Subject: Re: I’ll be there Oct. 3 for the American Dream conference



To: Professor Robert Reich;


Thanks for the invitation to this important conference.


Yes, Professor Reich; I know we are being lied to by Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, union leaders and all the over-paid Wall Street capitalist sooth-Sayers— the best Wall Street coupon clippers can afford. We are being lied to about the economy, these dirty wars, Social Security and just about everything under the sun.


I must say to you I find one thing in your letter of invitation very troubling— perhaps you just take it for granted everyone is already in agreement from the liberal/progressive/left community— but you don’t mention a word about all reforms being contingent upon ending these wars.


I also found Van Jones’ answer to a question in Rolling Stone Magazine very troubling when he stated in no uncertain terms he doesn’t think Obama should be primaried. Do you share this position? If so, you are giving up the strongest position we have in winning reforms. Obama and the Democrats will not be taking anything said at this conference seriously.


Maybe you and Van Jones should consider running on a third party ticket in an attempt to “hold Obama’s feet to the fire” when it comes to progressive alternatives to Obama’s Wall Street war economy?


I am curious how you “Take Back the American Dream” without a third party alternative since Obama and the Democratic Party seem to be hell bent on completely destroying the “American Dream” of peace, jobs, social and economic justice? Peace, which you omit mentioning— hopefully not intentionally; since peace is key to everything. As I am sure you are aware since you are an economist: No nation can squander its wealth and resources on wars for occupation and expect to have anything left to solve the problems of people created by the injustices created by Wall Street coupon clippers.


Might you consider re-sending this invitation with an emphasis on the need to end these dirty wars? Or at least a brief explanation as to why you feel the need to end these wars in line with the thinking of over 70% of the American people should not be considered?


I am also a little leery that the suggestions coming from people will only be unveiled at this conference instead of before the conference so a broad democratic discussion, dialog and debate can take place. Some people may feel we need to have a clear focus on ending  U.S.  support for the Israeli killing machine, too, which piles up the dead bodies of Palestinian children the way we pile cord-wood in northern   Minnesota. Don’t you think it is time for progressives to finally “do the Middle East” as a moral issue and someplace where we can find billions of dollars to create jobs?


Alan L. Maki



The invitation I received from Robert Reich


On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Robert Reich wrote:


Join Me At The

“Take Back the American Dream”

Conference, Oct. 3-5



Dear Alan,


We are being lied to about the economy. That’s why I’ve been speaking out – working with MoveOn on videos like “The Economy Explained In 135 Seconds” and “Invest In America.”


And that’s why I’ll be at the Take Back the American Dream conference on Oct. 3 to talk with you about a movement to Rebuild the Dream.


Please register and join me at the Take Back the American Dream conference, October 3 – 5.

I agree with Van Jones and the Campaign for America’s Future: We need our progressive version of the Tea Party – but focused on a positive agenda for good jobs, growing wages, and a strong middle class.


Conservative forces are making it impossible for Washington to do what is necessary to rebuild our economy after the Great Recession. We can only stop the conservative wrecking crew with powerful ideas backed by a powerful movement.

Supporters of Rebuild the Dream and have already submitted more than 25,000 ideas for rebuilding the American Dream. And recently, at 1,500 house meetings acrossAmerica, the best of those ideas were honed down to the planks of a Contract for the American Dream, to be released at the Take Back the American Dream conference.

I’ll be there to help lead the discussion with my own ideas about how to restore a vibrant American middle class. And I want to hear your ideas as well.


Campaign for America’s Future has been hosting the biggest progressive conferences for years, sparking progressive energy, building grassroots movements and already bringing significant change to Washington.


This is the place where change has happened, and will happen again. That’s why I’ll be at the Take Back the American Dream conference. I hope to see you there too.




Robert Reich


Alan Maki

Alan Maki