABOUT MY PROBLEMS!

    I have not changed my mailing address! 

    Maryland has now become my son’s home, and for his benefit, I would like a civil and somewhat cordial relationship with Maryland authorities, first I am asking that you treat me fairly and with dignity, as you would all other residents of this state.  Thank you.

                                           Most Sincerely,

                                                  Elizabeth Campbell 

PS certified mail as of 10/29/2010    

Enclosures.  Copy of letter of 10/14/10

                       Tax form (filled again)

                        Address form not changed as of this date      


    *Incidentally, it is not the month of November, but October:  Corrected here within this document to you.  

    So it was on October 28, 2010 that I was told over the telephone by Rosa of the Maryland DLL (department of licensing and labor) that she has ruled in my favor and I would be receiving unemployment monies.  It was “a dog and pony show,” to be sure:  The decision had already been made, way in advance, just like the decision to keep monies out of my hands because I persistently refused to withdraw my rights…BEFORE THE LAW!

    Now this has been 6 days since that conversation; I have yet to receive the debit card given to the unemployed in the state of Maryland, so that one can have access to the funds, one is qualified for!  To be sure, Kincaid has had access to this letter to you, for even when you believe you have stored a document away from any current documents working on, Kincaid can search my computer for documents worked on with corresponding dates…and so she did! 

    With additional monies in my hands (for making copies and passing them out in subways, offices, bus stations, side-walks, air-ports etc:  With monies to make copies for senators and house members…the Congress and all government officials including the department of justice… Kincaid was not about to let me get this money.  So you say, well, it has only been 6 days since you spoke to Rosa (and 2 of those days consisted of Saturday and Sunday):  Remember, it does not take 3 days for a piece of United States mail (debit card) to go from one part of Baltimore city, to another part.

    Remember, that I told you that my complaint before the Baltimore City Circus Court in reference to the conspiracy of Kincaid, Breyer and an un-named Baltimore Judge, was denied.  “The court has determined that claim/appeal is frivolous.”  (The hon. Stuart R. Berger).   This is a claim in which I brought forth evidence (police report #105K15764) of break-in theft from my apartment; of my missing denial letter (and other documents) sent to me from DLL in April of 2010; letter which stated that I was not eligible for unemployment benefits in the State of Maryland, and now, an October 2010 letter which states that I have been eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Maryland since October, 2009.      

    On Monday November 8, 2010, I received another letter from the Maryland DLLR; still no copy of the original letter of Denial of April 2010.  This was in response to my faxed-appeal to them of last Friday November 5, amongst other things, I appealed their decision that stated that the benefits claim being issued to me will be effective as of the date 10/3/10.  I maintain that my claim goes back to April, 2010.

        “You should receive another statement of monetary eligibility on your claim effective 4/4/10 in a few days.  You were not monetarily eligible on that claim.”

                       MARYLAND DLLR TO ME, dated 11/5 received on 11/8/10

    Note that I have yet to receive that letter of denial of benefits for April, 2010.  It is nice to know that DLLR have acknowledged that I did apply in April of 2010.  Indeed I have asked for it at this time again.  There are several questions, observations that come to mind:

  1. Why is the DLLR afraid to release that denial letter of April 2010 to me?
  2. Why have they not come out and tell me why I am not eligible for the 4/4/10 claim?  What are they waiting for?
  3. It is clear, very clear, that DLLR had to have known that Kincaid was going to keep me chronically unemployed, and that if they granted me my legitimate benefits, I could not possibly “find work” an anti-thesis to their norm!  Thus DLLR conspired to keep me without monies and to keep me chronically unemployed! 

DLLR now, is having a difficult time, releasing that stolen document, it is critical to their integrity of collaborative conspiracy to defraud;  To violate:   Criminal conspiracies 3631; Conspiracies Usurping Rights (articulated later and earlier); 504 retaliation; lack of Due process;

  1. Besides being “monetarily” eligible, what other types of eligibility is there in reference to receiving unemployment benefits?
  2. If there are medical insurance eligibility, it would be safe for me to say, that having been placed on the public welfare rolls for food, Kincaid can vouch that I have been on Medicaid (even when I was working at Holly-Hill, although I was unaware of this, as I sought private insurance, something that Kincaid insured I would never be able to realize:  In other words, $$$$$$ money Dinero, was the only phrase on my mind as I applied for this benefit.
  3. Why is it necessary that DLLR keep sending me information in “piece-meal?”  One would think that this institution (attorneys running the show) would be established pros by now:  Why waste the paper and stamp, why not tell me now why I was not monetarily eligible?  Answer?  They are aware (via Kincaid and the Federal Post office on York Road, Baltimore city remember, Kincaid’s hacking, & the Look-out and interception of my mail)  that I have sent a letter to the DOJ Civil Rights Dep.



    You have filed a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits under the Social Security number listed on this form.  The base period for determining your eligibility for benefits is for the period listed below.  No wages paid to you before or after these dates may be used to determine your eligibility at this time.         

    The above quote (pg. 52 second to the last paragraph) is from an un-dated letter to me, and of which I received around October 23, 2010.  What I have not listed is the “Period Covered.”  I quoted the above because it is so very clear and articulated that :  “The base period for determining your eligibility for benefits is for the period listed below.”   Under the period listed below are dates:  07/01/09 To 09/30/09;   10/01/09 To 12/31/09;   01/01/10 To 03/31/10;   04/01/10 To 06/30/10.

    I was employed on November 10, 2009I was forced to resign on March 30, 2010.  I applied for unemployment benefits within the first week of April 2010 (while still looking for work, which Kincaid continues to deny)   According to the “Period Covered,” I was eligible for benefits!

    To recap an above partial quote (first paragraph) from this 11/8/2010 undated letter to me “You were not monetarily eligible on that claim.” The logic here escapes me.  If I was not monetarily eligible on my claim around 4/4/10, then what was the eligibility that I eligible for?

    It is of note that I have yet to receive that denial letter of April.  It would appear to me (banning some logical explanation) that the fear of producing that denial letter, and the continued stalling and piece-mail- delivery I am experiencing may very well be signals of an agency/institution guilty of FRAUD!

    Clearly, sending out a copy of an original denial letter should not be a deal!  But we know that it is a deal, because it directly contradicts this “Period Covered” benefits document!  Sending out the mail in a piece meal format also signifies a writer/DLLR lawyer making decisions based upon the latest discussed document Kincaid steals from my computer via hacking and distributed to her!  For sure I have no direct evidence that this is occurring, but I know that Kincaid is present whenever I sign on using the “Wanet” open WI FI in my bedroom!  This has been ongoing now since I brought home my computer home, and when my son eagerly went online before I could download the anti-virus.  Jeanne now had information of my hard-drive, and she would “drone” my computer so that whenever I sign on, her telephone rang!

    I can hardly wait to see why I was not monetarily eligible on that claim!

    To recap:  It is my belief from the evidence of that denial letter (letter now missing) that the Maryland DLLR conspired, and continues to conspire with the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid, and in consultation with the Judge Stuart Berger (or an un-named Maryland Judge) to keep monies out of my hand, because I refused to withdraw my rights before the law!

    The Maryland DLLR attorney knows how crucial this evidence is, and is stalling the acknowledgment of their guilt!   It is of note that DLLR is currently preventing me from registering my claim of this past week ending  11/5/10——11/7/10. 

     As I can tell you from this document from the DLLR to me, some monies have been released to me, though I have yet to access it, as I have not yet receive that debit card!  I am now being forced to pay late fees in reference to the rent; one of the women who loaned me money for rent is desperately seeking her money , and is very angry and irate; my son who just turned 14 Desperately needs a winter jacket, sneakers, boots, gloves, a hat, slacks and sweaters…of-course I need clothing as well, and, we are sleeping on the floor!

    DLLR’s impact is credible:  The lack of funds a reality!  DLLR continues to refuse to release that denial letter, after they stole my copy from my home!  No-wonder letting me have a copy is anti-logic …for them!  To now give me the legitimate benefit I am entitled to, would be the anti-dote to their participation in the conspiracy…all these months deprivation in reference to me…naught!     

     The hon. Stuart R. Berger is most likely (based on Kincaid’s intercept of my document on my computer and his denial letter of October 22nd, 2010 to me:  “The request is Denied.  The Court has determined that claim/appeal is frivolous.”  Of-course it is frivolous!   What else can you say, when you or a colleague is a part of the conspiring team to defraud a resident of their Civil, Constitutional, IDEA and Maryland Unemployment rights!  You certainly will not let the case go forth despite the obvious harm and legitimacy of the complaint, now, can you?   Kincaid is still intercepting my child-support that is not government monies!

    The Maryland DLL has not, and most likely will not respond to me, because based upon my letter to them (of October 29, 2010 noted here) the Hon. Berger (most likely) who considers this an affront, gave orders that they not respond to me at all!  The Hon. Berger (or substitute) then, gave the order for the break-in to my apartment and the theft of my documents (including that denial letter from DLL of April, 2010)!

    Naturally, I was not aware of the removal of the documents from my apartment!  I had had no need to use them recently.  I have no recollection of anything out of the ordinary in the flat, it would seem then, that the person(s) who took the documents either had a key, was let in by the management of the apartment, or, had a lock-smith present.  I believe that they brought a locksmith (of-course they could have used Maryland Management) just as easy! 

    I wrote the Maryland DLL seeking a copy of the original letter, no surprise, they have since sent me 5 letters thus far, and I have yet to receive a copy of the original document.  WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO HIDE? 

    I shall include all copies of appropriate documents with my exhibits here.  If that earlier letter I sent to them was miss-placed surely their attorney was in charge of another copy I filed with the Baltimore Circuit Court.  The Baltimore Circuit Court would dismiss my complaint 1 week later, I expected this. 

    Clearly, I was eligible all along:  Did Maryland DLL released this document with the evidence purposely?  Or, was it a mistake?  If it was purposely, then this clearly shows the in-your-face brutality…the taunt the victim mentality; the so what you’re going to do about it mentality…everybody including our highest Court…our Supreme Court has abolished you from all rights mentality!  Our employment laws DO NOT COVER YOU MENTALITY!  IN-FACT, YOU ARE NOT COVERED UNDER AMERICAN JURISDICTION…PERHAPS THE GITMO TENETS COVER YOU!

    It would appear then, that the Maryland DLL under orders and in collaboration with Justice Breyer, Kincaid and Maryland judiciary official(s) decided to conspire  to keep me unemployed and denied me entitled unemployment benefits; Kept money out of my hands!  The economic despair would continue as long as I continued to refuse to withdraw my IDEA and Constitutional rights, and, or until the dismissal of the case and beyond!   

    So what!  If the Hooksett School District violated the law, and never gave a FAPE (fair and appropriate public education) to the child!  There would be NO compensation….aren’t they still waiting for the two horses and a mule?  When would they realize that the Constitution and all our laws are only theoretically applicable to them?  Who does this Negro think she is?

    I Jeanne Mary Kincaid have always been able to stop most white parents of New Hampshire dead in their tracks!  (Make that absent the moneyed and the connected); violate their Substantial and Fundamental rights:  Obliterate their due process rights, and this has been ongoing with McAuliffe, Ayotte and myself for many, many years…ALL CASES NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE THOUGH OCCASIONALLY MONITORED AND THEY ARE WHITE!    WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?  NEW HAMPSHIRE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE, EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW!

    But the idea must be tossed about, why go to the lengths of this destruction?  Are they breaking laws?  Is there credible evidence that the Hooksett School District did this?  What if this was happening to white children as well?  Is this widespread in New Hampshire?  Note the following taken from my Appellant’s Brief:

    The facts listed by the former attorney Foss and the assessment of the Hon. Magistrate Judge James Muirhead are Inescapable! 

