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America’s Financial Situation.

                It seems most are worried about debt, deficits, and spending. Yet no one seems to be wanting to attack the real problems. Our fourteen trillion dollars of debt may have been run up by many bad choices, but paying it off won’t happen if we don’t fix the underlying problems. Some think spending is the problem and cutting spending will fix it, but every dollar cut is a dollar not goimg into our economy reduces the economy by a dollar.  The economy can’t grow if it’s growth is making up for the cuts first before it can show an increase. All this means less jobs, less growth, less economis activity, and a longer recession. It also prolongs the recovery and the paying off of the debt and deficits.

                We keep hearing that the intitlements are our biggest problem. Part of that fourteen trillion of debt is the 2.7 trillion they owe Social Security that no matter how they spin it they stole from the program.

                Medicade and Madicare’s problems are not so much in their basic systems, but they operate with in our for profit healthcare system that not only makes money off the sickness of our people, but extacts huge profits as an excuse  for providing care.  It is eating up a huge part of our GDP and yet providing less and less care by the day. It extracts money from our citizens in direct healthcare insurance costs, plus all they extras  from co pays to above insurance costs. All while it milks both Medicade and Medicare for every dime it can get out of the Government. Most know the answer is National Healthcare, but many oppose that by foolish beliefs the present system is to good to be ruined by the Government taking it over.

We will spend way over the fourteen trillion dollars we now are in debt for on two items one in the budget and one out in the next ten years. This is on top of increases healthcare costs and the intitlements. They are the defense budget and buying foreign oil. The defense budget although there are talks on some cuts will continue to eat the country alive  Because most suport it and fail to see that it really doesn’t defend or protect us but is used more for a political tool.  We are spread out all over the world and are powerless against our enemies and haven’t been able to stop conflicts, win wars, or influence much of anyone. Lack of positive results in everything our military has been tasked to do should give us a hint of it’s uselessness. Ten year wars in little peanuts of countries with no end in sight is a sign.  The cost is the problem. We have spent enough on our military to have paved our streets in gold and yet on the two times we needed it Pearl Harbor and 911 it failed us both times.

Getting off foreign oil everyone says is important including many past Presidents, but yet not one little thing has really been done to even start addressing this problem.  The people complain about high gas prices but keep filling their tanks. The Government uses the excuse it will take decades and we have to wait for new technology.  So we will for the unseeable future keep spending trillions on foreign oil. There is no cry to even begin to work on the problem.  There are viable fuels that could replace most of that oil from natural gas to Ethanol,( not made from corn) but we can’t buy them even if our vehicles can use them because the oil industry has kept filling stations to suppling only their products. The government had it’s chance with both GM and Chrysler to bail them out only if they agreed to make cars that used different fuels, but it didn’t do it. It hasn’t ask or mandated that fueling stations for other fuels be available. Even with electrics there are no provision for recharging stations. e will never get away from oil unless we start someplace.

There is no reason that there couldn’t be alternating magnet strips installed in our roadways couldn’t turn generators in electric cars to charge them on the go. This would solve the need for better batteries and the problem of how far they can go on a charge. This would make electrics not only viable but preferable to gasoline cars. Are huge companies Like GE working on this, NO. Is the Government funding research in this area, NO. They are funding research on better batteries and even windmills but nothing on something like this.

Water power is the cheapest way to generate electricity, but we haven’t built a dam in years. There is no such thing as clean coal, but we keep hearing there is. We keep building plants to use oil and natural gas to make electricty, which increases our demands for foreign oil because we are using those fuels up to make electricity. Like I have said before,” there is more power in the just running water of our rivers to generate all the electricity we would ever need.” We don’t see any water whells or turbines being installed anywhere. Windmill up the ying yang but no water wheels. A country that doesn’t use what it has, and take steps to supply what it needs as cheep, safe, and friendly is asking for problems. We are one oil crisis from total depression, but are not even comprehending it could happen.

We are a country that hasn’t solved a single problem we have or even tried to hard, and yet we wonder why we aren’t doing better. We are becoming lower in almost everything compared to the rest of the world, and yet doing nothing about it. Our infrastructure is not just falling apart, but we aren’t building anything new let alone fixing the old. There is a worldwide building boom from skyscrapers roads and bridges, to dams, high speed rail, and highways. Everywhere but here.

The Government should be borrowing like three trillion dollars and asking our people companies and corporations to get us off foreign oil and rebuild the country. This would build and assure our future and put the country back to work. It is the best and only way to pay off our debts and assure we can grow to new heights as a country and people. If this sounds out of the question then why could we afford for the Fed to do this for the Banks. We have see that wasn’t very well spent because the Banks may be paying it back, but have done nothing good for the country since they were bailed out. Ther’s an old saying You must spend money to make money and it’s true. If one never puts up the money to start a business they never will have a profitable business. If you don,t fix a flat tire You can’t drive the car. If we as a country keep waiting for a miracle or someone else to fix things for us we are doomed. Hoping that Our Congress or a President will solve our problems is just as loony, because these are the people that caused every problem this country has.

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