We keep hearing that reducing “onerous” regulations and taxes on businesses will result in greater hiring, and greater overall revenue to the national government. That’s a lie. Here is what happens when government turns a blind eye to tax enforcement on corporate businesses, or takes a laissez-faire approach to enforcement:

… Microsoft is straightforward about the core reason for its lower tax bill: It is increasingly channeling earnings from sales to customers throughout the world through the low-tax havens of Ireland, Puerto Rico and Singapore …”

In other words, Microsoft and similar incorporated businesses try hard not to even register their profits as American companies if they can help it. They love the ability to lobby the government here that our Supreme Court and political officials so eagerly accept. They loving having access to a modern workforce, and consumers of technology products. But they don’t want to pay any taxes here. When the tax man comes around, Microsoft and similar businesses try to pretend they’re Irish.

The article does all the explanation. There is no need for me to elaborate.