While we wait for John Boehner to emerge triumphant from the House cloak room carrying a baseball bat or to slink out of the chamber like Willy Loman, let’s go over the rest of the day:

• Boehner considers how the rating agencies judge his bill to be “beyond my control.” Responsible!

• Philip Klein notes that the defense cuts in the Reid plan are larger than the Boehner plan, though the overall discretionary spending cuts are the same. So that will be another endgame battle.

• Nick Davies is at it again with another great article on News of the World phone hacking. In this one, Sara Payne was given a phone by Rebekah Brooks to stay in touch with supporters after her 8 year-old daughter was abducted. Then they hacked that phone.

• Behold, the $2 trillion Reagan coin. Jack Balkin writesup the option for CNN. Once again, these are elegant solutions, but given that they would be in the hands of political actors unwilling to execute them, you might as well be saying that Obama should wave a magic wand over the national debt clock and make it disappear.

• Remember when Jared Loughner used high-capacity gun clips for his shooting spree, and Congress didn’t legislate anything at all around that? Funny story, Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik bought his high-capacity gun clips from a company in the US.

• The Education Department is responding to our broken legislature by making unilateral policy decisions and using the tools at their disposal to implement them. The problem of expansive executive power is tied explicitly to the problem of legislative dysfunction.

• Both sides are likely to see what they want to see out of this report from the Medicare Office of the Actuary. It shows health spending growing post-Affordable Care Act through 2020 by 0.1%, but that’s with 31 million extra people covered. Igor Volsky and the White House seem to like the numbers.

• In addition, the Medicare prescription drug benefit has reduced hospital spending, as seniors don’t forego as many drugs.

• Kentucky AG and former Senate candidate Jack Conway filed a lawsuit against for-profit colleges in the state, over lying to and cheating their students.

• Delaware and Massachusetts are now investigating MERS, though the extent of the investigation is unknown.

• Members of the religious left were arrested in the Capitol Rotunda today after protesting cuts to the poor.

• People don’t seem to get this, but foreclosure activity is down because of the documentation problems, not because less people are defaulting on their homes.

• Jeffrey Goldberg has a ton of explaining to do, along with the Atlantic generally.

• You know who else could answer some questions? Al Sharpton, apparently a paid lobbyist for Comcast rewarded with the 6pm slot on MSNBC.

• Where is the invisible Mitt Romney on this debt limit crisis? Not exactly strong leadership. But with Obama slipping fast, maybe saying nothing is the right policy.

• I know a deficit reduction strategy, not acting like an imperial power in ways that will cost us in blood and treasure for years to come.

• The areas of the economy growing the fastest are mining and resource extraction. Naturally, Republicans think the economic solution is to abolish the EPA.

• Hotel workers in Chicago filed charges with the Park Hyatt for turning the heat lamps on picketing employees. Meanwhile, a major labor victory in Virginia as Ikea warehouse workers vote to unionize.

• Activists believe 3,000 Syrians have disappeared since the beginning of the uprising. Remember the Arab Spring?

• TV-genic Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh owes $100,000 in back child support.

• Barney Frank sees gender bias in the rejection of Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I don’t know, I think that Republicans just don’t want a CFPB.

• Remember that Army general psy-ops story, where William Caldwell was accused of using tricks to persuade Senators into supporting the Afghan war? The Army cleared Caldwell of wrongdoing.

• Industry lobbyists are now attacking reports before they’re even released.

David Dayen

David Dayen