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Liveblog of Senate Proceedings

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Senate votes to table the Boehner bill 59-41. Several Republicans, including Orrin Hatch and Jim DeMint, oppose the bill and voted with the Democrats.

Reid files cloture on his bill. McConnell says he will allow the Senate to vote on it tonight, but Reid says he will only allow it if it will get an up or down vote.

McConnell says that puts them in the strange position of having the House vote on the Reid proposal before the Senate will.

Reid looks a bit thrown. Says that the Republicans would not negotiate with them, and were operating in bad faith. (Kent Conrad says McConnell refused to negotiate with Reid, but said he’d negotiate with Obama.) Calls for the infamous “fake quorum call.”

Mark Udall: Senate adjourns until 1pm tomorrow.

Reid holding press conference: “It’s time for us to be adults.”

Durbin: “Boehner talked about his bi-partisan bill. We waited on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Passed today, all Republican votes. It was dead on arrival on a bipartisan basis in the Senate. There is a growing sentiment among Senators on both sides of the aisle to come to a compromise. What they are waiting for is a permission slip from Senator McConnell — “hold back until Boehner has his chance.”

We waited all day — this morning Reid went up to McConnell on the floor and said “let’s work this out.” All day nothing. At the end of the day, McConnell called and said “I’m not going to negotiate with you.”

Schumer: This morning at 10 am Reid asked McConnell to negotiate, waiting for Boehner bill to be resolved in the House. But after Boehner bill passed, McConnell said he would not negotiate. Schumer says 10 Republican Senators want to negotiate, but they are waiting for McConnell’s permission.

The only game in town is the modified Reid bill. It meets the strictures that both parties have laid down — it must extend the deficit ceiling beyond 2012 for the sake of the Presidential election the markets.  It has what they want, which is no revenues.  We’re still waiting for leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner to move a little in our direction.

Q:  You didn’t include any triggers.  Why not?

A:  Reid: We’ve got a closet full of triggers people have suggested.  But this week I was talking with Jack Lew and I came to the conclusion I was negotiating with myself.  We can’t get the Republicans to agree to any revenues.

Q:  The House has now passed 2 plans and Senator Schumer says that your bill is the only game in town. What’s the plan?

A: We amend this bill. To think that they have sent us something that the American people will accept — it was an extravaganza that all made them look very foolish.

Q:  What is the way forward?

A: Reid: It’s up to the Republicans. We have a fine proposal. It reduces the debt by $2.4 trillion, sets up the Catfood Commission II. They should go for our bill.

Luke Russert:  The rules of cloture mean that the Reid bill won’t come to the floor until Tuesday and it could cause turmoil in the markets. (Apparently wasn’t watching when McConnell offered a vote on the Reid bill tonight.)

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