Workers applying binder to brick paving on Lafayette Ave.This exhaustively researched, amazing piece of reporting deserves a much wider audience. It was forwarded by an NPA supporter:

Perhaps all is not lost for the republic’s economic future, even as its leaders let this nation hurtle toward the abyss of the Great Depression II. An immensely successful, sensible and practical solution is being signaled by increasingly thunderous shout-outs from prominent people: pundits Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, Rich Lowry, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, filmmaker Michael Moore and two new web sites – not to mention millions of voters with long memories and the friends and families of the nation’s 15,000,000 unemployed.

With even Democratic Party Establishment hacks like Reich sounding the call for a second WPA, Barack Obama’s (s)tone deafness – and muteness – on the need for it is all the more telling.

It tells me, at least, that the only employer of last resort in which this president, both major parties – and, of course, our military contractors – are interested is the War Powers Act. And they couldn’t be happier about it.

Harsh? No, it isn’t. Not in the least.

The fact of our military-industrial complex’s lack of concern over who gets killed and why – as long as the armament orders keep coming – is well-enough documented by now to be beyond question, the failure to pull all U.S. troops and contractors out of AfPak and Iraq all the proof we need of Obama’s fear of adding to the unemployment numbers before his already-bought re-election.

You wonder why the GOP has tolerated Michele Bachmann even this long? Wake up. The GOP will be just as pleased by the Compromiser-In-Chief’s second term as any hopey-changey Stepford Dem. So what the hell? Let the Nut From the North have her 15 minutes and self-destruct now, thereby taking herself out of the mix for One-Six.

For the past month, the NPA has been pointing up the similarities of our present situation – oppression by oligarchs and a governing elite – to that which victimized Americans 100 years ago, when our first Progressive Era rose to counter them. Unless we learn not just one but two lessons from that history, and again rise to put corporate interests in their place, their grip on power will soon become unbreakable.

The first lesson is that a Progressive movement needn’t win elections to be effective. Without ever winning the White House, our first Progressives drove the passage of four constitutional amendments and the institution of the eight-hour workday.

The second critical lesson is that to avoid the erosion of our victory and the necessity of rising up again another hundred years from now, we must this time make the victory permanent.

That’s why the NPA’s draft platform supports a permanent WPA-style jobs program – and why we are working to build an organization that can outlive us, our children, and their children.

Real progress results only from a cross-generational approach. Until our still-young nation has matured enough to forsake perpetual war; to put meaningful lives for its people ahead of the greed of profiteers; and to value the earth and all who live here more than the things we produce, real progress will continue to elude us – and profiteers to oppress us.

Anthony Noel
NPA Facilitator

New Progressive Alliance

New Progressive Alliance