They produced a powerful and potent reality:  A reality that the defendants and their attorneys set about to manipulate via IDEA and 504 violations, fraud, conspiracies and usurpation of Constitutional rights.  This then, is another basis for why I have been destroyed!

    Again, the following is taken from my Appellant’s Brief, (to the First Circuit Court); “Statement of the Issues.”

1. Whether J.P.E.H. received a FAPE:  (See Relevant regulations hon. Muirhead).  The lack of access to counseling hence medication to augment FAPE.  The Dismissal of the Defendants; Constitutional, FERPA ViolationsAll  Money damages:   Foley’s Report & Omissions 

2. Whether the dismissal of the case was an abuse of discretion:  Exceptional Circumstances; lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.

Timely motion in reference to FRCP Rule 60(b) (3, 4, and *6 Criminal conspiracies 3631) and Conspiracies Usurping Rights; 504 retaliation; lack of Due process;

3.  Abuse of son:  Liberty & Property usurpation: 

 4.  Names missing from defendant’s listUsurpation of my rights!  Charles Gallagher, Gregory Uliasz, Michael Fitts, Laurie Ripley, Janet Dedo, Debbie McGuire, Roberta White, Thomas Paresi, Kimberly Chabot, Linda Warhall, (Entities):  Sun Health Care, Mass DOR, Town of Hooksett, Hooksett Police Department, NH DOE,

5.Whether the sealed record procured by fraud should be replaced by a record not sent to this litigant but to the court

6.Systemic and pervasive problems at the NH DOE:  Lack of adequate and quality supervision of the Hooksett School District.  Other Districts? Retaliation; Destruction of parents by “DOE”’s attorneys. 

7.Whether a disabled child is entitled to an assisted tool, i.e. a syllabus?

    The above questions could not afford to be answered:  Indeed they never expected this LPN non lawyer to be astute!  They would be rid of this case, one way or the other!  How dare her!  To think that she can win against our years of education:  Be a David!  Well, we Goliath are about to show her something!  We are lawyers!  State and Federal… government officials with years of education, and Oligarchs pro tempore!  Caesar rules!

                                             STATEMENT OF FACTS

  1. IDEA law, the FAPE belongs to the child, I have a vested property Interest guaranteed to me via the 14th Amendment and its due process clause, and Liberty Interest clause
  2. My property rights in my son’s education were violated in that for my son’s entire academic career while he was enrolled in the Special Education program at the HSD, his IEP had no measurable goals until the entrance of former attorney Raymond Foss, who in bringing this fact to the HSD’s attention, whereupon they changed the IEP to reflect a measurable goal for the school year 2006-2007 only!  Previously and for all the other years, there were no measurable goals. 
  3. School District’s testing was self-referencing. 
  4. The school district contends that my son has shown progress under each IEP but this was in fact a lack of measurability of his IEPs.
  5. This failure on the part of the HSD in having measurable goals colors their contention that my son has made meaningful improvement.
  6. The language of the IEP was illusory having lacked measurable goals and a tool (i.e. IQ intelligence quotient) that could be used to measure or gauge objective findings as to whether my son was learning, improving, staying the same or deteriorating.
  7. My son was de-identified yet he continued to show 2s in the one area where the related services were targeted.  He has done this for all the time enrolled in the Special Education program.
  8. The testing performed by HSD was inadequate to assess my son’s educational needs in light of his disabilities:  There was no baseline against which the Woodcock Johnson testing could be compared!  No IQ test such as the Wechler Intelligence Scale for children-4th Edition was ever proposed to me to identify the baseline level of my son’s intelligenc3.  Without this information the Woodcock Johnson testing is self-referencing!  It does not assist the team in comparing the difference between ability and achievement.  The school should have addressed the need for this kind of testing stressing the need to have measurable goals, and baseline information against which the team could gauge.
  9. No testing was ever proposed relative to my son’s behavioral based disabilities; Social/Emotional/Observation to see if there were more issues to be addressed.  This is a failure to properly evaluate my son. 

10. The Syllabus I fought long and hard for, this tool which was only fully implemented as to the entrance of the former attorney Raymond Foss, was a way of me being directly involved in my son’s education, and providing that one on one help that a “specially designed instruction would afford.”

11. Year after year, I advocated for a syllabus, but it never came home!

12. During a meeting with Carol Soucy (principal) former attorney Foss learned from her that I was the only parent in the entire school district that was asking for a syllabus:  This is the very reason why my son’s IEP was never fully implemented.

13. Former attorney Foss asserted that a syllabus is an integral part of an individualized education that a child with a disability should be getting!

14. I was receiving the summary sheets of what transpired in speech therapy, so that I could reinforce the material taught in speech therapy:  The school district failed to implement fully the IEP when the responsibility for speech services changed from Perra to Butler, so that I was unable to reinforce this related service. 

15. My property interest in son’s education was violated when his IEP was not implemented ASAP following the IEP meeting.  The school only recently informed all of my son’s teachers on Friday February 9th, 2007, this was never done prior, and only at the entrance of former attorney Foss!

16. School district agreed to an outside assessment and evaluation for my son, but because this parent refused to withdraw her complaint from the OCR of Boston, Kincaid decided (arbitrary and capricious) that son would not get outside evaluation.  School district has never proposed any hearings/meetings/due process in which they could say why their testing was sufficient.  I used the above and below violations to assert why my son desperately need outside, objective assessments and evaluation. 

17. School claimed they were uncertain on December 1, 2006 that former counsel Raymond Foss was still my counsel, and that is why they did not make copies of the educational records and they made no effort to produce them until December 1, 2006, a month after the date the letter was mailed.

18. School did not put in writing a request to confirm if counsel was still acting as counsel for me.

19. School had in its possession an authorization from me attached to the letter of November 1, 2006, stating that my authorization was to last a year.  If there was any kind of limited engagement, directed only at getting the syllabi, such an authorization would not have been for a full year. 

20. Soucy received call from counsel on November 20, 2006, negotiating a plan for the registration of J.P.E.H. in the PTA ski program. Principal Soucy faxed a letter to Counsel with the specifics of that plan.  Nowhere in that letter did she reference the meeting of November 29, 2006.

21. There was a lack of professionalism when school psychologist claimed that although my son was not in a good mood, my son wanted to please him, so he went ahead and “tested” him anyhow!  The record shows the De-identification of a child desperately in need of services!

22. The Hearing officer’s Opinion and Order started out by listing as facts that my son was born on November 13, 1996:  This is incorrect! My son was born on November 1st  1996.The Hearing officer had access to my son’s record which lists a copy of his birth certificate.  Foley Omitted from his report #s 2-10, 13-20. 

  1. 23.   Employment started on March 1st 2007th at the Pheasantwood nursing home; I was terminated on April 31st, 2007.

24. Telephone call on March 31st, 2007 from White, telling me that I was removed from the schedule because of patient abuse.

25. The foreclosure on my home was scheduled on March 7th 2007, and I had an appointment, and met with  Peter Wright to declare bankruptcy on March 5th

26. I was not in the position to quit a job (Dedo who once worked for the State of New Hampshire later said that I terminated myself)

27. Call from White Unit manager, told me not to report for work, I was removed from the schedule relating to the abuse of a resident.  March 31st

28. Telephoned Dedo on March 31st, 2007 at 12:51PM, 12:55PM, and 12: 59PM her telephone number which is public record is:  603-225-6215.  I have Vonage, and every call going out of, and into my home is recorded online; Telephoned Dedo at 12:55 and 12:59, to finish the telephone call as her tape was short.  Contrary to her statement that I left six messages on her answering machine, this is a fallacy.

29. Dedo’s statement:   I called her not only 6 times leaving messages on her telephone, but I initiated another call after she called me: Dedo said that Campbell then called again and began yelling over the phone and eventually quit her job at the facility without addressing the incident..  (Pg.2 Summary of incident/situation).

30. All calls, going out of my home, and coming into my home are recorded online.  The evidence shows that I made no other calls to this woman.

31. I categorically and unilaterally deny ever, ever becoming belligerent, or hanging up the telephone, in fact, it was Dedo, who hung up on me.  I   was not in the position to be belligerent or disrespectful, I needed that job!  Did not quit, but was terminated* despite this termination, I called Janet secretary, on April 3rd at 9:11 AM to obtain the fax number of the facility:  I faxed a copy of my statement to Dedo after I had written it. This is hardly in keeping with someone not concern with keeping their job, and someone who left the facility “without addressing the incident.”  (pg. 2, 3rd paragraph).   

32. I made telephone call to the state Ombudsman’s office of 271-4704, at 2PM, and reported the allegation.  I left my name; telephone number.

  1. 33.            White, unit Manager, had confided in me (a new nurse, after I expressed disappointment that I was still on orientation after two weeks) she said that Dedo treated her differently because she was an LPN.  White told me that she was not invited to many staff meetings (something I found interesting since as Unit manger she would have to attend meetings); she also told me that she was not invited to socials, and that while the others worked M-F, she worked on the weekends by choice of avoidance.
  2. 34.            I have 11 years as an LPN; I attended an RN program, became pregnant and could not finish my last semester: I have years of experience as an RN candidate at a teaching hospital where I worked on a telemetry floor, Med-Surg floor, and a woman’s specialty floor:   During my time at this hospital, I was able to sit in on an autopsy.   I attended various surgical procedures including two open heart surgeries with very different surgeons with very different techniques.   I worked in a unit that consisted of 9 beds of ICU patients who had various heart procedures done, and who were very unstable; requiring TPN, ventilators, and continuous blood products etc.  I could go on, but this is not necessary.   I am confident in my duties as an LPN and had never been on any orientation for more than 1 week.
  3. 35.            Dedo told me in a conversation one day, that she was once a state inspection officer.  In March of this year, I was anticipating a legal battle with the Hooksett School District, and the state of NH.  There was something about the tone, and the out of place comment that did not jive for me, as I wondered why I was still on orientation……I had no clinical issues
  4. 36.            Fitt’s letter of 11/8/2007 stated that the complaint against me is founded, according to the law then, RSA 161 my name should have been placed in that registry/data-base.
  5. 37.            Letter from Patenaude (NH board of Nursing): stated that he received a report from the Bureau of Elderly & Adult Services in Concord, NH
  6. 38.            Responded to Patenaude on the 12th via email, Patenaude, kept emailing me that he did not get my email (it was not in any document) just straight forward email.  It appears that Patenaude was also trying to Harassed me. 
  7. 39.            There are statements of Maguire, White, and Dedo regarding L, resident.
  8. 40.            I made a complaint on February 16th, 2007 to DCYF regarding the emotional abuse of my son by Soucy, principal of the Hooksett Memorial School. 
  9. 41.            Discovered that there was a cover-up by Fillion, in that she did nothing to the complaint, but told Browning in my presence that if I wanted to find out the result of the investigation, I would need a subpoena.
  10. 42.            No one has ever interviewed my son, or self, regarding the abuse of my son. 
  11. 43.            Intake worker at DCYF told Browning in my presence, that the complaint was forwarded to Fillion
  12. 44.            When I called DCYF at another time, I was again told that the complaint was forwarded to Fillion.
  13. 45.             Kincaid sent me via U.S mail, a letter which said that the Commissioner of education had assigned an investigator to my son’s complaint, and found it to be UNSUBSTANTIATED.
  14. 46.            Browning denied on the behalf of the commissioner, that she had any knowledge of my complaint. 
  15. 47.              No one mentioned the name Michael Kelleher, not until November 27th, 2007.  I received his letter without a signature. 
  16. 48.            The information regarding the Hooksett Police, Warhall, and Chabot is true to the best of my knowledge,  and recollection, and with my record
  17. 49.            I swear that all statements regarding  Soucy principal, and Littlefield Superintendant, are true to my knowledge, recollection and records 

                         Circumstantial evidence

50. Kincaid hacked into my computer and had access to where I would be sending my resume and cover letter

51. Kincaid  had access to who my employers and perspective employers were, contacted them using her government status, using subtle threats of black-mail upon my employers and perspective employers to keep me chronically unemployed, and cause me to be irresponsible to my creditors  

52. Kincaid harassed me by sending pornography, and inappropriate materials regarding employment via the internet

53. Kincaid had access to my financial and economic information via the computer, and Intentionally, and Negligently, and without concern for the general welfare of my son, (my property and liberty interest) caused me to go into foreclosure, homelessness, car repossession, in and out of Bankruptcy, credit destruction and was directly responsible for my son not having access to ADD medication, thus again, his inability to receive a FAPE!

