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Steve King on Impeachment, Then and Now

Steve King’s for it now, but was against it in 2008 (see YouTube above). The difference? Currently, a black man who ran as a Democrat occupies the Oval Office — whereas in 2008, the very white WASP-y scion of America’s most powerful Republican political family was in the Oval Office.

Of course, Republicans have been pushing to impeach Obama almost before got into office. The debt ceiling is just the latest in a nearly-two-year-old string of pretexts-of-the-moment such as his opposition to DOMA, allegedly not being tough enough on undocumented workers, and as a way to keep the birth-certificate smear alive. The most recent effort revolved around Bruce Fein’s impeachment articles based on NATO and US involvement in Libya — which, ironically enough, even most Republicans are avoiding touching because they don’t want to look soft on war.

King’s stances then and now, truth be told, are equally incoherent — and his current one is, as is common with him, very likely imbued with that extra little touch of signaling-to-his-base racism that infects a large portion of his public commentary. But the rich and elite business interests that back and fund him aren’t interested in him sounding sane, they’re interested in never having to pay taxes if they can at all avoid it, even if it means crumbling infrastructure, so he likely will have his seat until he dies, unless he’s caught ravishing a goat or voting to increase corporate taxes.

(UPDATE: Oops, almost forgot — Steve King’s buddies in the Iowa legislature want to impeach Obama for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Not for being a warmonger or anything like that — as noted above, Republicans are by and large cool with warmongering, especially against brown people — but because he accepted an award from a foreign country. If they wanted to make it impossible for anyone to take the impeachment process seriously, they’re doing a good job of it.)

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