I realize his emptiness has been beaten to a pulp on this already, but it’s worth going all out to put it in black and white (from various sources – nothing really new below) for future reference because you just know someone will mumble it again.

The famous mega-pastor and author of The Porpoise Drivel Life tweeted:

“HALF of America pays NO taxes. Zero. So they’re happy for tax rates to be raised on the other half that DOES pay any taxes.”

Well alrightly then.  Let’s look at the life of Lunch Bucket Jane and see how true that is.

1) She pays Medicare every paycheck.

2) Ditto for Social Security.

3) Also, usually a state Income tax (probably along with mandatory unemployment insurance and/or disability insurance).

4) Gas tax on every fill-up, federal and sometimes state (plus a yearly car tax/fee for operation/registration).

5) Sales tax on most purchases (maybe even on take out food?)

6) County/school district/special district property taxes whether direct (to the county, if she’s lucky) or indirect (bundled in her rent, but with the deduction going to her landlord).  Plus transfer tax, etc, if she does buy a modest house.

7) Airline ticket tax when she lucky enough to scrape together some cash to have the kids go see grandma every few years.

8) Various small phone taxes/fees and similar fese that companies that have monopoly power in her area can without constraint pass directly on to her rather than cutting into profits.

9) City income tax or special assessments?

The above adds to, at a minimum, 20-something percent of her salary per year, but probably even more.

Of course being generous (unlike you, apparently), I’ll assume as others have that you were only referring to about the  federal income tax.  There’s two points to consider:

1) As for the standard (or itemized) deductions and exemptions (having kids, being blind, etc) – those are there so that after all of the taxes above that you’ve paid, people can keep their jobs and at least eat and have shelter for their family.  Surely you aren’t complaining about that, right?  Or were you just pissing on poor people to vent a little?

2) Oh, you were referring to tax credits like the EIC,  Making Work Pay, etc that zeros out taxes or maybe even allows people to get a refund.  Scandalous!?!  But consider where the idea for such tax credits came from: I believe Milton Friedman – his idea of a negative tax as the most efficient way to help poor people (no wasteful gov’ment programs – just give ’em the money).  Have ya’ll gone so far off the deep end as to crap on Uncle Milty, too?

So, you stuffed shirt, deliberately ignorant, pseudo-Christian wiener: stick to tweeting things know about – Bible thumpin’ and money grubbin’.

P.S.  You, of all people, should be the last to whine about others not paying taxes: your wealthy church gets huge tax breaks at the federal, state, and local levels.  I mean, if sewers in your area are bundled into your property taxes, then you literally aren’t paying for the crap you flush down the toilet right before heading out and preaching (dumping a different kind of load).  Talk about welfare queen – look in the mirror.