"hulk angry"

"hulk angry" by owenbooth on flickr

Henry C. Jackson at HuffPost has written a piece about how furious Americans are with congress at this brinkmanship that is close to tipping us over the economic cliff.

He begins with these three paragraphs:

Bob Krogman, an Air Force veteran who survived three helicopter crashes over North Vietnam, leaves little doubt about what he thinks of politicians when asked about the debt ceiling debate in Washington.

“(Politicians) care about themselves, and that’s the way it’s always been since I was in the military,” said Krogman, 60, hobbling on crutches outside the St. Louis VA Medical Center, where he went for an exam on his troubled lungs.

He fights back tears. “I’m furious. I hate them.”

Paragraphs 7, 8 & 9:

Members and aides say virtually every side has chimed in – those who don’t want the debt ceiling raised at all, those who favor sharp budget cuts, those who want to raise taxes on the rich and points in between. And many told the AP they just want a deal struck, even if it means compromise.

That’s what pushed Denise Cox, a western Pennsylvania nursing home worker, to picket the district office of Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., earlier this week. Altmire, a conservative Democrat, hasn’t yet backed any of the competing debt limit plans.

Cox thinks Republicans and Democrats alike should stop catering to corporate interests, drop the “us vs. them mentality,” and “worry more about what’s best for the American people.”

Paragraph 18:

In Washington, politicians say they are listening, that they get regular readouts on the flow of constituent calls and hear voters’ unrest. But outside of Washington there is still a belief that the politicians just don’t get it.

Read the whole post… there is video of ordinary Americans sounding off!

Apparently, we are back at taxation without any real representation. And we thought only the British would do that to us!