54. Kincaid, abridged my privacy, deleted my email, and continuously harass me while online, even now!

55. Kincaid conspired with Gallagher, and Uliasz to discriminate against me in retaliation, enabling the conditions to cause law suit withdrawal, and then to bring about homelessness: 

56. Kincaid, conspired with Dedo, Fitts, McGuire, and White in an attempt to take my nursing license


    This is not a case in which there simply was an ERRONEOUS judgment:  But a clear and UN-ambiguous case of Total Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction brought about via fraud upon the Court, and Conspiracies to usurp, and usurping of my rights!  Case Dismissal of defendants is without evidentiary support

   A case built upon fraud, deceit and corruption, a case that called for the continual denial of a FAPE to my son, and a case that mandated that I, the bearer of truth should be destroyed!  The attorneys for the defendants had a myriad of legal minds assisting them, including the hon. Judges noted from the NHDC, and the NH attorney general.

  I was battered by Warhall who spat in my face.   Magistrate Judge who saw it fit not to comment on words of the same police officer who accused this mother of abusing her son and that she would get a CHINS, yet he stated that Campbell did not open her door and nothing further was done!   There should have been further investigations: 

    Circumstantial evidence irrefutably establishes that the Hon. Judge McAuliffe and the Hon. Judge Muirhead over saw fraud upon the court and upon the US Constitution via the attorney Kincaid, and had themselves been involved with fraud upon the Court and engaged in the usurpation of my rights, and defrauded the US government and caused the Undersigned inestimable damages by acting, not in a judicial capacities but as malicious private persons.

     When all of my rule 3 60(b) 3, 4, 6 (motions) were dismissed, this was an abuse of discretion as the NHDC lacked Subject Matter Jurisdiction and was therefore holding an illegal Court:  It was also in violation of Canon laws 1, 2, 2(a), 3.  

     W. Channing Nicholas, M.D., v. Pennsylvania State University et al., (Reich, 883 F. 3d at 244-45) the 3rd Circuit ruled:

     Substantive due process is violated whenever a governmental entity deliberately or arbitrarily abuses government power…..   Because I am a Black woman, and pro se, I am no less entitled to justice!

      Pumphrey v. K. W. Thompson Tool Co., 62 F.3d 1128, 1130 (9th Cir.1995). (FRCP “60(b) provides that a judgment may be set aside for fraud upon the court. One species of fraud upon the court occurs when an officer of the court’ perpetrates fraud affecting the ability of the court or jury to impartially judge a case.

    I have demonstrated judicial abuse of discretion, and denial of due process rights, and of providing the cover of fraud upon the court by the Kincaid in particular. 

  The case law under Rule 60(b)(3) does not often articulate this distinction between “out of court” conduct and trial-related conduct.

A District court’s decision to grant or deny relief from FRCP Rule 60(b) is reviewable on appeal “only for abuse of discretion” .  Honneus v. Donovan, 691 F.2d 12 (1st Circ. 1982). (per curium).  (Citation omitted).  “We have said however that a court deciding a motion brought under Rule 60(b) (4) ha[s] no discretion because a judgment is either void or it is not.”  (1st Circ. 1982).

    Dear ladies and Gentlemen, Committees and significant institutions and people, do you not see the Fraud upon the Court?

    She would continue to have no access to money!  And by all means necessary!  (Already in progress since 2007, regardless of whatever state I was residing in):  Kincaid and the Appellate Court Judges saw to this.  Massachusetts, Rhode Island Maryland!  State and judicial officials would continue the cry, yea, even as she continued to hold on! 

    There are simply no ifs, ands, or buts around this:  This is the American system of justice, the grand ole experiment propagandized around the world.  “The land of the free:  But I say, this is hardly a case of isolation!   This is a usual case, in a customary way!  The smoothness and precision, the organization; the perfected ease and anticipation of each step being delivered; the flawless isolation with which not only the Federal Post Office, but Fed-Ex, UPS and others are forced to operate in my regard!  The lack of humanitarian input…all traits of accomplished assassins!  Certainly I am not regarded unlike the terrorists: Discernible and centered at the cross-hairs, these judiciary marks-men and women in obligatory attire are on high alert…innate anger now controlling, gathered and circled in bon-fire, they will soon be chanting!    

    Maryland DLL most likely knew that I would ask questions about the discrepancy of their decision in April and that of October, but it does not matter, Kincaid and the DLL have backing from a higher authority…JUSTICE BREYER:  A remnant regard of Nazi disposition to boot!  Justice the American way…would I get back pay?  Compensation?  For yet again, more violations?  And the no-reply silence from Maryland DLL is significantly loud!

    Jewish people and Nazi atrocities…does Selya and Breyer have moral responsibilities?  …Of Jewish extraction and do not care:  They are at the height of their gain.  How soon we forget!  And yes!  It could happen again!  For now, they are members of the In-Crowd!

    While my case was at the First Circuit Court, and tired of Kincaid’s continued interception of my child-support (which is not government monies), I filed a lawsuit against Massachusetts officials…for one thing, and they had been siphoning off at-least $200/month of my child-support from the inception of DOR’s custody of this financial arrangement!  I have the unadulterated evidence from the Middlesex District Court which under the jurisdiction of the former and dear Judge Sheila McGovern (a Judge who is now deceased), but like Judge Edith Jones of the 5th circuit, honest and rare specimens in the American judiciary:  The former Honorable Judge Sheila McGovern decided in her wording, that my son would receive X amount per week, and later when this order was modified because of the convenience of the new employment pay scheduled the X was the same only on a bi-weekly basis. 

    The order did not say, if there is a leap year, the child gets Z amounts, or if there were more than 30 days in a month the child gets Z amounts; or in a 4 week period, the child gets Z amounts.  The order simply states the Child shall receive X amount of $ every 2 weeks:  NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS! 

    The Massachusetts DOR set limits on the amounts of money my son would receive per month; this was not how the order reads and is stated! It states a certain amount bi-weekly.  The DOR continues to bill my son’s father, and pockets the amount left (subjected to their arbitrary monthly limitations).   THIS IS HAPPENING TO MILLIONS OF CHILDREN IN MASSACHUSETTS, AND PROBABLY ALL ACROSS AMERICA!  THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY AND THEFT! 

    The Massachusetts DOR is dishonest:  It routinely steals child-support monies from un-suspecting parents and children…siphoning off thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars per year!      

    This is customary theft in Massachusetts, (perhaps in many other States as well):  Imaging, unsuspecting mothers (and fathers who have custody) turn to the State for help for many and varying reasons and the State turns around and pilfer the Court ordered child-support.  Would it not be honest for the State to say, we need $200 a month from your support to run this program…but to steal the money without allowing parents/guardians a say…maybe they would opt out?  So the parent guardian replaces one devil, with another and millions of children and families suffer. I have the full-blown proof.

    Again, the land of the free!  Are there any decent and legitimate governments in America?

     I have filed an abrupt termination of the case, with the right to revisit this case since I have no monies to go to Massachusetts to seek “justice.” Kincaid’s actions have handicapped my efforts for justice on this front as well!  Only since I filed this suit has the payments been adjusted; but now Kincaid is benefitting, (as you will see later how she now steals from us!

    Surely dear reader you do understand, my sentiments…don’t you?

Let us return to Kate Shallop

    *A little about KateFirst let me state clearly that I am a Christian and have no need, and would NEVER, EVER give up my religion for any other!  Kincaid had reason to be concerned as she knew that I regularly tuned in to a Sunday service from Chicago.  Kincaid knew that when she caused the repossession of my car, and the isolation that I walked 1.5 hours every Sunday (and other times) to the Southern New Hampshire University Computer labs (along with my dear son), just to be able to tune-in to this church service; stopping so that my son could rest.  Later, Kincaid would interfere with my lap-top’s ability to get this service at public WI-FIs.  This service was my life-blood, and has kept me sane (at a time when Kincaid contacted my pharmacist to see what prescription medications I was taking…but always she was disappointed…PRAISE BE TO GOD!

    Naturally being isolated by Kincaid as she punished and threatened friends, acquaintances, even people whose children were friendly with my son and would pick him up to go swimming or to the movies (and there were 4 such families) that were told to stay away from us including a male friend of mine from my country…his elderly mother was threatened by the loss of her home and pension.

    I decided that I would go chanting with Kate, and that I would use the chant to meditate as with Yoga but direct my efforts to God and Christ, not Buddha; eventually I told this to Kate who appeared not to have mind (perhaps she was hoping that eventually I would change my mind).  One evening, Kate brought 5 other women over to my home to chant; during this time, I became acutely aware that one of the women (of Asian extraction) a woman I had not met previously told me that I did not have to leave America (Kincaid knew that I was contemplating a move to Belgium).  Having taken up residence in my computer she monitors and watches all of my activities; at the time, the only person that knew of my plans was Leslie Sachs (an author and American ex-patriot)… PHD and graduate from Harvard who had a novel plagiarized by another American whose father was an Appellate Judge: Mr. Sachs was forced to leave America because of the oppressive judicial corruption; the theft of his intellectual work, and the threats upon his life.  He lives in Belgium and writes a lot on the subject of American Judicial Corruption.

    Later, Kincaid would threaten him…she would get between our friendship…she intercepts my emails to him currently:  But she has done this to all of my close friends. 

    Kate’s friend (whose name escapes me) seemed bent on driving home a point to me; she told me a story about some political prisoner in South America who was persecuted and tortured because of his beliefs but decided to stay in that country after-all, the point being that I should not leave America.  This conversation began prior to chanting.  Mesmerized by her statements and her ardent persuasion and sense of urgency, I remained quiet about my plans.

    Throughout this, Kate was very silent; about two weeks later and one evening before my bed-time, and as I reviewed the day’s events, Kate’s silence in my mind prior, became overwhelmingly loud!  No-one, no-one knew of my plans but Les and Kincaid:  Indeed I had never discussed this with Kate.  We had just met!  This bothered me incessantly.  I started noticing things about Kate:  She never wanted to discuss my situation (with the law-suit), not at all, and every time I brought up the subject (as she picked me up to go chanting at another person’s home) she became anxious, and always manage to change the subject.  One day I mentioned that I dreaded going home to wash clothing by hand but that my cat had vomited upon my son’s blanket and I was soaking it in the tub…I had no monies, no quarters to do laundry (as often happens), Kate did not offer $1-2 dollars that, well, someone else may have done at that time…she told me to chant and Buddha would send someone to help me.

    This clinical distance of Kate’s, her seeming inability to be empathetic and her “chance meeting” of me in the super-market did not jive.  For one thing, what good was a friend who could not talk about the most important thing in one’s life?  Then I hit the nail on the head.  I made the connection (since Kincaid had interfered with my relationship with Les).  This Japanese woman had no right assuming that I would leave America, she had no right to try to convince me other-wise:  Kate, who was aware of this information via Kincaid, could not initiate this conversation I reasoned, and so it had to come from a total stranger, no wonder why she remained silent! 

     Several months prior to this, Kincaid (who had locked me out of my email accounts) had allowed me to keep the new Yahoo account just opened for approximately 2 weeks.  At this time I had began to settle in without the regular use of a telephone.  One day while at the library, Kincaid sent me a conversation I had just had with my son.  I was blown away.  (by the way, she routinely places signs, and “her commercials of emphasis” erasing away that done via Yahoo upon the current page I was on).  I showed this to a number of people.

