Halliburon sites flagged

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Yesterday the heat index in Duncan, OK, reached 109F.    The map of Duncan, shown above, has flags on the Halliburton sites there.   Things that the map doesn’t show are the homes – all of which include some family member suffering from thyroid problems.

The thyroid troubles have been tracked back to Halliburton burning jet fuel in land nearby, producing elements that infested ground water.   The families used the ground water, and were affected by poisons in it.

The wells are located on Duncan’s north side, where Halliburton used to perform government contract work involving removing and burning spent missile fuel contained in missile casings. It’s been 20 years since Halliburton conducted operations at the site but the company thinks the work probably contributed to the groundwater contamination.

The company collected the water samples from the wells to meet Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality requirements.

Halliburton said it is supplying affected residents with bottled drinking water and a temporary water supply system if needed. It said it will also reimburse any potentially affected resident for the costs of health screenings and continue to determine if additional wells in the area have been contaminated.

Presently, Halliburton is supplying potable water to the afflicted.   The poisons in the systems other than those with known thyroid problems, however, include extreme heat and drought, and atmosphere full of the wastes from fossil fuels.   Yet another poison Halliburton is still producing is denial of the effects of burning fossil fuel.

The work of Erin Brokovitch’s law firm in L.A.  has been directed at Duncan’s outbreak after its water was contaminated.

“I’ve been working with ammonium perchlorate contamination across the United States since 1983. This is the worst I’ve ever seen — in magnitudes of thousands,” he (the firm’s Bob Bowcock) said.

Of about 40 water wells tested in Duncan, roughly 18 showed high levels of contamination. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is just considering proposing a regulatory drinking water limit of the chemical, Bowcock said a level of 16 parts per billion is considered significant. The Calloway family’s water tested at 194 parts per billion.

When the harmful effects of its work are proven, even a Halliburton proceeds to do something before the law steps in.   Until legal threat is encountered, though, it works hard with its lobbyists and its minions to keep harm from being traced to the doorstep of the firm while it works its damage on our environment.

While harm accumulates, Halliburton and other Big Oil criminals will do all the harm they can, while using their profits to insulate themselves from its results.  It has been a breeding ground for the extremists who fight for the right of Big Oil to make the planet uninhabitable.

Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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