I saw this story while searching through Google News and it really just confirms what I thought. I don’t want to spoil the article for you

Apparently there is a lawsuit still being fought over Ohio election chicanery and somehow the plaintiffs secured a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State’s election production system configuration that they allege was used to change Kerry votes into Bush votes. I remember being in Akron, Ohio in 2004 trying to help the Kerry campaign and walking door to door in the dreary rain to Get Out the Vote. That was when Soros paid for everyone to go there and so I said, “Why the hell not?” We worked so hard and were convinced we turned the tide when we saw overwhelming numbers coming out in Cleveland. But on the bus ride back to Maryland we heard that somehow inexplicably, Bush won. I just remember being on a cold, dark bus with young girls crying in the shadows and just knowing that bastard stole that election. AGAIN.

But instead of me just telling you about the sadness and the feeling of being robbed, I also want to share something else. I remember for some reason I actually felt hope. I don’t know why but I remembered feeling that Bush would savor his theft that night but would rue the day he got a second term and that he guaranteed Democratic landslides to come. I even told people when I got back that I don’t know why but I feel that he has sealed his fate and that his 2nd term would be more disastrous than the first. Within a year we had Katrina, then the Democrats took back the Congress, then we had the beginning of this Depression with the financial collapse and then the Democrats took back the White House.

Now, we know how feckless and disastrous the Democrats have been but I just want to say this period has merely been a step. Not a preemptive cave/Obama step to nowhere, but a step in a different way. We now have both parties preaching austerity nonsense and lighting the fires of full blown Great Depression. Meanwhile, those like us keep raging against this and becoming more adamant in the support of the policies we’ve always known should be used but aren’t. That the rich DO NOT deserve tax cuts, are NOT job creators, and must be reined in. That health care is a fundamental right, not a privilege. That you DO NOT cut spending in a Depression. That Supply side economics is a disaster that should be unconstitutional. That our safety net is a joke and should be expanded, not cut.

I’m saying this because I’ve been getting the feeling that things are about to get crazy but that ultimately we will prevail. After Obama and his crew of DLCers and the Repugs have helped to fully deliver this Depression and have thoroughly bankrupted themselves in the eyes of the nation, the people will be ready to finally hear what we’ve been saying. I’ve reconciled myself, as I did during the Bush Tragedy, that this is not something we can fight off or lessen. It is something we must endure. The way our economic and social policies have been heretofore have to be shown to be as thoroughly vacuous and detrimental as we always knew and said and that only comes from living through the nightmare. But by holding on to what we believe and by outliving the failed supply side and Obamaesque “split the difference” fetishes, we will be vindicated. Of this I have no doubt.