     Was my home bugged?  I spoke with a library patron, whom I knew, and we often engaged in small chat:  He is educated and experienced!  Today I told him about this issue, he said, “Satellite technology.”  She mapped your building by Satellite technology, and then was able to hack into your neighbor’s telephone in order to hear conversations in your home! 

    So that’s it!  Kincaid knows whenever I am leaving home even if it is to go to the supermarket.  Kate was perhaps sitting in her car in the parking lot of the Supermarket, waiting for me to show up!  I am aware that “Google-earth” can produce pictures of houses, streams, meadows; people! 

    It takes me about 12 minutes to walk to the supermarket; clearly Kincaid can see me and my clothing:  Communicating to Kate via her cell-phone, Kate was able to make her phony acquaintance with me in the supermarket isle!  It was not difficult for Kincaid to come up with Kate, her connections here in Maryland did!

    For every such person whether doctor or business, there was always a connection to Kincaid…off-hand comments, and things I had not discussed with them.  The Kia Safia dealership in Lutherville Maryland was very involving and very blatant!  

    Kincaid has used a wide variety of people either from my original contacts which she got via her wiretapping abilities (telephone) such as the Kia Safia dealership of Lutherville MD; Bethlehem Christian Day school principal; my gynecologist and primary care physicians; the Employees at the Pratt library Baltimore city and those of the Towson county library (to get both my son’s and my library card numbers…this made it easy for her to bother me the minute I sign onto a public library).  Many, many employers as I looked for prospective work.

    Kincaid’s contacts to the employees * (I have direct evidence of this , see exhibit )  the branch manager of the Wachovia bank on York Rd, Baltimore city and these are only the listed people and institutions of Maryland, there were others in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.   All in order to implement the destruction process of my son and self (since it became evident that I would not be withdrawing our rights).

    All of those violations particularly the continued interference with my right to engage in work (any type of work including the right to realize my property interest…nursing license (Amendment 14 Liberty & Property interests for example) would continue.

    It is clear, that by denying my Emergency Injunction the writing was upon the wall; I would be denied all rights…Constitutional and IDEA:   Justice Breyer would   allow the violations and inhumanity to continue after the case was officially terminated, thus Kincaid is now implementing phase 2, as she has buckled up at her home in Elliot Maine…working from home on the tax-payer’s $$$, and as she prepares to take her seat into “years” (of wire-tapping; mail interception; guiding my employment; my bank account; violating my civil and constitutional rights; and DENYING MY SON A RIGHT TO AN EDUCATION (among other things): 

                                                        PHASE 2

    Justice Breyer would usher in the implementation of phase 2, when he denied my Emergency Injunction:  This called for years of continued inhumanity and deprivations of son and self; by continuing to provide the cover for Kincaid. 

    Kincaid would control my financial and economic life:  She would decide where I would work; continue the isolation so that I could not marry or have normal human relationships, or continue my education, enroll my son in karate, or swimming, or private school.

   Phase 2 consisted of a plan to micro-manage me, and here at my apartment away from the eyes of others was a great place to continue; (the building had already been mapped by satellite technology, and Kincaid and friends have easy access to my apartment, and are familiar with the surrounding cell-phones…,any new cell-phones would require temporary wiretapping to see its connection to Elizabeth, this would be difficult to implement if we were/are staying at a shelter where I could get the assistance of others, and the isolation program contaminated…they need a controlled environment!  Absolutely minus the living arrangements of other people:  Kincaid needed the continued isolation and aloneness out of the prying eyes of witnesses and support!    

    How did I discover the plan?  For one thing, I had been terminated since March, but Kincaid was still busy transferring the DON, (director of nurses in September 2010):  The assistant DON, and Administrator were already gone, sent to work at other facilities owned by The White Oak corporation, and were replaced by new people, waiting for my return!  

    For phase 2 to be successful all new faces had to be in place (not old faces associated with conspiring with Kincaid earlier to cause me harm)…as they did!  An   unsuspected Elizabeth would prove crucial!  Kincaid could then continue her eavesdropping via company fax and telephone; and could continue to manipulate and control my life.   

    It has been my theory, that in denying my right to work, and all of my other complaints, that Justice Breyer had conspired with Kincaid and Maryland authorities not to let us become homeless again; in other words, (we would not be returned to the Sarah Hope shelter), but Kincaid would continue to ignore our rights (included basic human rights)…just not make us homeless…there was a plan in place:  (phase 2).  

    Just like before, continuous and now, Kincaid will continue to interfere with my right to date, marry, and have friends and relationships…in other words SLAVERY AS HER FORE-PARENTS PRESCRIBED OR (until I can leave this country…after these last 35 years). 

    Why, some would ask?  Well, allowing people to become close to me threatened her plans…under cover!  Any relationship I became involved with threatened the conspired government corruption, and ultimately all of these Federal judges and justices.  Certainly Kincaid could quietly wiretap their telephones, and hack into their computers, even monitor their mail, but what happens when they started taking us to the movies, my son for ice-creams, inviting us to their homes; spending time at ours, talking to other people about us?  Surely they would become aware of Kincaid’s presence and the atrocities in our lives! 

    It was better if they were scared into leaving, and Mr., and Mrs. Congress person; guests and concerned citizen, this is what happened, with the exception of a few who received “unusual” email, and of-course she presently remains wire-tapped into a few cell-phones surrounding my son’s friends.   

    There is a punishment involved in not withdrawing your rights, an isolation; desolation!  You are not human!  There is that risk that friends would alter the plans Kincaid have in mind for Elizabeth and Josh!  Most importantly, the Judges and Justices are not about to let friends and good people intervene this could open Pandora’s Box:  Mr. and Mrs. America cannot gain entry into how the country operates…not from a judicial perspective anyhow! Disclosing the real America is not an option; Elizabeth and Josh are but simultaneous (secret) victims along with thousands if not millions of others presently upon the planes of the map!  

    The fantasy of a Constitutional-democracy; a fair and decent country above Iran:  Superior to N. Korea; Cuba, Afghanistan, Russia… a principled and civilized -loving America cannot be toyed with!      

    It would take some time to see specifically that not only did the District and Appellate Courts provided the cover of my destruction because I simply refused to withdraw my IDEA and Constitutional rights, but that at least 2 justices (and later all agreed that we have no rights, and Kincaid could have her way with us!

   The Hon. Roberts (leader of this Court), took a position in support of dramatically weakening the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.  From:  www.ncjw.org/content_617.cfm

    Later in this document, I shall comment upon the Winkleman decision brought about via the Robert’s Court, but when you juxtapose this decision with the reality of Justice Robert’s position in reference to handicap children (including those with seizures and wearing helmets) you will realize that the right of parents to represent their property interest…(their children) is a “set-up!”  A loaded show of Un-tapped pleasure, delighting and gratifying some morbid and untamed Ogre who in gleeful zest; mocks, scorns and condones the destruction to the heart’s content! 

    Now along comes Negroes:  My O my!  See the fun!  O!  What fun!  No wonder there is bipartisan agreement:  Breyer and Roberts…its Negroes, can’t you see!  And Jews are White …this is not Germany!  It’s really OK for justice Breyer to deny the Emergency Injunction and continue the program…really!

Note the following in one of my documents to the high Court:

  “I was lured here via the promises of protection laws, and fairness, and then I was abused.  I was ambushed!   Why the pretenses that children with special needs have rights, and that they parents have rights?    Do you know that if I was aware of this lie that some judges in their use of a government lawyer would create and encourage the dismantling of my rights…BECAUSE THEY CAN, or perhaps because they believe that my property interest and self are not worthy; do not have value that I would not have gone one hundred degrees in the opposite direction?”      


    But I am a walking time-bomb for his fantasies:  (1) His hostility to privacy, (2) his failure to defend fundamental Constitutional rights… epic themes of my destruction!

    Jeanne M. Kincaid paints her-self as a liberal person, (they are supposed to be kind and compassionate; can you tell the difference?  Is she the same kind of Liberal as Breyer?

     About 2 years ago I filed a complaint with the Bedford New Hampshire FBI.  I visited them for two successive days, and took documents.  I spoke with an agent who called herself “Kimberly Blackwell,” she seemed interested, and appeared empathetic:  She told me that New Hampshire was an “at-will” State and therefore can terminate an employee at anytime for anything; she also told me that it was not the ‘why’ why I was terminated, but it was “the who” contacted the employer and why, she said that she would investigate; she went on to tell me that it was against the law to lie to an FBI agent and that anyone caught doing so could be incarcerated and fined.

    Upon leaving the FBI’s office (after two days in a row) I was told that the agent would be in touch with me in 2-3 weeks.  When I did not hear from the agent, I called, I note that it was suddenly very difficult to get in touch with said agent; when she finally came to the telephone, she told me not to call her back since I had now called her about 12 times.  THIS WAS UNTRUE.  I TOLD HER THAT I HAD Vonage, and that every call entering or leaving my home is monitored and recorded on-line, (I instantly checked while having her on), and told her that this was my second time calling her:  Nevertheless she hung up on me!

    When I first move to my present address, I contacted the Baltimore FBI complaining about Kincaid, after a few moments of relaying my story; I was told by an agent that she did not believe me.  I am hesitant to launch any complaints with the FBI:  *The FBI like the Federal Judges are Federal employees.  I am not inclined to call the police regarding the entering of my apartment, and the theft thereof!  But I had too, in-fact, I did:  Complaint # 105K15764.  I will have to pick up the report soon! 

    Remember that earlier I said, “*I believe I know why Kincaid wanted the page to freeze here.   It must be noted that the former Director of nurses a white female, (of Holly-Hill) was terminated 1 week later after she retained me.  Mary Hurt this new director of nurses (an African American woman) was retained specifically because I had complained about the chronic terminations I had been enduring all at the hands of white directors of nurses.  It was abundantly clear to me, that Ms. Hurt would break this tradition.  I believe Kincaid meant to “shock” me by using a Black DON.   The reality is that all of these directors of nurses and administrators “have no control” and are forced to be corrupt themselves where this is concern, or else risk job loss and possible Black-listing!

    Eventually Kincaid would cause the transference of this new DON, the administrator, and the assistant DON to other facilities by the owner of Holly-Hill!  There is no mercy in relation to if the worker has bond to the specific institution, if it is close to home, or other:  When Kincaid comes a-calling on the behalf of corrupt Judges and Justices, all the preferences of the worker-bees goes out the window.

    It was not clear from my sources if these people were upset by the change, but it is abundantly clear to them that being destroyed themselves was not an option! For sure, Kincaid could not legally come to a State and cause employee reassignment and change, without the OK from some judge sitting at the top in the State of Maryland!   

    Again:  The [H]on arable Justice Breyer had to have known that I was eligible for unemployment benefits, thus he allowed Kincaid to continue her deprivations of us, and felt secure via the corruption process collaborating with Maryland State officials that we would not be returned to a shelter (and the Baltimore courts (that judge sitting at the top in Maryland would see to that)!   This unemployment insurance (being released now; would keep us from going to a shelter.


    These on the job people had been cooperating with Kincaid to rob me of my Constitutional and human rights on the job, and I was more than aware of this, and Kincaid was more than aware that I was aware of this, since I complained to the Director of nurses, of employees sleeping on the job, and not being available to assist me when needed.  I never received any support from Ms. Hurt.  She pretended not to have heard me, and both she and the assistant DON jeopardized patient care and safety!  (I have proof)!

    I have contacts at Holly-Hill that keep me posted!  We knew something was up, with the sudden departures!  I theorized that Kincaid et al. have plans on having me return…I thought that upon my return to work, the plan was to create a manufactured situation in which I would lose my nursing license once and for all!  (This may still be the case)!

