Here you are, people, with tonight’s roundup:

• Jonathan Bernstein’s rah-rah for the Reid plan over the Boehner plan doesn’t say one thing different than what I’ve been saying – the only significant difference between the two plans is the timing of the debt limit increase (and as I’ve said, that is significant, because in Boehner’s version, it’s a stick-up for future cuts). The other claim he makes, about front-loading or back-loading cuts, is 100% wrong; in fact, the Reid plan cuts more up-front in terms of outlays, and is the same in all other regards. (These backloaded cuts have a mixed record, incidentally.)

• I don’t know why people are lauding John McCain as some kind of voice of reason here, all he’s saying is that a Balanced Budget Amendment won’t pass. He still wants to cap spending and force cuts in a future debt limit fight in six months, and by the way he VOTED for the Cut, Cap and Balance Act.

• The fact that the press ran to reclaim McCain as a maverick in the wake of that speech just cements that the cult of the center is destroying America.

• If we weren’t about to hit fiscal Armageddon, this story about Al Qaeda on the verge of collapsing would be the talk of the day. But note “on the verge” – in reality, Al Qaeda is too small to be the threat we have made them out to be to justify war on terror policies. But that threat will forever stay in the back of everyone’s minds, to keep those policies alive. It will always be “on the verge” of being defeated.

• Good news on stem cell research, as the same judge who allowed a lawsuit challenging federal funding has now thrown that suit out.

• At the end of September, we don’t only have to look forward to a new fiscal year budget fight, but the expiration of the gas tax.

• Yet another top official in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan has been killed – this time, the mayor of Kandahar. We’re making good progress.

• CBO put the brakes on the sale of federal property, saying it was unlikely to bring in any significant revenue.

• Somehow I think the military will make out OK when all this budget madness is said and done.

• Great story on Eric Schneiderman, “the Left’s last hope.” There hasn’t been a lot else to cheer recently.

• Kevin Drum joins the order of the shrill over the credit rating agencies’ fiscal terrorism. S&P should stick to cutting Greece’s credit rating.

• America could collapse during a crisis because we’ve outsourced almost all of our supply lines, writes Matt Stoller.

• Federal budgets are not like family budgets, but if they were, the federal budget would be a dysfunctional family.

• David Addington, of all people, has emerged from the shadows as a key enforcer in the debt limit debate, going up against John Boehner. These people cannot be shamed out of society.

• All the crappy jobs have returned since the start of the Lesser Depression – the mid- to high-wage jobs, not so much.

• Just one more story of document fakery by a big bank to justify foreclosure. It’s a good case study, actually.

• Tim DeChristopher gets two years for bidding up lease prices at a government land auction. So two years for civil disobedience.

• In Britain, the Tories are in total denial about how much austerity has screwed up their economy.

• Democrats are trying to end the shutdown of the FAA, which has gone on nearly a week now.

• This story on the rebirth of the New York Times is good, but I liked Andy Rutledge’s look at how to redesign the NYT’s digital pages much better.

• The British government has also recognized the Libyan rebels as the official tribune of the people of Libya, Incidentally, did you see that the Lockerbie bomber found his way into a pro-Gadhafi rally?

• Zoe Lofgren is right – isn’t David Vitter a perfect example of prosecutorial discretion?

• House Democrats scored a minor victory on the Endangered Species Act today.

• DHS is down to one person dealing with domestic (i.e. right-wing) terrorism. What cowards.

• Citizen Radio did an interview with me which you can listen to if you like.

• The latest in my Silvio Berlusconi obsession. Since the beginning of his political career, he had to ally with nativists to get the necessary votes to win office. One of the Northern League’s top officials is now praising Anders Breivik.

David Dayen

David Dayen