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Please Sign This Petition For Palestinian Statehood

On Facebook: 10 Million signatures for a Palestinian State on September…

Avaaz’s Palestinian Petition…

Palestine: the world’s next nation

To the leaders of France, Spain, Germany, the UK and the High Representative of the EU and all UN member states:

“We urge you to endorse the legitimate bid for recognition of the state of Palestine and the reaffirmation of the rights of the Palestinian people. It is time to turn the tide on decades of failed peace talks, end the occupation and move towards peace based on two states.”

Please take two minutes to sign them…!

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council heard testimony from the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, in which he warned the Security Council of “Dramatic” Deadlock in Peace Process, and called for a “Credible Political Path Forward” and Bold Actions on the Ground…

UN: Palestinians ready for statehood

The Palestinian Authority is ready to govern a nation but deadlock with Israel has made a two-state solution far from certain, the UN special envoy for the Middle East peace process said Tuesday. […]

“The Palestinian Authority is ready to assume the responsibilities of statehood at any point in the near future,” Robert Serry said in a briefing to the UN Security Council.

But he warned that without a “credible political path forward,” the “viability of the Palestinian Authority and its statebuilding agenda — and, I fear, of the two-state solution itself — cannot be taken for granted.”

He called the deadlock between the two sides “profound and persistent.” […]

Serry noted that settlements were illegal under international law and insisted “settlement activity must cease.”

He urged Israel “to do more to empower its moderate, committed and peaceful Palestinian partner.”

The Israeli Ambassador to the UN was quick to respond…

…Israeli officials on Wednesday said they were pleased with the outcome of the Mideast debate at the Security Council the day before, an event considered to be a dress rehearsal for the expected vote at the UN over recognition of Palestinian statehood slated for September.

“The foreign ministry and the Israeli mission to the UN is working tirelessly and preparing for all the possible outcomes [at the expected vote in September],” an official at the Israeli mission to the UN said. “We delivered the unilateral message that the only way to peace is through negotiations. There are no shortcuts.” […]

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, speaking after Mansour, told the Security Council that security and recognition of Israel as a Jewish State are the two linchpin issues that must be acknowledged by Palestinians in order to reach a final agreement and two-state solution.

Prosor said that he supported a two-state solution, with a Palestinian state residing “alongside and not instead of the Jewish state.” That Palestinian state, the ambassador added, must be demilitarized and supported by a strong education system, halting teachings of hatred and anti- Israeli sentiment.

Here’s some great analysis on the actions being taken by all parties…

Interestingly, it seems Abbas is finally developing a spine…

Abbas tells Palestinians: Step up Arab Spring-style protests against Israel

For first time, Palestinian president openly urges popular activism in support of his initiative to seek UN recognition of a Palestinian state.

That is an astonishing breakthrough, folks…! Abu Mazen has been extremely complicit in having his Fatah henchmen breaking up, and even arresting the leaders behind, the protests…! Often at the behest of the Shin Bet…!

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