     I have been theorizing as well, that Kincaid wants me at no other place of employment since she now has a “working relationship with Holly-Hill.”  She has already wire-tapped the telephones and fax machines here as well; (I was the only night nurse for a 55 bed facility).  Naturally I was always very busy, and not only passing out medications, assessing residents, monitoring tubes, tending to prescribed therapies, labs; and necessary paper-work, and a host of other duties, but I was constantly on the telephone with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, families, other employees when sick calls came in etc.  Obviously I had no time to chat! 

    In tapping Holly-Hill, Kincaid and the Judges/Justices’ paranoia was meant to keep tabs on who else may be contacting me, (within the society) who would I be turning to for help.  *I have poignant and vivid evidence of this wire-tapping at the Holly-Hill and this evidence would require me to write a long and detail account.  I would like to return to this in another letter or in person.   *Of-course with this information blown open, this plan would have to change.  Note that Kincaid has hacked into a friend’s computer we thought was safe and did make contact to that position I was hoping to be interviewed for, in another job setting that is not centered on clinical care!

    Kincaid who had wiretapped my home telephone and eventually caused me to get rid of it; she had also caused me to get rid of my cell phone, (which I used to replace the home-phone) (see my other documents on the specifics here) Kincaid is present not only in my home computer but showed up where ever I was online in any state…anywhere on a public computer or WI FI:      

    Phase 2 would call for continuous plans to keep an eye on my activities and financial situation; not that I would have money, (in fact, the plan is to make sure that I have no spending monies when my basic needs, and *rural development loan is paid).  Under the Kincaid et al plan, I am not allowed to own a car, develop decent credit, and pay for my son to go to the “Y”, Karate, and private school or even buy a piano….no piano lessons Josh!  I could never own a home again, and Kincaid would continue to deny me access to the online church service in Chicago which has been the source of my sanity.

    You see, having blocked all my routes of communication… I cannot receive any United States mail that is not approved; this includes sending and receiving telephone calls, and emails.    Holly-Hill’s activities may have been terminated (as far as Kincaid et.al) but the plan is still on…where ever I work!

    The plan also consists of keeping checks on my credit card and bank accounts.  *You will see (an enclosed document that Kincaid not only locked me out of my Wachovia bank account twice, but she was regularly stealing monies from me when I was working at Holly-Hill… (I had direct deposit), she was actively collaborating with at least 2 bank officials (Wachovia Manager on York rd, Baltimore) to invade my privacy and continue the evisceration of my rights!  *See documented evidence.

    It must be noted that between my son and I, we have been living off of less than five thousand per year; last year my gross pay was eight thousand dollars, thanks to Holly-Hill.  This is UNDER THE FEDERAL POVERTY RATES OF WOMEN WITH 1 CHILD RECEIVING FOOD STAMPS, MEDICAID AND CASH BENEFITS FROM THE GOVERNMENT!

    The plan also calls for continuous monitoring of people in my life and sending them porn, or threats as she had in the past, all in an effort to continue to isolate and depress me (of-course this is primarily a protection measure for herself and the Judges/Justices lest the truth of the scheme be brought to light; of-course they are happy with the effects to myself and son!  

* You will see that in the past, Kincaid prevented me from dating, and interfered with ordinary friends (other documents I have given you) I believe the plan is to continue this:  With all control of a person’s communication, and finances one can pretty much isolate and destroy them! 

    Under this plan, I would not be allowed to own property ever again, or to save any monies for the future; it is doubtful I would ever be able to continue my education.  Finally it is noted that the State of Maryland officially has enabled and provided, and support all of Kincaid’s plans for me!  *I have continuous evidence.  Again, it must be noted that Justice Breyer et al. consented to these continued deprivations!

    On Friday October 15th, while printing the initial copies of this document at Staples, I became aware of Kincaid’s presence as I used one of the store’s displayed model computers to go online to Google.  I typed in; address Nobel peace prize Committee.  The page instantly froze.  I tried another computer and it froze.  I then decided to try another phrase, I asked for the name of the current U.N. High Commissioner (something that Kincaid always prevented me from locating) and this did not work (as predicted).   Next I typed in AOL news, and this, came up.  Kincaid was present all-right.  911 technologies in use:  Thanks to her connections with Judge Selya (Chief of the secret Court of wire-tapping, appointed by Chief Justice Roberts).

     Kincaid indeed has key words in place in reference to finding me; words like “judicial corruption,” “destroying America,” or “human rights in America.”   Whenever I am present online she is able to appear…she is aware then of this letter, and what I think about the Maryland DLL. 

    With Kincaid’s discovery of this document, the venue has changed!  It is no longer Holly-Hill.  This, I can predict.  This, I know!  

    It is interesting to note that throughout these almost 4 years of destruction in the various States; I have never applied for unemployment benefits until now!  I believe that the State of Maryland DLL has conspired with Kincaid et al to defraud me of my civil and Constitutional rights!

    Aware of this document, and irate because I have become aware of Phase 2, Kincaid et al, has set the wheels in motion.  I had a telephone interview with a DLL worker today October 26th at 1: PM (and they tried very hard not to have this meeting when I called them a second time) for the scheduled meeting; remember, I have no telephone, and people are afraid of being destroyed, so I had to call via a pay-phone… (Karen, DLL worker) knew that I would be calling at 10 minutes of one.  When I called the second time regarding the scheduled appointment there was an announcement that said they would not be accepting any calls at this time and to call back:  I am persistent, and I called them from an office telephone and via another number:   After 17 minutes, someone picked up.  Now I know their telephones are busy, and I understood the 17 minute wait, I do not understand the appointment cancellation… that was planned in advance…but then, I do know!  

    Things were not helped when I did not remain quiet about my missing documents and DLL’s refusal to send me a copy of the original letter sent to me in April,> particularly when I made a complaint to the Circuit Court:  (which was abruptly denied 1 week later)…no surprise here…

    I asked Rosa the interviewer about the discrepancy of the original denial letter and the now eligibility letter, she tried to correct it by stating that I was not eligible for benefits during that quarter, but in fact their letter of eligibility states that I have been eligible since October 2009 (the money values are listed underneath)…I have been interested in benefits since March 30, 2010 when I was forced to resign.  What Rosa never answered was (1) Why the silence; where is the copy of the original denial letter that I asked them for since October 14th 2010?  And, (2) who could have removed my documents from my home?  Why?  Where are my copies?   But Rosa was prepped, and I was placed on speaker phone!

    I was told to call them again, this coming Thursday between 1:30PM and 3PM.

    It is important to know that I always continued to seek employment.   It is the policy of the Maryland DLL that people seeking unemployment relief is ready and available as well as looking for work.  Every time that I go online to inquire about positions Jeanne Kincaid continues to block me from having access to the employer by interfering with my ability to copy and paste their email address onto my account so that I may attach my resume and a cover letter.  Kincaid is doing this because she wants to dictate to me, where I should work, for example:  Kincaid does not want me to apply to hospitals and large institutions because she is more comfortable bossing and harassing small institutions like nursing homes into corruption; here you see, she has unfettered access and un-interruption… maneuvering the staff; my work schedule; how much money I make per hour, my days off… I proved this on 10/25/2010, when I tried to apply to a Towson hospital that lists an ad on Craigslist looking for nurses:  Small institutions allow her to manage the corruption and, like worker-bees they bow to this un-holy alliance and continue to make working conditions hell for me:  At-least when the state comes around for their yearly inspection (a real time of fear for nursing homes); the State inspectors would look the other way, even watering down severe violations when it comes to patient care! O yes!  Kincaid’s involvement signals many repercussions! 

    It is not only my computer at home, but computers at the library:  Kincaid continues to prevent me from accessing employers and jobs.  I could use the telephone and look up prospective employers via newspapers, but again many prospective employers here want you to contact them via their web-site, and the ones that list a telephone, well, Kincaid would not let me keep one, and because she continues to intercept my child-support, my quarters and dimes are now gone!

    I have two witnesses at the Panera Bread this night (10/25/2010); they can attest that someone was interfering with my ability to contact prospective employers. (I know that this someone is Jeanne M. Kincaid).

    This is the kind of thing that I sought an Emergency Injunction to prevent, and this is the kind of thing that Justice Breyer wanted to ensure would continue.

    Kincaid knows that I plan on seeking Congressional help.  In her obsession for secrecy and while hacking into my computer, she has been able to control my email (by intercepting my letters to the editor and various social and political organizations all over this country), and all under cover of the Judicial and Justices protection. Kincaid has rendered me mute:  She has stopped the media’s involvement even while she has isolated us, and stole my child-support, and obliterated my rights:  What if the justices (because of this case) threatened Congressional members?  Senator Harkins for example

    I have decided to get around their corruption; (knowing that her telephone always rings when I go online) and that she would assume her usual position…violating my privacy, I opened a word document which said that I intend to print hundreds, and thousands of copies of this document and saturate them in Washington DC.  I hope good people make copies and spread it via email, fax and U.S mail!  Nazi Germany (as justice Breyer is aware; thrived in secrecy). 


     My condominium in Hooksett New Hampshire was taken out with a loan via Rural Development.  Please read the enclose letter, and the letter I sent Rural Development earlier.  Kincaid’s plan then is to impact the amount of money I earn, and my “obligation” to rural development, along with my student loans.  *It must be remembered that I would not have lost my home had Kincaid not violated my rights and destroyed me, keeping me chronically unemployed and unable to be responsible to my creditors, now, Rural development, (another government entity) comes ac-claiming their monies.  Rural development was aware of this on-goings from the very beginning as I told them in New Hampshire. I would have no monies left over to send my son to a local private school (my preferred choice), pay for Karate, buy a piano, or a car: Anything for savings as noted before!

    I am an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and have hopes of returning to school to complete my education:  It is clear to me now what Kincaid is getting at when she continually send me email and United States mail regarding obtaining my RN license…why she obsessively quotes salaries and opportunity incomes and differences between LPNs’ and RNs; this is because she intends (via her conduct) that I would NEVER BE ABLE TO PURSUE MY EDUCATIONLIKEWISE THIS IS DEEMED FOR MY SON!   (The promise of an education)!

    Kincaid would also prevent me from obtaining additional employment like she did in January of this year.  In paying monthly payments to Rural Development (situation caused via her keeping me chronically unemployed therefore I could not pay my mortgage and now still have to pay $98,000 to rural development (another government entity; for their loss):  I would also still have to pay-off my education loans which throughout my regularly scheduled payments and for several years, were down to $3,000 but since I have been kept chronically unemployed by this government entity under cover by Judges and Justices, the interest accrued has brought the loan to $7,000+. 

    My life would be guided and dictated as ensured by Justice Breyer et al, and managed by Kincaid.  Under this scenario, my income would be severely limited, naturally I would be paying those two government loans, but I would have very little money on which to live on…to take care of my son…Karate, Piano lessons, swimming at the “Y”, camping, private school would be forever DONE!  As I noted above my hopes for continuing my education eliminated.  The plan calls for pretty much keeping us in the same boat as before!

     Kincaid always have at her disposal the State police who would tell her what potential employer was looking for a criminal background check of me in anticipation of hiring, she and others then, would contact the potential employer in reference to denying me the opportunity to work.  

      The nursing homes and all facilities/institutions where ever I worked all receive government monies and are regulated by legal/ corrupt government entities.

    Why would they go through all this trouble you ask?  Here are additional reasons:

When the very people who are entrusted to ensure the Holy tenets of the American Constitution, and elements of an idea handed down via the Magna Carta…when a country which boasts of its human rights record and points fingers at countries such as Iraq, North Korea, China and Afghanistan for example…when their dirty little secret is exposed…this big lie, the battered and tattered wholes of the land –of-the-free, is rendered vulnerable, the statues and language of the Constitution is now impotent; the bill of rights…romantic rhetoric meant as statuesque symbols de propaganda guiding and edging on the masses in tow:

     What is left are hundreds and thousands of people; millions of people grind down like meat, spat on and swat like flies in a decaying morass…standing around licking up the their wounds and praying to these honored gods for salvation, while being mocked and scorned and jeered in the auditorium’s sport of fun!

