Perhaps the POTUS hopes to avoid the same popularity as Truman.  Maybe he thinks pulling off some “grand deal” will solidify a place in the history books.  “Oh the great negotiator”, people will say!  Egotistical…

     As this ridiculous crisis has evolved over the past few weeks, it is more and more apparent that Mr. Obama loves personal gain, over the livelihood  of his Constituents’.   Rep. Clyburn, Sen. Boxer, and others should not just suggest that he invokes the Constitution; rather, the Democratic Caucus should stand rank and file (like the GOP does) and demand that he do so!  Isn’t the Tea Party filled with Constitutionalists?  (bad humor I know) 

     Before the debt ceiling fiasco – as unpopular a stance here on FDL, I supported Obama in his achievements, and tried to understand his short-comings.  Though, I cannot, nor will I vote for a President that chooses his ego over you and me.  Truman was not the best Democratic President in history.  Still, he had enough sense to invoke the Constitution when the legislation broke down.  Mr. Obama has “talked to” his “lawyers'” and he is not “pursuaded that this is a winning argument.”  I wonder how so?  I reiterate… Truman did it, why can’t Obama do it too?  Were the Attorneys’ that different then, was the Constitution not the same when considering the 14th amendment? 

     Conventional wisdom… aka common sense, “an uncommon virtue.”  Good thing I lost my hair already! ha-ha

Brandon Duran

Brandon Duran