Multimillionaire Democratic Mayor David Bing has announced plans to force residents out of large sections of the city, with no compensation.  Yes,  my source is an excellent article from the Trotskyist World Socialist Web Site, but I see no reason to doubt it’s validity. From the article:

“Detroit’s Democratic mayor, David Bing, revealed further details Wednesday of his plan to shrink the city by forcing residents out of neighborhoods deemed too poor or underpopulated. Under the “planned contraction” scheme, the city will reduce or eliminate trash pickup, street lighting, fire and police protection, public schools and other essential services to drive residents out.”


“The scheme, which is being funded by a “public-private partnership” of the federal government and the multibillion-dollar Kresge and Skillman Foundations, will divide Detroit into three “market-type” categories, according to analysis of the plan by the Detroit News.

The first, deemed “steady” neighborhoods, would include those with a higher level of owner-occupied homes. These would see “more code enforcement, debris cleanups, streetlight repairs, business recruitment and commercial area improvements,” the newspaper reported.

“Transitional” areas—with a relatively high presence of foreclosed and bank-owned properties—“would see more building demolitions, board-ups and road improvements,” the News said.

Finally, “distressed” neighborhoods—with a “near absence of market activity,” and high vacancy rates—would be issued a death sentence, seeing “a concentration of demolitions” and other measures to “enhance vacant lots.”


“Wednesday’s announcement did not include the mayor’s original proposals to provide financial incentives to encourage residents to move. Instead the removal of services will be used to force residents to relocate into more populated areas or simply out of the city.”

To see the full article, here’s the link:

There’s hardly any mention of this outrageous plan in the corporate media. When there is,  it’s considered a “liberal” plan because the Fascist Mayor has a “D” after his name. It apparently has the full support of the Obama Administration, surprise, surprise.

The only plus side I can see is that it, along with Obama’s efforts to loot Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, may have finally pushed Congressman Conyers and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus to finally break with the white President who only plays a black one on TV.  Most of the soon-to-be displaced residents, of course, are African-American.

If this plan is allowed to happen, it is just one small step to walling off areas of cities where people refuse to leave and dumping the criminal population, and eventually, perhaps, political dissidents in there, creating an “Escape from New York” or the ghettos envisioned in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes entitled “Past Tense.”

This is very scary stuff. Soon, there will probably be social unrest, to say the least, in Detroit, Youngstown, Ohio and other cities considering this,  as people lose their electricity, water, and fire and police protection. We need to support the people of Detroit when the time comes.

Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian