Why did they break the windows?

From the breaking New York Times report on an Israeli commando raid of a historic theater in Jenin, earlier today:

The witness, Jacob Gough, who has been managing the theater on an interim basis, said he was called there about 3 a.m. Wednesday and saw several dozen Israeli soldiers throwing rocks at the windows and then arresting Adnan Naghnaghiye, a technician and site director for the theater. Other troops went nearby to the house of Bilal Saadi, the chairman of the theater’s board, and arrested him after destroying the windows of his house, Mr. Gough added.

Typically, national governments utilize covert operatives and commandos in various capacities, such as assaulting fortified targets, hostage rescue, or other operations of national importance that must be addressed through sophisticated ground operators.

Breaking windows out of a theater doesn’t really fall into those categories, nor does detaining a couple local boys.

Why does the Israeli government think it vital to Israeli national security to send “several dozen” of its nastiest combat troops to detain two theater workers and vandalize various buildings?

The issue of Israel and its way of relating to the Palestinian people has become become a beaten dead horse on leftist web sites (very much different than is the case with national mass media); certainly I don’t need to write more on this myself.