    It is clear, very clear that the laws are not applicable to the judiciary in America and this can be elucidated and recited in conclusionary law, time and time again! 

        It is this “antiquity” of a superior experiment baked in one man, one vote– innocent until proven guilty… Mirandized De Due processione, with precedent your honored holiness:  And we the subjects, we march and echo; we follow in righteous soliloquies blaspheming one Hitler as none other could be so a tyrant; none other could so traumatized and hypnotically entrench…and here it is, right before our eyes in candied decrees of intellectual loftiness—and as you are marionette hither and thither, do laugh and jeer and sneer, and say:

    You fool, you ignorant proletarian snots of boogers, the law is not meant for you, and you and you!  For you are not the keepers of this system of economics, politics and society…you lower-class heathens!  You worker ant-drones…STEP IN LINE!  STEP IN LINE!  

    You, you are confuse dear children your duty is to vote, (and we sometimes select); but yours is a righteous calling!  Tis A noble one indeed!  But thinking and governing was never gotten with you in mind!  For an orderly society, some duties must be dispersed of in such a way, that each ant knows his/her calling!  You are the chorus, the heightened masses of cheerleading:  Do you honestly believe that Capitalism could afford Democracy, due process and the like?  There, there; now you see:  The experiment full of holes, and always there must be leaders, and doers, the anointed and the followers, the head, and the tails:  Be content, for there is no other way out, we’ve got you surrounded and millions of ready-made coffins; and you who ran hither, we will seek out, just ask Gary Webb!  

    [The brave soul]:  And now me dear friends, it does come down to those naturale Rights vs. the Right of revolution!  If ye be intimidated and not raise your voice against the enemy robber-baron, well then, ye deserve yur Oligarchs, but tis said here, right here in our “Dec du Inpendence” Natural rights, including a right of revolution. 

     It is clear, so very clear that the American judiciary engages in the vilest deprivations of human rights, homeland bound:  It steals the innocence and belief; it pretends.   

    “The Court can bring true justice but only if it approaches each case without predisposition or bias.”

                                  ___      Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

    Did Justice Breyer approach my case without predisposition or bias?  But this is rhetorical isn’t it?  

  Our Supreme Court is supposed to live within the law, the Justices on that Court are supposed to be governed by the Constitution, they’re not supposed to govern the Constitution and that’s the point that I am making.”

       ____ (Senator Orin Hatch)  

    Were the Justices governed by the Constitution in my case?  Did they live within the law?  Was the Constitution governed? 

    It is clear, very clear that I am a walking time-bomb.  Here in a “freedom-loving” society, I remain put out from the protections of the law!  This is so in NEW HAMPSHIRE, AND NOW MARYLAND! 


    Maryland owes her no answers and can afford to be contradictory in terms and conditions because although she has been living here since 1975, and although she has not been officially charged with terrorists acts, her refusal to withdraw her complaint comes under the Patriot Homeland Security Act.  She is guilty of crimes against the State!


    The collaborative program in place is designed to ensure that Campbell stands out, and in, simultaneously!  Kincaid is retained to make sure that any remnants of rights Campbell once enjoyed are non-existent!

    Elizabeth J. Campbell is guilty of the crime of not withdrawing her IDEA and Constitutional rights, despite being warned by a school district attorney, and now 8 Federal Judges, 2 main Supreme Court Justices, and the collaborative efforts of 6 other Supreme Court Justices!

    ALL OF THESE LEARNED PEOPLE CANNOT BE WRONG!  Elizabeth Campbell is, the only wrong person here, and is guilty of perverting and subverting American law:  She is therefore sentenced to Gitmo justice!  

A….is for Adulterer

G…is for Gitmorer

    Well, it is reminiscent of Salem!

    I also want it to be known that I would NEVER TAKE MY LIFE.  Given what I now know about the American judiciary, anything and everything is possible.

    Many emails ago, and when as many as 30 NH state officials and attorneys were on my email addresses and were witnessing the destruction of me, I said that I would be writing a book about this experience.  I entitled my book:

                           Subject Matter Jurisdiction 

Subtitled:              Oligarchs and a whore  

     I had given glimpses and pieces of chapters I had written so far.  I included the music in the opening act:  Rachmaninoff’s vocalize by Anna Moffo. I vowed that I would write this novel based upon my experiences and losses, with additional material so that real-life characters are not seen, but to ultimately provide information to the reader about my experiences, the Special Education law in America (how it works; the status of the American judicial system;  My perspective); and the kind of government at work in America; again, (my perspective):  The dual America (perhaps since the founding); the fact that there exists no true Democracy and that American Capitalism is immoral.  It is important to know and understand that the destruction of me began in NH under the guise of the Chief Judge Steven McAuliffe.    

    This then is why they have gone through all this trouble to destroy me:  This is why Kincaid works full-time from her home; she is paid with tax-payer dollars to hunt and destroy and keep me in pauper’s desolation.  Judge Selya (secret Court aficionado) regularly up-dates Kincaid with the latest in Satellite technology, and spyware post 911.     

                                             NO WAY OUT!

    With the ultimate power in play via the Supreme Court (the chronic unemployment, the lack of basic communication (a telephone & “privacy,”); the interception of my U.S mail, emails, and online activity); and the chronic isolation, what is a poor person as myself, Black, not really officially educated, no money, and no help at all, everything is set in place for my actual demise:  Perhaps they are hoping that I commit suicide.  What is happening to my son?

    Since the age of ten (and all of his years of awareness) my son has known nothing but pain and suffering.  The days of being given piano lessons by his mother, of going to Karate, and swimming at the “Y” have long expired. 

    Josh is an attractive inter-racial boy who once had a speech problem.  He is not retarded; but was diagnosed with some auditory processing issues, ADD, and at the time of his entrance at the Hooksett School District, he was speech delayed.  As you can see he appears to be an average teenager, but he is depressed.  I would like to get counseling for him as well as myself, but Kincaid has threatened me, that she would have access to the record.  I have encouraged my son to go anyhow, but like me, he is concern about the violation of his privacy, and not being able to speak freely.  She is depriving my son of therapy. 

    How can this be happening in a country that regularly tells the world about its freedoms and liberties?

    To see my son, you can go to www.youtube.com and place Robot 8664 The Chase episode 1, and the epic random adventures of Josh.

He has done nothing to no-one.  When I moved to Maryland I vowed that I would never return him to a public school.  I signed him onto a private school which accepted him, but when I sought the records from his previous school from the Hooksett School District, this new principal changed her mind; no doubt Kincaid et al interfered with my rights to educate my son:  of course they knew that they were going to keep me chronically unemployed because I was refusing to withdraw my rights under IDEA and my Constitutional rights!   

    I have been home-schooling Josh.  This is difficult when you are trying to obtain the basic needs (See Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Recently, and during the month of August (2010); I was contemplating a settlement with the Hooksett school district (we now know that this was a figment of my mind alone) I began to research appropriate schools on the internet.  About 2 days later after my initial research, I received a package from the Oak-Creek School in Sedona Arizona (see enclosure):  I swear I did not contact this school or the headmaster. Kincaid ever violating my privacy rights did, and knew that this would not be so.  After preparing my son for entry  to this school, and getting him excited, I had to tell him that he would not be going to Oak-Creek after-all, another let down for this depress child!  I telephoned Mr. Wick (the principal who had accepted him; and later told him this).

    This was a hoax arranged and prescribed by Jeanne M. Kincaid.  I took my son for his annual physical and filled out all the paper-work and returned it to the Oak Creek, I was just waiting for the settlement…we now know the plan (a hoax) as evidence by the Court on October 4th, 2010. 

    Can you imagine the pain and disappointment to my son?  We have endured so many disappointments.  My son is presently depressed.         

    I shall apologize in advance for what I am about to say, (again) but I am about to be brutally honest in terms of the way I presently see America because of what my son and self has been experiencing since 2007 at the hands of a School District attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid, who is associated with the law-firm of Drummond-Woodsum out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire;  a United States District Chief Judge, Steven McAuliffe, and Magistrate Judge James Muirhead, located at 153 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03303 the Chief Judge of the First Circuit Court Sandra L. Lynch; Judges Juan R. Torruella, Bruce M. Selya, Kermit V. Lipez, Michael Boudin, and Jeffrey R. Howard;  Address located at the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 .  Also included is Stuart R. Berger, Judge Baltimore Circuit Court, Courthouse East, 111 N. Calvert St, Baltimore City, Maryland 21202:  The Maryland DLL, 1100 N. Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD:  Finally, the Chief Justice Roberts; associate Justice Breyer.   Both located at:  Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC 20543-0001.

    I doubt we are alone!  (In fact, I am aware of at least 2 families, and they are aware (directly) of others who have been deprived due process and their Constitutional rights…people who continue to suffer wiretappings, mail interception, and computer hackings by Jeanne M. Kincaid, despite the so-call finality of the Special education law-suit.  Is the Patriot act ever in retirement when it comes to the parents and children of America’s special education?

    Incomprehensible and ongoing Human Rights abuses by the State of New Hampshire via the school district attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid!  People who are not terrorists but law-abiding people who went after their rights as prescribed by law! 

    The IDEA law (Individual disability education act) prescribes “parent-procedural safeguards” is the statue theoretical in name only, and is it only for those with money or are well-connected!  *See recent Supreme Court decision in special education as signed by Justice Roberts, i.e. The New York case involving the rich father.

    The IDEA statue today as well as the Winkleman decision gives parents the right to go after their property-interest (minor’s) rights along with their own.  *Note that the Winklemans ultimately lost their case (a not wealthy or connected family).

    The law today as recognized by the Supreme Court, in fact all the Federal judiciary, serves to lure ordinary everyday people; people who truly want to make a difference in the lives of a family member who happen to have a disability…to prepare them for a greater independence and fulfilling life:  The judiciary uses us as laughing stock:  The Court mocks, and scorns us (unless we are connected, and have money). 

    Never mind the rights  prescribed by law…American Judiciary lures, traps, and destroys so that while the propaganda of human rights and American generosity is at bay, Federal Judges and Justices are secretly busy destroying and breaking every oath they took.  This is an effort realized and refined by Justice John Roberts when it comes to parents and guardians of children under the special education umbrella, hence the Winkleman decision.

    At first glance, this decision under the Robert’s court appears to be enlightening, however, closer scrutiny elucidates the real fun:  The Winkleman decision was never meant to benefit poor families who ardently believed that their child (ren) had been wrong but not being able to afford legal counsel would do so themselves…I believe that the Winkleman decision is the Hood-winked decision!  Here is how that goes: 

    If you remember, I told you that I had retained an attorney, Mr. Raymond Foss.  Kincaid under the protection of the United States District Court in Concord New Hampshire conspired to have my attorney removed even before I lost the first job.  Attorney Foss’s sudden arrival at my home in tears, a very changed man is self-evident.  Why would they remove my attorney?  Why was he threatened with his livelihood?  Well if you have an ignorant mother representing herself, a mother without any legal training what do you suppose will happen to her?  And in fact, this is the thinking behind the great Hood-winked!  This is the reasoning behind the Winkleman decision! 

    Get parents representing themselves, and then watch the destruction as government lawyers with, or without cover of the Judge(s) destroy and stop them!  It begs the question, what good is my right to represent my property interest…my son?  What good is a theoretical right?

     This then is jolly good fun for a man who detests the special education statues and someone who is looking for ways to send messages to families and attorneys:  Indeed attorney Foss no longer practices Special Education law.  Under the Robert’s Court, it is OK; it is cool to destroy these children and their parents:  According to Mr. Harrises (Cawley Middle school principal Hooksett NH):  “You do not count!”  (Have him send you email, and you will see this upon each document)!  Families and children going after their rights… are baited, are set up, and destroyed! 

