It always amazes me what Politicians’ will do for money.  I have never been a fan of the whole premise of gold anyways.  From Columbus to the GOP, the lust for capital has always out-weighed humanity.  People in power, and the rich are still chopping off hands, they just don’t use axes anymore.  I am so tired of talking, listening, reading, and writing about this Debt Crisis.  Still…

     Today, I read about Rand (Psycho) Paul and other crazies, i.e. the DNC, cashing in on these events to bolster campaign funds, and to “fill their coffers”.  Are there any decent people in power anymore.  I used to think Mr. Obama was, in-fact I was a staunch supporter.  However, this last month has killed that.  

     With the parties at a stand still, people like Paul hope to create an even bigger divide in this country, and to get rich doing it!  I have never understood the “Extreme Right”, the Tea Party, Racists, Evangelicals, etc.  That being said, is there not one ounce of conventional wisdom in these groups?  There is so much calamity in revering a system of blockades, parlor tricks, and down-right greed.  What’s more, I find it vulgar for groups of people who claim to “love this country” support every policy and piece of legislation that destroys it.

     Why are people the only creatures’ on the face of Mother Earth that sprint to their own destructions?  No matter the opinion, be-it Liberal, Conservative, blah-blah-blah, the most important issue is the security of the common people.  Our most valuable resource is you and me!  These are scary times brothers’ and sisters’.  I wonder if there was no such thing as money, would we still do this to each other?

Brandon Duran

Brandon Duran