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It’s a mid-life crisis

While trying to think up a title that complied with the urging by another FDL’er to ‘sex up’ my titles, this title came to mind in thinking about Obama and the various news I’m reading. And I’d already -in the past- had used a ‘potpourri of news’ which is what this diary is all about. (Sorry, no sex in this diary).

First on the issue of ‘debt’ and what is the seeming focus of the CMM:

Economists say U.S. debt may not be as high as you think

“And the problem is compounded, many economists say, by how the United States calculates its debt.

In trying to understand the debt ceiling — a subject many people had never considered before this summer — it helps to know a few things about the layers that make up the United States’ $14.34 trillion mountain of debt.

The U.S. blends two kinds of debt, and some economists say that makes little sense. Moreover, we don’t even have a good way of paying back one of those types of debt. More on that later.”

Simply stated, the Government -to finance the wars, subsidize the financial industry,and minimally support some of those whose lives were trashed by the financial fraud associated with MBS’,CDO,s,etc.- has been borrowing from the Trust funds and,without increased revenues, can’t pay such borrowing back to the trust funds.

On to Wisconsin:
Video reveals bank ‘activity’ a requirement for Wisconsin voter ID

“A Wisconsin woman recorded the process of getting her son an ID to vote. She discovered that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) could refuse to issue the constitutionally-mandated ID card if the voter’s bank account did not show enough “activity.”

The clerk couldn’t explain what would happen if a resident was homeless or unemployed.

The DMV also told her that voters would be charged $28 if they didn’t check a special box to indicate the ID was for voting, effectively making the fee a poll tax.”

Yup, the illegal poll tax has been re-instituted in Wisconsin; ah,progress.

Study: Marijuana compound helps mitigate cocaine addiction in mice

“Their success in reducing cocaine consumption in mice may lead to new drug replacement therapies for cocaine and crack addiction, helping addicts detox and overcome withdrawal symptoms much like methadone therapy sometimes prescribed to heroin addicts.”

Let’s see; first pot is a ‘gateway drug’ to harder drugs and now it’s a possible cure for hard drug addiction.
Yeah, government knows best.

And despite the overwhelming evidence that drivers actively under the influence of marijuana are much more careful -sometimes to a fault- than those inebriated with other substances, a company is creatging a new way of testing if one is inebriated with pot while driving.

Which gets back to Obama and his hard stance against decriminalization of marijuana.

Seems to me like he’s having a mid-life crisis akin to this song

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