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The Political Strategists Advising the White House Are F***ing Retarded

by griffithchris

As my boy Rahmbo would say.

Political strategists are advising the White House to frame the debate in terms that will appeal to independent swing voters, who are considered crucial for Obama’s reelection effort next year in battleground states such as Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Colorado. A strategy memo published this month by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, for example, recommends focusing on how GOP-backed cuts would threaten services to seniors, Medicare and food-safety inspections.

Great thinking! That’s a very smart plan since large majorities are opposed to cutting services to seniors and Medicare.

One small problem: Obama’s proposed cutting services to seniors and Medicare.

Also, too, these mythical “independent swing voters” could care less about reducing the debt — they want jobs.

Please make it stop.

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