    The Winkleman decision, this monstrosity of 2007, specifically gives parents the right to be destroyed by the judiciary.  It states, yes; you have the right to represent your property interest:   In our auditorium’s sport of fun you will be placed in the middle; locked and gagged, bounded, and blind-folded:

    How dare you take IDEA to heart…what Constitution?  For your stupidity you will recognize terror…Do you honestly believe that Magistrate James Murihead for one moment contemplated your humanity?  It is clear that he believes that it is OK for an officer to spit in the face of a parent of a disabled child!


    We were aware of you from day 1 Elizabeth, and everything was tried to get you to go away. We dismissed all of your motions; purposely sent you documents with 3 days to respond; we used our Court personnel to stir you yonder; we applied the pain severe and un-relentless but always again, and just like before, you became the ever ready battery and would not quit!  


    Imagine!  All I wanted was a syllabus so that I could reinforce concepts and ideas at home to a child that has auditory processing issues, ADD (and was speech delayed):  Because the School District refused to help me help my son, I was forced to retain an attorney who discovered that the Hooksett New Hampshire School District lies about implementing the Federal law to children with disabilities; now, their attorneys (there are two…Melissa Hewey) because they could not get me to withdraw my rights, they conspired with District, Appellate and Supreme Court Justices to commit atrocities onto me and my son…took our home etc, and NOW, DO NOT WANT TO COMPENSATE! 

    From the time I took up residence upon these American shores 6/6/1975, until now; whether the current president, or the former president of 1975; the insistence of a classroom teacher, or professor; the in your face defiance of Rush Limbaugh, or some American experience program on public television, the rhetoric is the same…no other country approaches America’s commitment to human rights, its celebrated recognition of individual Constitutional rights, indeed America sees itself as the vanguard in this area, yet as I have experienced, this is indeed a Giant lie.

    All of over the internet just insert the phrase “judicial corruption” under Google or via the “you-tube” web-site and you will certainly see the vast lie; the hypocrisy…the sheer barbarism of the American Federal judge/justice.  This is a system where judges and Supreme Court justices routinely violate the Constitution; they destroy families:  This is a favorite past-time!

    A system where the “judicial system” hire hit-men to kill litigants; (See the case of Mr. Sheu of New York); a place where court documents disappear, and litigants are “set-up” (as in my case); and a place where litigants are often made to pay private fees (extortion fees) to the judge and his/her lawyer friends:  See online cases on You-tube.  Lawyers have been intimidated into submission afraid to voice any opinion and forced to take part in illegal and corrupt schemes defrauding their own clients (my former attorney Foss) and splitting the fees with the respective judge.

    Just witness what happened to attorney Richard Fine of Los Angeles:  A prominent tax attorney and former ambassador to Norway for America.  Attorney Fine was stripped of his law license, and sentenced to 1.5 years solitary confinement when he brought the corrupt practice of California Judges stealing from the tax payer to the tune of $50,000 dollars per year, per Judge for any case found in favor of the county regardless of whether or not the county was wrong!  The theft of over $300 million dollars from the tax-payer in a 22 year period!

    Punished and silenced by the District, Appellate and the United States Supreme Court for bringing sunshine to this vast corruption!  All over the internet is the lament of the BARBAROUS CRIMES BY THE AMERICAN JUDICIARY…SOME DESCRIBE THEM AS MAFIA GANG HITS REMINESCENT OF POL-POT, HITLER’S SS, AND DEATH SQUADS IN THE SO-CALL 3RD WORLD!

    Judge Edith Jones 5th Circuit acknowledges this much…in different language of-course!

    Dr. Fine a 70 year old man was recently release because they knew that I would continue to raise his case with my own, (as I was all along) and they wanted to minus this.  A very great happening, his recent release! 

    This is the real America, as experienced by me, and millions of Americans/citizens and residents alike:  A barbarous demagogue of a society specifically because of its inherent corrupt and Un-transparent judicial system:  A brutish whorish and perverted system of injustice where most of the time only the rich receives justice, as the judiciary indulges in terminal shake-downs, and threats to everyone who so much as to raise an eyebrow…the cases, the laments of ordinary AMERICAN CITIZENS ON LINE:

    Indeed the very media and politicians are major players in this game of Un-transparency and the nuances of this nightmare reality is realized when victims seek help and the media and politicians either out of cowardice and fear of the big bully (judiciary) ignore the victim, and or, stop societal awareness by their collaborative black-out:  Either way it sends the powerful message of the conspiratorial silence and commitment to Un-democratic principles even while these same people cry loudest about America’s egalitarian rule and sense of fairness and decency!  Many people anxious to maintain the lie will turn around to blame this victim…they are either protecting the systemic lie, or fear retaliation:  Indeed some of the senators during the Kagan confirmation hearings publicly spoke of the incestuous corruption!

     You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!

   We (my thirteen year old son and self) are no match for this vast corruption; I am seeking a green light for an investigation.  If the former president Richard Nixon can face corruption charges and be impeached, then so too can the involved judges and justices:  Sunshine can be allowed to enter the halls of the Supreme Court, and all federal Courts allowing true Democratic principles.  I am not upset because I “lost.”  I am angry and sad; that I was never allowed due process, I started suffering, with my IDEA and Constitutional rights violated from day 1, because I refused to withdraw my right to seek judicial review.

    This program of continued injustice was incorporated, hence it continues despite the judicial in-justice and ‘finality”:  It is noted that I am being kept chronically unemployed.  My son once had piano lessons; he went swimming at the “Y”, he went camping.  He is about to be 14, and this great American nightmare is continuing! 


     I understand that it appears (to the public) that the media fears the judiciary.  My exhibit documents did not disappear from my home, they were taken.  I believe that this occurred when I had my cell-phone on my person, (some months ago), Kincaid would have been able to keep track of my movements as I went shopping or to the library, and as I was returning home. 

               An up-date in reference to the Maryland DLLR

    I received a letter on Monday November 8, 2010 from the Maryland DLLR; here is a small sample of its contents:

    I have contacted State and Federal senators who claim that their hands are tied…   I am not a terrorist!  I have committed no crimes.  My other resort then would be to contact people like the Chinese (Are they the only ones who imprison people who go after their conscience)?  Is China so bad after all?  Or, is it a relative thing?   I certainly have been treated as a prisoner, a terrorist!  Bad things in China:  Very bad things in a hypocritical America?  Should I run to Iran? Contact Sweden, England?  Tell the Norwegians that the real culprits; the real threat to human rights is the “in-your-face” America!

    Please note the 5 page letter to me from rural development:  Here I have been prevented from following through with my obligation to this institution by another government agency (the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid, on the behalf of the Hooksett New Hampshire School District, under cover by 8 Judges and 2 Justices; now homeless, broken and destroyed, I am suppose to repay this money.  I still have my school loans to pay, loans that were down to $3,000, (in 2007 before my seeking justice… (Some justice):  Now $7,000 as I was prevented from paying them and the interest has accumulated.  THERE IS SOMETHING DEEPLY WRONG HERE! 

    Please note that I bought my condo in the year of 2005; the signed document is dated 9/29/08.  I believe that my signature was copied onto this paper!

    *My United States mail continues to be intercepted, however, and perhaps if you were to respond to me, this will not happen to your mail? I simply do not know.  I cannot risk giving you my friends name and address however, so if you intend to respond to me please use my address given here.  Thank you.

    It is important to know that ultimately I will have to print this document; it has become apparent to me, that Kincaid has the technological abilities to infiltrate and hack onto private computers, i.e.  Recently, I used a computer belonging to a friend:  First I told her about my situation and Kincaid’s vast abilities, but she down-played Kincaid’s ability to hack into her computer because of the “extensive” and money well-spent protections she has acquired onto her lap-top; suddenly while using her computer, I saw the tell-tale signs of Kincaid’s entry….an icon she uses to let me know that she is present, I did not tell my acquaintance.  This told me 2 things, that Kincaid’s tools are vastly superior, and that I have no chance of being considered for any of the employment situations my friend has recommended me for with her input!  It is clear that Kincaid and company want me to return to Holly-Hill; it is clear too, that I have been black-listed in Maryland and will find it difficult to obtain other employment.  Accordingly, this is still America, and I am told that I have a right to my choice!

    My resume with my name is currently on my friend’s lap-top.  Key-words/phrases applicable to me are used by Kincaid to locate me, and perhaps anyone seeking such information:  To test my theory, I recently placed the phrase “judicial corruption” on one of the display computers on a well-known frequented and established chain store, within seconds that particular computer was deluged by viruses, Trojans and other vulnerabilities as my personal lap-top could attest to every time I seek world-wide help (i.e. sign onto the internet)! Via WI FI.  Recently, Kincaid was able to manipulate the amount of “grace-period” (time I have left) on my now expired subscription of Kasperky.  The idea is to fool me so that if I go online (public WI FI) Kincaid could over-whelm my lap-top with viruses and destroy it, much like she did to the last two desk-tops.

                     Special Education Department:  Congressional Responsibility 

    “Indeed the Congress recognized the actions of lawyers on the behalf of School Districts, and so they placed safeguards to protect the rights of parents/guardians.”  (My quote page 2).

    It is clear, that my rights as a parent with a child under the Special Education umbrella, respective of this case were not protected:  This begs the question, why have these safeguards if they are not around when danger strikes?  Are there really “safeguards” at all?  Is this statue a window dressing for the world about America’s First-world status?  Some people have been telling me that; well, the Congress was aware that IDEA 2004 was not to be taken seriously… surely the Congress is not blind to the affects?

    Clearly there is something to be said for those statues violated by the School District and implicated by the Hon. James Muirhead; moreover what about the revered Constitution?  To all House and Senate members, surely the over-whelming American cry is the safeguard and protections of the Constitutions; surely dear senators and house members you will not deny us justice because we are Black and disabled?  Peruse this document I implore:

    Be not intimidated by the overwhelming and significant involvement of the judiciary, you must remember that, that is because this is open, (and you bare witness); this is more likely the norm out there in America as cases make their way up the food-chain! 

    This is the opportunity for transparency; I say respectfully, you cannot justify chastising the victims and killing the messenger… not while America speaks of Afghani corruption, and Iraqi, and Cuban and Soviet and 3rd World dishonesty.   

    Since we have lost everything, and my son continues not to receive an education, and the Courts have proven to be WORTHLESS in this case, I am seeking Congressional help in restoring justice!  Indeed the measures you have in place to prevent this did not work for us! 

    As I noted on page 5, the Supreme Court under the guidance of the Chief Justice Roberts dismissed this case irrespective of the evidence, circumstantial, direct and precedence because it has no respect for the IDEA law.  Like the current mess surrounding anonymous (and international) money givers to America’s election campaigns, to the recent ruling regarding the Ledbetter injustice, we have a chief justice who functions as a dictator…he disrespects Congress  and thumbs  his nose at the Statues.

    I say respectfully, that you do have the power, and the moral responsibility to restore Justice!!!!

    People have asked me (rhetorically speaking) and I have asked myself, what good are the IDEA statues, the parent procedural safe-guards if the Judiciary does not respect them?  For sure Kincaid could not have gotten thus far, had it not been the power of judicial corruption!

    Perhaps instead of luring parents into this nightmare knowing that not only is there still over-whelming racism amongst those “trusted” to be fair and decent and to adjudicate without respect to race, but this case poignantly demonstrates the destructive and hateful bias still amongst the handicap and those with special needs.

    The sad thing is, that none of us are safe, and I know this as a nurse…I have seen people who were once at the prime of their game…healthy and looking forward to the future only to develop some brain tumor or such deficit that impact upon the quality of their life, and life-style. 

