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Pathogenic Reason- Attacking an Ideological Monoculture

The Right is powered by these canned bumper sticker talking points that bounce around in blogs and pseudo-folksy chain emails- you probably get them forwarded to you from wingnut relatives. Once you’ve formulated potent rhetorical refutations of those talking points, you’ve got ammunition against not just the one poster parroting the talking point but all the robo-pundits working off the same astro-turfed page.

The Tea Party Right is pretty much an intellectual monoculture built on a pool of these manufactured, glib, shallow zingers repeated ad nauseum by people largely lacking the cognitive tools to defend them from substantive refutation. Like a field of Midwestern inbred industrial corn where every plant is an exact genetic replica of its thousands of neighbors, it all looks and works great until a pathogen is introduced that one has no resistance to. Because obviously that single pathogen can kill every identical inbred plant in the whole field.

The trolls cutting and pasting their pseudo-homespun little sound bites are feeding us the keys to creating the rhetorical pathogens to bring down the whole field. The Left because it is intrinsically less hierarchal and more individualistic in temperament is also intrinsically less in intellectual lock step- analogous to biodiversity, we have a wider diversity of thought to draw upon. To continue the genetic metaphor, we are a field of open pollinated heirloom corn- not as uniform and probably not as high yielding, but our superficially inefficient diversity gives us a far greater resistance to pathogenic attack. You might take out a few of us here and there with a good bug or fungus but unlike a monoculture we aren’t nearly as vulnerable to attack.

The Right keeps handing us telling samples of their ideological genome, rather than rail at them let’s use those to map that ideological genome and find its vulnerabilities. You bring down one talking point, cut and paste roboposter and you’ve got the tools to take down scores in each scything sweep.

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Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry