Most here at FDL understand that the primary reason for most if not all war is to take the other guy’s “stuff!”  That stuff maybe natural resources,  the land, or the people themselves (cheap or slave labor).  The two prime motivators the elite have used so successfully for  thousands of years to whip the unwashed masses into a mass murderous frenzy are Nationalism and Religion.   A sweetener that always seemed  to find its way into the heat of battle (among the blood, guts and screaming babies)  is Racism.   Racism in war, the cherry  atop  generations of  rotting  broken and violated  human corpses.

Brandon  Duran produced a nice post concerning Harry Truman and evoking the 14th amendment. While commenting I (being a bleeding heart liberal) strayed off subject a bit and ended up in a circle jerk with stevo67  and OhioGringo  concerning our compassion displayed while committing (in my opinion)  the greatest act of terrorism in human history:  Hiroshima and Nagasaki


“”So, the awful math was 150,000-200,000 civilians killed (which was the number of Japanese civilians killed during the Tokyo firebomb raids) by using two weapons powerful enough to have a huge psychological impact that may shorten the war considerably (and which did lead to the best desired outcome, the surrender of Japan), or between 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 persons killed using your most optimistic estimate, with over half likely being civilians, and American dead equaling the pre-war population of Dallas Texas.

Over the years I have listened  to the  “we bombed them to save them” argument;  I did not drink the Cool-aid then and I am still not thirsty. Sounds to me like white middle class guilt trying to explain away why our country was the only ones to nuke humanity in all of human history?   It  kinda blows the framing of the narrative that the old “evil empire” (USSR) or the sinister Communist  Chinese did not and have not to this date  join us in this dubious  honor.


“by using two weapons powerful enough to have a huge psychological impact that may shorten the war considerably”

The above statement is the very definition of Terrorism!

Ok, by now some may ask, “what does any of this have to do with war and racism?”

I proposed that there was a racist component to our war with Japan and almost instantly I was confronted with this:


Bullshit, Vector. The Japanese had NOT surrendered. They were preparing to defend their islands to the last Japanese child big enough to hold a gun or swing a sword, as well. Don’t believe me? Ask an old Japanese.”

Am I the only one who finds  it strange how the little brown (Arabs) and yellow (Japanese and Vietnamese )  people never want to be  taken prisoner and always gleefully fight to the death?   Makes for a much better explanation than what George Carlin proposed: “Bombing little brown and yellow people is our hobby.” The truth is that back then with the Japanese we went out of our way to kill as many of them as possible to make the point that colonialism is the white man’s burden exclusively!



And drop the racist shit, too. If the atomic bomb had been developed a few months earlier, don’t doubt for a second the first bomb would have been dropped on Berlin. That’s what it was designed for, you know. Germany. Not Japan.”


“Dropping that race shit”  seems to  fit the  so carefully crafted narrative of the new left?  I suggested to Gringo that he hang out more with his one token Black friend there in Ohio until he understands the nuance and subtleties of racism.

During WWII German prisoners  roamed free in southern towns while Japanese Americans were lock up in containment camps:  no racism here people!

The Vietamese were Gooks

Arabs are Rag-heads

Until White America owns up to the insanity of racism we will never become “a more perfect union.”   Hiding  behind the first  Black president  changes very little.