    Here, my son and self have been treated as though as if we are not human; what motivates people to be that callous?   Perhaps the Congress should eliminate the IDEA law, and the anti retaliation statues in fairness to children and parents, or, put in place strict statues prohibiting and preventing school district attorneys from collaborating with Judges and Justices, and, a czar whom parents/attorneys can report to.       

    Surely the IDEA laws are not meant to be window dressing for world eyes!

            The Judges and Justices swore to uphold the Constitution                   

    By seeking justice one can see that not only have I never received due process but suffered Constitutional violations immediately by the Conspiratorial cover of the District Court.  The Appellate Court ignored my rule 60 (b) pleading and continued likewise, it did not reach a logical and legal conclusion (based upon the incurred violations and the destruction, based upon precedent, and the law): 

    Accordingly, precedent and law invokes the Subject Matter Violation question:  Still, this Negress would not give up (despite the continued and over-whelming destruction) hoping that there was a place of justice, morality and decency within the American jurisprudence…only to be met with more of the same at the Supreme Court (See all the dismissals), read my desperate Emergency Injunction pleading.  Still now, and as before, the “legal case over,” Kincaid continues to deny me my Constitutional rights as the carnage continues, and as all the Justices know would happen even as justice Breyer denied my Emergency injunction and the Court as a whole agree that no justice would be afforded me in Constitutional America!  I have loss my home, pets, furniture, piano, books, car, and credit; my son has loss stability; his innocence as Kincaid deluged us with porn via the internet:  He has loss years of an education and has only known pain and disappointment since age 10.  He no longer has karate, piano lessons, swimming or security:  WHAT HAS HE DONE TO DESERVE THIS?

    There is a continued action in America when it comes to Negroes:  The Judiciary  destroy us…and the history and precedence demonstrates that whether in slavery; or being injected with the syphilis bacteria, there exists much utter hatred and contempt:  Via  intellectualizing, reasons are designed to explain why we are not entitled to justice! 

    This is a country that regularly speaks of Chinese human rights abuses, and life under Fidel, and Iranian dictators, and Afghani terrorists, while here, jailing those exercising Amendment one:   The dirty –little-American secret of human-rights abuses!   And yes, here there are no differences…Sandinistas, and Contras are alike!   

    Certainly attorney Richard Fine (of Los Angeles California) was not calling for the over-throw of the government…just accountability!   But he is guilty, guilty; this 70 year old man is guilty of informing society> YOU!  Such disdain and contempt they have of >YOU!  And this is realized by the unconscionable jailing of Fine.  For one and a half years…without a charge or crime committed.  The mainstream media is aware and afraid, and in silence, in America; they watch the atrocities!  Finally as more and more people visited the Fine online site, the media is instructed that they can now give cover (this dampens the ever widening suspicion that a conspiracy is at bay):  CNN (solo) is allowed to interview!    

    Inhumanity to myself and son…whereas my only crime was to advocate for those rights in statue by Congress and the Founding fathers!  Dear people, good people, what do we have before us?  Is this the anti-Christ?  And such is their dislike for the society…which begat them!  Trespassing upon the Constitution!

    These crimes against humanity must see day-light!  Be brought to the world’s attention.  The veil of secrecy unmasked.  The incestuous and dirty crimes of Boston’s judicial council; renounced!  I cannot in good faith ever ask my son to fight for a country that denies him his humanity and treats him differently in terms and conditions of its application of its laws!  

    While the former justice and very Hon. Sandra Day O’Connor is out via PBS 

   Seeking ways to promote video games which would encourage middle-school children via an “internet civics classroom” to play games showing the fine life of the American judiciary; it is necessary to know and keep in mind that respect is earned, and those same children (if things do not change) would become people like me, who see this institution for what it is! 

    With all of this negativity brought about by Kincaid and the Federal Judges and Justices, it is so easy to forget that there are truly very good, moral and decent people in America; indeed this is so in New Hampshire, as it is in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maryland!

    I want to take a moment to underscore many, many people who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons:  People that continue to impart their humanity to us.  Many of these people are white.

    I cannot begin to express my deepest and most sincere thanks, and the phrase “thank-you” does not convey my essence of gratitude; my deepest recesses of heart-felt gratefulness.  


Kincaid is now boasting about her friends within the Congress. 



    These are the violations then:

  1. My fundamental right to seek government redress (Amendment 1)
  2. My fundamental right to access the Courts (Amendment 1)
  3. My fundamental right to contract and engage in the occupation of my choice (14th Amendment:  Liberty Right)
  4. My fundamental right to recognize my property right (my nursing license) a right and property interest conferred upon me by the (State of NH BILL OF RIGHTS; and my 14th Amendment Right,)
  5. My fundamental right not to be deprive of my Liberty (Amendment 5, 14 & its Protection clause )
  6. My basic and fundamental right to nurture, protect, educate, and parent my son, and my right to engage in an economic contract of my choice to do this (14th Amendment, and Liberty and protection clause)
  7. The basic and human rights of myself, and my 13 year old minor son, not to be De-stabilized by Jeanne Kincaid et al, to live without fear (Amendment 14)
  8. I am consistently; maliciously, this is ongoing; abused and violated when using the internet.   Since my initial complaint in August 2007, and presently continuing, Jeanne M. Kincaid et al, has been harassing and doing everything in her power to prevent me from submitting a cohesive document in relation to the topic at hand:  This includes freezing pages; interfering with my ability to be online; eliminating pages I brought up via Google Search; interfering with the Google search apparatus so that it ceases to function, erasing my current document as I am writing and inserting inappropriate words/comments. (Amendment 14, Property and Liberty clause)
  9. My IDEA rights/Parent procedural safeguards (20. U.S.C§ 1415)

10.  Due Process the Constitutional guarantee of “due process of law” which ensures that persons whose rights may be adversely affected by litigation have the opportunity for their “day in court,” to be heard and to present proof(s) in support of their claim or defense. Accordingly, before any judgment can be made for or against a party, certain procedural safeguards WARRANT that a just and FAIR HEARING on the matter has been conducted and that all parties whose interests may be affected by the controversy have been notified of their right to be heard.  (14th Amendment).  Kincaid and the named Judges have violated my rights here, and have been punitively and arbitrarily punishing me,  via their activities of causing me chronic unemployment, and the inability to maintain a job

11.  My rights not to be retaliated against in lieu of 504 of the Rehab act

12.  In lieu of  Maryland State and New Hampshire State, and Federal Tort law; the Interference with economic relations to cause Intentional and Negligent Financial, and Emotional Harm  


    MY SON IS AWAITING JUSTICE, AND THE RIGHT TO AN EDUCATION!  He was 10 years old when this started, he shall be 14 years on Monday November 1st. He cannot remember peace and happiness; he is a depressed child, THANKS TO THE GREAT AMERICAN IN- JUSTICE!

    I am seeking a Congressional investigation, and the restitution of our lives including our Human rights as well as Constitutional rights.

   I am seeking Jail-time, fines, loss of license; a combination of these for the attorney Jeanne M. Kincaid.

    I am seeking an investigation of named Judges and justices, and consequences according to the United States Constitution as people who violated their oath and did trespass upon the noble document!  It must be noted that the former president of these United States Richard Nixon, when it was shown that he violated the law, the people did receive justice under the Constitution!

    United States District Chief Judge, Steven McAuliffe, and Magistrate Judge James Muirhead, located at 153 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03303 the Chief Judge of the First Circuit Court Sandra L. Lynch; Judges Juan R. Torruella, Bruce M. Selya, Kermit V. Lipez, Michael Boudin, and Jeffrey R. Howard:   Address: United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, 1 Courthouse Way, Boston, Massachusetts 02210.  Chief Justice Roberts and associate Justice Breyer:   Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC 20543-0001.  Jeanne M. Kincaid, Hooksett New Hampshire School District lawyer, works out of the Portsmouth NH office of Drummond-Woodsum law-firm.

  1.  I am seeking Justice:  I would like the replacement of my home,

       credit, car, piano, pets… and monetary compensation.  I have the right to my       

       privacy online, via my U.S. mail, as well as my online mail and using my

       telephone!  I have a right to my banking privacy…My right to contact anyone

       privacy, the right to accumulate friends privacy!  I have a right to receive all

       the monies (not government monies) that my son’s father with his sweat and

       responsibility is supplying without the theft of Jeanne M. Kincaid. 

  1.  I have been kept isolated, all forms of communication interrupted; kept on the run; had porn and death threats sent to me, and made to feel like a prisoner and a terrorist.  I am seeking punitive damages, and for my son (property interest as well)!
  2. If citizens and residents are not suspected terrorists there must be mandatory laws protecting them from government corruption and destruction, and deliberate negative envelopment of their lives.  There should be swift and immediate consequences for this breach.   
  3. That government servants uphold the laws of the United States Constitution and not destroy the essence of love for America   
  4. I am seeking a copy of the original denial letter that was sent to me from the Maryland DLL (please subpoena this document).
  5. I am seeking an investigation into the connection of the person(s) Kincaid was able to use in order to carry out the violation of my IDEA, and Constitutional rights in Maryland
  6. I am seeking an investigation into the handling of my unemployment insurance, and also the violations of my civil and monetary rights under the law By Maryland DLL 
  7. I am seeking the loss of Kincaid’s law-license; a heavy fine, and jail time
  8. That justices who trespassed onto the Constitution be not above the law, but be impeached!

10. That justices who conspired to deprive citizens/residents of their Constitutional rights, and due process be impeached for trespassing upon the Constitution

11. I am seeking heavy fines for the Maryland DLL, and impeachment proceedings for the Hon. Justice Breyer for conspiring with Kincaid and the Maryland DLL to deprive me of my rights, again, if Richard Nixon a citizen of these United States can be impeached, so can Justice Breyer

12. As a member of a group that has experienced Nazi atrocities, Justice Breyer has a  moral responsibility; he also has a legal responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution, and not to make criminals of the citizens or State 

13. I am seeking either an abolishment of the IDEA laws (which have been rendered obsolete and useless…respective of poor parents), or stronger laws with serious consequences for School District attorneys, judges and justices who retaliate and trespass upon the IDEA and Constitutional rights of parents/guardians making a complaint; or who tries to bully such people into denying their very own rights! 

14. I am seeking automatic and heavy fines; loss of license and mandatory prison time and strong language that abolishes and deters the above.

15. I am seeking a permanent cease and decease of the violations of my Constitutional rights, and in all States, all jobs

16. A cease to contacts to all State police in all states; prospective employers, friends and relatives wherever I go by Jeanne M. Kincaid;

17. An investigation of the Maryland State police in respective to my civil rights violations

18. An end to the hacking of my son’s DS

19. An end to the wire-taps of my son’s friends and family

20. The behavior of the Judges, Justices and school district attorney has placed a chill on supposed sanctioned government statues in reference to Special Education and the law.  Currently there is a message that states IT IS OK TO DENY IDEA AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO CHILDREN AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS INVOLVED IN SPECIAL EDUCATION:  CONGRESS NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY, OR ABOLISH THE SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW; SO THAT FAMILIES WILL NOT FALL VICTIM TO CORRUPTION.   

21. That no other child and parent under IDEA or any laws of the United States are kept unemployed, lose their home, pets, property or destroyed via their Credit, or suffer emotional and privacy violations, and be forced to relinquish a Constitutional or government mandated right, ever again!


    Would you dear reader, turn a blind-eye to this Wiki-ness and Oppression?

                                                         Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                Elizabeth Campbell

PS   (1) I cannot make the required copies of the exhibits due to lack of funds.  I  shall include a copy of the titled exhibit page however, and have them available however for anyone who wants copies and can assist me.

     I cannot mail this document to you for two reasons:  (2) Mail Interception:  my mail is intercepted in route to destination; if you (another government entity sends me mail, it remains to be seen whether your mail is intercepted…for sure it will be opened).

(3)  Costs:  Understandably you see I have no money to mail .  Thank you

morning after

morning after